A Little More About Me…

Looking back it turns out film and photography have been a love in my life. It’s always been about being behind the camera, I have never been a fan of being in front!

Despite years of working in film and TV it still makes me squirm. I can totally relate to any worries you may have about being in front of the camera too!

Here I am hating being centre of attention when I won ‘Miss Golden Sands’ at Butlins in Skegness. Clearly REALLY happy about being on stage as you can see. Maybe the moody model look was all the rage in the 80’s?

I could be found filming my Sylvanians in my bedroom before progressing to the dance routines with friends. Despite cringing at these old memories I feel so grateful to have them to share now.

Looking back there was always a camera in my hand, being creative as a female film-maker and my Mum even mentioned my love of filming in her wedding speech!

Even now, if there’s some gorgeous light and/or a special moment my camera or phone will be nearby ready for me to capture it!

From Filming Home Movies To Hollywood Films

My love of film took me from college in my hometown of Nottingham on to University in Liverpool. Uni wasn’t really for me (long story) so I took the opportunity to escape to Minnesota in the U.S and work as a Camp Counsellor. And that is where I met Lee!

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced camp life but a few months there feels like years and relationships form quickly compared to ‘real life’! Our parents couldn’t believe our little love story. Even more so when a year to the day we met Lee proposed!

It was thanks to his support I was able to rekindle my love for film and TV. I made the right connections, put my hand up at the right times and was soon ‘running’ on local TV and Film sets for Channel 4 in Liverpool.

Making an awesome cup of tea and picking the best biscuits for the teams I worked with got me far in the TV and film world. With a positive attitude and occasional polite stalking I was very fortunate to work alongside some incredibly talented film editors who nurtured my excitement for Post Production.

My favourite was working on Mr Bean’s Holiday and providing Rowan Atkinson with lots of Pret Crayfish and Rocket sandwiches! Yep, that’s us on the red carpet!

a couple stand on the red carpet at a film premiere in London

Moving Back Up North

Working in London was a bit too fast paced for me so I moved back ‘up north’ to Liverpool and fought my way in to some local film companies edit suites (which proved difficult as a female editor)!

It was there I was honoured to be asked to edit the feature film Charlie Noades R.I.P working alongside some Liverpool comedy legends including Neil Fitzmaurice and John Thomson.

I definitely felt drawn to comedy over the years and it’s no surprise really that when it comes to your wedding day I look for the fun and laughter hidden between those moments of romance.

My husband is a bit of a home bird so instead of settling in Liverpool, a city we both adore, we moved out a little to his hometown of Burscough, near Ormskirk in Lancashire.


Our Own Wedding Day

When it came to our wedding day I knew it had to be filmed. Persuading Lee proved the biggest challenge.

He had preconceptions that wedding videos were all about soft focus and cheesy fades. What worried him the most was the idea of being followed around by huge cameras all day.

I wanted (and knew it could be) anything but!

I’m sure some of you know how hard it is to persuade someone when they have their wedding heels digging in…

Fast-forward to a few months after the wedding when I showed him our finished wedding highlights film (that I’d edited myself) and it turns out he actually loves wedding videos, well, at least my wedding videos!

He is now adamant that it is better than our wedding photos and it’s something I hear A LOT from my couples now too.

Have a peek at our wedding highlights film below. We celebrated our big day at the Hillbark Hotel in the Wirral. It’s crazy how much my style, both personally and as a filmmaker, as changed since then!


Our Hillbark Hotel Wedding Video – Wirral Videographer

Mr Anti Video To Biggest Fan

Lee liked our final wedding DVD so much that for our first Christmas together as a married couple he bought me a web address named after the song we shared our first dance to…Love Gets Sweeter.

All to inspire me to start up as my own business in 2010 as a female videographer, making wedding films for other couples who want to relive the fun from their wedding day.

Even as someone who LOVES video and really wanted a wedding video, I don’t think I could even predict how important and special it’s become all these years on…

More Than A Wedding Videographer

Your experience with me is everything. Always happy to get involved if things should need a helping hand, I’ve been known to step in and sew bridesmaid’s into their dresses, pick stickers off new shoes, fix a million buttonholes…the list of things I’ve done is quite extrodinary!

You’ll find I’m quite multi-skilled when needed. You only have to ask my previous Bride’s and Grooms!


Family Life To Award Winning Family Photographer

Starting our own family in Lancashire drew me to document even our every day in a more honest and natural way through photography and videography.

From our eldest first words to first steps, family holidays to bigger milestones. It soon be became clear I’d rekindled my early love of photography with photobooks full of family memories.

Lots of my lovely couples asked me to document their own growing family too. Be it family celebrations like christenings and birthdays or something a little more relaxed with a family photography session at home.

Within a year of launching my family photography and film side of the business I had won numerous awards within the British Institute of Professional Photography and Family Photojournalists Association. For both newborn and documentary family photography as well as a self commissioned portrait of Paisley winning Gold!

In 2021 I want on to formally qualify as a Social Documentary Family Photographer with the British Institute of Professional Photography. Recognising my skill and high standard of work.

I LOVE capturing real life and connections between people so it seems the perfect follow on from documenting couples to capturing family life too!

Over 15 Years Experience Making Films

So there you go, from school to our Wirral wedding in the blink of an eye (though now I’m in my 30’s, it’s a really long blink haha).

Now a Mother of two wonderfully energetic children, we love nothing more than going on adventures together and, of course, filming and photographing them all…

You’ll find me at our family home in Burscough (near Ormskirk in Lancashire) having fun juggling family and work as well as drinking tea, making and eating cake and finding any excuse to film and photograph people who I love.

If you’re after a female videographer or photographer who is passionate about capturing really honest and natural moments for you then you’ve come to the right place….

Female Wedding and Family Videographer – Ormskirk, Lancashire


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