Finding ‘the one’, and I don’t mean your soul mate and future husband or wife!

Searching for the dream dress can come with a lot of headaches.

Google doesn’t help as it shows you pages of ’70 things to do when searching for your wedding dress’ or ‘The do’s and don’ts of wedding dress shopping.

Here I share my own experiences with Clare Suzanne Bridal (a stunning private Bridal Boutique off Allerton Road in Liverpool) and we chat about what you can (and should) expect from a really relaxed and friendly bridal appointment when you’re wedding dress shopping…

Searching for the perfect wedding dress

video still of bridal boutique dresses

close up video still of clare suzanne bridal dresses

a wide shot of a row of wedding dresses in liverpool shop

It was over 10 years ago I began my search as a bride to be.

I had a good idea in my head of what I thought I’d love from the wedding magazines, I even made myself a ‘mood board’ 90’s art class style!

The first bridal shop I went in, I tried on the one I thought was ‘the one’…and it wasn’t. It did NOTHING for me and the bridal shop wasn’t exactly very helpful in helping me work through my next steps!

The next high street well known bridal boutique made me feel I wasn’t worthy of trying on their gowns. Safe to say I didn’t stay long.

Then another local one’s customer service involved them knitting and drinking tea whilst I was ‘encouraged’ to look around myself…

Every Bride deserves to have a wonderful wedding dress shopping experience

As a wedding videographer every year I get to film bride’s in their stunning and perfect for them wedding dresses. I hear stories of bridesmaids in tears because they love it so much to bride’s being left to feel unworthy of a stunning dress…

I’ve had my own share of bad dress shopping experiences and it got a conversation going with a bridal boutique owner I know in Liverpool. Clare Suzanne Bridal.

shot of clare suzanne bridal in liverpool

a bridal boutique owner looks at belts

bridal boutique owner pulls out favourite wedding dress

I’d stalked her for a while before due to this stunning blush pink Nicola Anne Bridal dress that was I was OBSESSED with. Not helpful now I’ve been married 10 years!

The conversation led to a ‘you should pop over and try this blush dress on you love’ which soon led to me bring my video camera for our catch up ‘just in case’.

Clare Suzanne Bridal talks about your Bridal shopping experience

And well, we ended up shooting a very unplanned and impromptu vlog just for you.

Perfect for those of you who need a bit of help understanding what you should expect when you book to have a bridal dress shopping experience.

I found it wonderfully reassuring to know that brides SHOULD expect someone to be really good at helping you find ‘the one’.

No matter what your age, body shape, style and personality a good bridal boutique owner will listen to you and your wants/needs/worries and already be building a picture of the dress they know you’ll love before you even know it.

How to choose your wedding dress, with a little help from Clare…

That’s a great skill to have right there isn’t it? And it’ll make your wedding dress shopping experience a lot easier than mine too (my Nana picked mine haha).

So here it is, our very informal chat about dress shopping and you’ll see how much I loved that blush dress…

If you’re at the start of your wedding dress shopping, getting ideas or you feel like you’ve tried them all and you’re feeling disheartened I encourage you to get in touch with Clare.

I know for sure if I was to do it all again I’d be starting with her. She knows her stuff and it was amazing watching her work as we pretended I was one of her Brides.

I wish you all the luck for finding the one and when you do, let me know!

And if you’re after any more wedding supplier recommendations you can find more on my ‘Wedding Suppliers I Love’ page.

wedding vlogger stands in mirror in a blush pink dress