Family Photography and Videography

Honest and Natural Documentary Family Photography and Videography

Alternative Family Photography and Videography capturing genuine, real moments of you all enjoying the ‘every day’

Whether you’re camera shy, worry your house isn’t ‘photo shoot’ worthy or simply struggling to find time to fit in a family photography shoot in then I have the answer for you with my relaxed, documentary style of family photoshoots.

My award winning, relaxed documentary family photography is perfect for capturing  those totally honest and candid moments for your family who HATE the idea of posing for the camera…

“You’ve really captured the madcap nature of our family days.

That wasn’t just an hour or two put together for the cameras.

It’s like that every hour of every day and it’s wonderfully exhausting.”

Hello! That sulking face in the middle belongs to me, your camera shy family photographer!

I still HATE being forced to smile for the camera and I find the BEST photos are always the ones where you don’t even realise it was taken.

It’s even made me a bit of an expert in how film and photograph discreetly. A handy skill to have as a documentary family photographer!

Now I’m a Mum (to Paisley), I’ve found the saying ‘the days can feel SO long but the years are so short’ ring true and make more effort to capture family life with me in it.

But the best moments really do come from capturing the real moments. The totally natural, un-posed and real moments together of your ordinary family life and that’s what I’d love to do for you…

“The video is just so special.

To be able to watch and see how he was, what he was like and what he enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy haha!) is just amazing.

I take so many videos of him, but I can’t do it justice like you can.”

“The photos and videos are SO amazing and beautifully taken

that it’s just such a special time sitting down with your family, looking through them all.

I absolutely love comparing the different shoots and seeing how much my little baby

has developed and growing between each one!

I think it’s amazing that I will be able to show Freiya such beautiful pictures

of herself when she is older and I will have moments and memories to

cherish for the rest of my life.”

Relaxed and Natural Family Photography in Lancashire

There’s no need for posing to capture the moments that you see here.

Those real family connections happen because you’re in in a place you feel comfortable, it’s easier to relax around the camera and you soon forget I’m there to take photos of you

A cup of tea for everyone sometimes helps too!

Spending at least a couple of hours with you allows time for everyone to relax back in to every day life without the pressure of ‘performing’ for the camera.

Shooting in this more relaxed way has SO many benefits for you as a family.

It gives you guys time to relax and not feel the pressure you may get at a studio portrait shoot. Your kids can be kids and you can enjoy ‘being in the moment’ for a change.

Your every day, the ordinary things you get up to at home is perfect for capturing a little bit of family life for you to look back on.

To see those connections and the little things you will miss as they grow up.

Maternity, Newborn, Christenings and Family Milestones Photography

Maternity and bump shoots, newborn and new arrivals to all those milestones in-between. Family events, christenings and all those wonderful opportunities to celebrate, I’d love to be there to capture it all for you.

I like to keep it super simple for you starting with a ‘shoot fee’ so you’re able to see what I’ve captured from our time together before committing to adding prints or downloads.

To find out more fill in the quick and easy form below. We can chat a little more about your family and what you’d love to try and capture…

Relaxed, Documentary approach to Family Photography and Videography based in Burscough, Lancashire.

Travelling to your family home to capture real family life. Covering Lancashire, Preston, Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire and the Wirral (to name just a few around the North West).

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