Wedding Videographer Reviews and Kind Words

Real experiences from other couples who had worries about wedding videography…

It’s common for couples planning a wedding to have worries or reservations about booking a wedding videographer. This page is all about helping reassure you that many couples have the same worries but put their trust in me knowing they’ll feel totally comfortable about being filmed on their wedding day.

After all, Love Gets Sweeter is more than wedding videography. I’m told I’m more than a wedding videographer! It’s all about a really friendly and personal experience throughout so you have one less thing to worry about!

Whether you’re planning an intimate city wedding in Liverpool, a rustic DIY affair in the Lakes or a gorgeous countryside manor celebration in Lancashire, every couple go through the same initial worries and concerns when it comes to having their wedding day filmed.

Below are a few of the lovely things they’ve said and kind words they’ve shared about me and their own wedding videos. I hope they help you decide if I’m the perfect wedding videographer for you…

Kind Words and Reviews – Wedding Videography by Love Gets Sweeter

I always said I wouldn’t have a wedding video.

This was based on my idea it would be a constant rolling image of the day picking up my most unflattering angle and us having to say awkward things to the camera, being asked to recreate scenes over and over again.

My viewpoint changed once I watched Anna and Lee’s film from their wedding and there was no doubt in my mind that we just had to have Charlene film our big day whatever the cost.

We liked the personal & tailored approach to the wedding films which makes them unique to each couple & not just a generic wedding video.I would’ve forgone my Jimmy Choos if it meant the difference in having our Love Gets Sweeter film.

When I speak to others planning their wedding, I always say please please please have it filmed. Your photographs tell the story but your wedding film captures so much more. I don’t think you can really put a price on it. Our wedding film really is one of our treasured possessions. So much so, that we have asked Charlene to film the christening of our little girl. Everyone deserves a Love Gets Sweeter film.

Charlene captured the most perfect moments from our most special day, something we will always treasure. She really is the best at what she does. So natural, friendly and unobtrusive. We didn’t even notice Charlene and her assistant on the day.

Charlene really was more than just a videographer on your big day & was so helpful. We would’ve been a bit lost at times without her! She spends time getting to know you in the run up, it’s like having an old friend on the big day. Now let’s put the kettle on and watch our film so I can show you what I mean!

Clare and Paul

We watched the film about 4 times back to back on Wednesday night and again tonight. I haven’t emailed before now because I was looking for the right words…. and I’m still not sure I have got them.

You, and the film, are incredible. We have cried every time. We are both filling up now as I type. We absolutely love it and feel like you have captured our day in the most wonderful way.

Looking back, I can’t believe we only wanted a video for dad…. and I am so glad you were there while I was getting ready. I actually look comfortable in front of the camera!! You know I was adamant I didn’t want to be videoed but as soon as I saw you filming Marella it became massively important to me to capture those moments and for Ian to see them too. The two camera approach in church was an absolute winner. It’s something we will watch time and again.

We haven’t shared the highlights with many yet but the feedback was a universal “wow” and some complaints about the impact on eye make up whilst watching!

I’m so glad we found you and went with our guts. You are worth every penny, an absolute angel and I have been singing your praises.

Gemma and Ian

Wow, what can I say?

Carl and I are absolutely over the moon with the feature video. It is fantastic and there was plenty of bits that we laughed at and lots we teared up at.

We’ve recently picked our pictures for our album and as lovely as that was reminiscing about the day nothing prepares you seeing it all again in action.

It is the best decision we made having a videographer and made even better that that videographer happened to be you. You are absolutely amazing at what you do.

So a huge thank you from us all. For being like a friend to us all and for capturing our day.
Sara and Carl

I honestly don’t know where to start with thanking you.

From the moment we got in touch, right through to the very last lovingly wrapped parcel we received from you, you’ve been amazing.

You’ve made the whole process feel wonderful. Without question, picking you for our wedding filming was our best decision throughout all of our wedding (as well as a greeting to marry each other of course).

You’ve provided us with memories to last a lifetime, moments of laughter, tears and joy that not even a picture could capture. Getting to hear all of our vows again and the speeches took us right back to that special day, and I can’t wait to show it to as many friends and family as possible.

You’ve felt more like a friend to us throughout all of this, offering support and ideas. And letting us go at our own pace (which I’m sure has been frustrating at times, with how busy we are with work). Ive told a few of my friends that have weddings coming up over the next few years that they MUST have a wedding video and if they do they MUST pick you.

When our final parcel arrived from you, so delicately wrapped, the lovely casing for the DVDs and the little movie treat ?, it’s just reconfirmed once again why we picked you. And we are very lucky to have found you.

Thank you once again. I really hope our paths cross again in the future.

Lots of love

Mr & Mrs Twiname xx

Michaela and Ross

To me, video was more important than photos…would spend it again so will book you in when we renew our vows!

Love Gets Sweeter is the best and I promise you wouldn’t regret booking them. You will laugh, cry, rejoice over and over again no matter how many times you watch your film back… and you will watch it back. Lots. Every year. And it will become a beautiful tradition to watch it back. Worth every penny.

Keri and Tom

A videographer was definitely a luxury for us as a couple although I felt really strongly about having one. For me venue was number 1, followed by photographer and videographer. For Gary it was a lot lower on the budget list.

Now I’m really pleased that I fought my corner and so is Gary because we love it. It’s easy to show people a snapshot of our wedding without boring them with hundreds of photos. I also feel that the video adds something more because it captures the mood, ambience and atmosphere of the whole day.

The films are fresh, modern and bright. They are something a little different. They stand out immediately from the other videographers on the market because the filming is very crisp and clear. There isn’t any soft focus and cheesy music, instead these films are fun and innovative. I love that I can show somebody the whole of my wedding day in less than 5 minutes with a song of my choice.

Charlene and her partner are great. They are friendly, chatty yet completely unobtrusive. I immediately felt relaxed (I was wary of being the centre of attention) and it didn’t feel like the focus was forced. It was very natural. It felt like they weren’t there yet they were incredibly helpful in helping to organise both wedding parties.

Siobhan and Gary

Most people don’t realise how valuable they (videos) are after the day to be able to watch them back. Also I think a lot of people think it’s like old school videos all in one film without music or editing.

It wasn’t until my mum sort of pushed us into looking into it that we found you  I’m relieved we spent money on a good videographer and photographer, it’s only after you realise that once the day is done these and memories are all that’s left. We’ve both said that the money that went on these two was the money best spent.

When me and jonathan are old and crazy we will always have the films to watch back on who we were once and our children will always be able to relive our day when we’re gone. We’re leaving a piece of our life on film when we’re at our happiest for them to hold on to forever (crying now) haha.

Sherie and Jonathan

If I’m honest I wasn’t even thinking of booking a videographer! At the wedding fair I came across the Love Gets Sweeter stand and just instantly got on well with Charlene. I thought you were so excitable and passionate about weddings, it instantly made me excited for my own and want you around on the day! I then did some research on the website and watched some of the sample video’s, and thought they captured people’s wedding day beautifully.

From then I knew I had to have a video, and had to tweak a lot of things in the budget to make it happen!

I really appreciated the meeting we had before the wedding to go through everything. On the actual day I can’t fault how much help you were, not only to actually record the special moments of the day, but to also be on hand to help out in emergencies and to calm me down! You both made me and Pete feel completely at ease, which was a big help on the day. After the day, you constantly communicated with me on updates on the status of the videos, so I didn’t have to worry about chasing for an update.

Everyone who has seen the DVD has complimented me on how beautiful it is in the packaging (and thanks for the popcorn…I thought that was such a sweet idea!). The dvd itself is beautiful, and I love the layout of the menu and options, which is easy to navigate around.

I can’t thank you enough for it all. Not only do I have the perfect memories now on disk, but I also feel like I had a true friend there to help me on the day, so thank you.

I am now a true advocate of wedding videos, telling everyone I know who’s getting married to get one! It’s the best investment ever!

Sarah and Peter

We really loved how approachable you were and really seemed to understand exactly what we would like. We also got to have a sneak peak into your wonderful work with a family members wedding dvd.

Charlene really captured how special the day was for us and we also really love the sense of humour behind the outtakes!

Emma and Alistair

When we first looked into have a videographer for our wedding We were a little nervous on how it would look as we didn’t want anything to forced looking. As soon as we saw Charlene’s work we new she was the one. Her work is so natural and effortless looking. She instantly put our minds at rest. As far as money goes, it is money well spent, she captured our day exactly how we remember it. Would hesitate at spending the money again.

If I was to recommend Charlene to anyone then I would say, yeah go ahead. You won’t regret it. It’s like having a friend not someone who is working. You don’t even notice that there are cameras following you around.

What we found the most helpful was the recommendations we had from Charlene (she recommended our cake lady) and some other people. The wedding world is like a little family and everyone is so helpful and they want you to have the most wonderful day. Which we did.

Mikki and Mark

When William suggested getting a wedding videographer I wasn’t keen. I didn’t like the thought of seeing and hearing myself on a DVD. I also thought we would never watch it so what would be the point.

Now I don’t ever look back, every time I watch the DVD it brings back all those excited and nervous emotions I had on the day. It is such a special memento to have and it has its own place on the shelf for everyone to see. We have watched it on many occasions and especially enjoy watching it with other wedding guests and reminiscing. I can’t wait to be able to share with Fred and any other children we may have in the future.

You NEED to meet with these guys they are a friendly, caring and genuine team! When Charlene was at my mums house filming us all getting ready she just fitted in and became part of the wedding party, helping whenever she could and I know the guys felt the same at the other house. They are easy to speak to and are open to any suggestions and concerns you may have.


Kate and Will

My husband Iwan was against it as he doesn’t like to be videoed but I pushed for it. I would advise all brides to do it. You seriously don’t want any regrets, you can show them to your future children! You cannot relive the day just through photos, videos offer a different experience!

Charlene is a brilliant videographer , she is not intrusive at all , you wouldn’t even feel or notice her / her staffs presence much (whereas photographer is all over you).  

Even the photographer , who wasn’t very keen at the start about us having a videographer did say after that he could work very well with Charlene again!

On top of her top notch videoing skills, she offered beauty tips here and there eg. How not to spray perfume when you have your pearl earrings on as it might stain them (I remember it till today)

Weinee and Iwan

We totally had concerns about spending money on the videography as neither of us really wanted to actually be filmed!

How wrong could we have been though!

We didn’t know you were there for most of the time as none of it was staged…totally natural…you were there but totally stayed out the way…hope you get what I mean by saying this!  best money we spent and such an amazing memory of our day!

Emma and Andrew

I’d been bored by hours of friends wedding videos in the past so had made a pledge I would never do the same, plus I’m pretty camera shy so a wedding video was definitely not for me.

But then my best friend and bridesmaid told me not to be so selfish!! She said the video was for the kids I dreamed of having and she was right! Plus I actually loved showing people the 3 min video on my phone to my favourite tune! Even the dentist watched it pre-scale and polish! Those kids are dreamed of are now 3 and 1 and love watching mummy and daddy on the iPad.

Imagine if your best friend was a wedding videographer you would deffo book her, she would put you at ease, you’d forget she was even the videographer and she would go the extra mile for you! Well if your best friend isn’t a videographer Charlene can be and you will get all the benefits.

Lindsay and Liam

I did have concerns regarding cost but having spoken to people and researched a lot on the internet it seemed to be the one thing that was a real necessity.

Following actually booking and seeing videos it was absolutely the best choice and a clear keepsake for the future.

Charlene is approachable and professional. You are fun and took on board all my demands and really captured the essence of the day. You worked to my agenda whilst utilising your experience and your side kick was fabulous!

I also realised as I’ve said before that picking the right people/vendors to be part of your day is so important. Nobody wants to spend all day with someone they don’t like or trust.

Kathleen and Matthew

It was important to make sure we went with the right person and did research into what styles are available etc, but it was always something we wanted to include as it captures the day in a totally different way to photos.

When you watch it you can relive the atmosphere of the day. It’s fab!

We love our film so much and I’m so pleased we made sure it was in our budget. It also holds a very special place as since our wedding day my stepdad has passed away and it is the only recording we have of his voice and him enjoying the day, so Hugo will be able to know what his Granda’s voice sounded like. That means so much.

It was a pleasure to have you there. You were so easy to chat to and even lent a hand when needed.

I was nervous about having a camera around (as keen as I was to have a film and photos I also don’t like being in photos or the centre of attention) but you were so subtle and unobtrusive.

You helped relax us when needed and were just generally great! Great communication before and after and of course the film itself is wonderful!

Lindsay and Liam

Wow. Just wow.

Even though we had seen all the little bits when they were each being edited nothing really prepares you for seeing the final product with all completed films, speeches and first dances.

It was literally like reliving the whole thing all over again (and the little goodies most certainly helped).

Carl and I can’t thank you enough for everything that you did on the day. Always going above and beyond regardless of what it was.

Carl hit the nail on the head the other day when he said to me that when you left after the first dance it was like saying goodbye to one of our friends who had attended as a guest, that’s how much you just fit into everything on the day.

I am so glad that we chose you as our wedding videographer and you will certainly always be our recommendation to any of our friends or families if there is another wedding on the horizon.

We will most certainly be watching it again very soon as it just brings so many lovely and happy memories back.

All our love

Sara and Carl

Real Couples – Real Wedding Feedback – Wedding Videography Reviews and Testimonials

Isn’t it nice hearing words from REAL couples who had the same worries and concerns as you go on to LOVE not only their wedding video but the whole Love Gets Sweeter experience?

I feel it’s really important to find someone you can not only feel comfortable around but someone you can put all your trust in, it’s then once less thing to worry about on the day (despite being camera shy or hating the idea of watching yourself back like most of my past couples!)

If you’re starting to warm to the idea of having your very own wedding video then why not get in touch and have a proper chat with me? Lets see if I could be the perfect wedding videographer for you…


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