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Honest, Fun and Relaxed Family Photography and Videography

Below are a few examples of family sessions for families just like yours.

They’ve all had worries about being in front of the camera, whether their house was ‘ready’ for a photoshoot, whether the kids (or husband) would behave or whether they’d even watch it back because they didn’t like the idea of being on video.

I bet after watching these family videos and photography slideshows you’d never know!

My friendly, documentary style approach to filming and photographing in your family home allows you to relax having me around. You’ll even go on to enjoy having my hang around with you with my camera and enjoy all those natural, un-posed moments I captured without you even realising…

I wanted something that I’ll look back on in years to come and go “ahhhhh they were so little, and I wish I could turn back the clock etc” instead of focusing on how hard it feels right now.

You captured loads of really lovely moments / interactions that I wasn’t really aware of at the time – and I never realised I looked at my kids like I do!

We didn’t pull awkward faces because there was no telling us to sit and smile at the camera!

The Brooks Family Photography Slideshow

Hannah is actually a family photographer herself so there was added pressure there!

They too were worried if the kids would behave or they’d look ‘good’ on camera but actually went on to enjoy my style because I wasn’t forcing the kids to do anything they didn’t want to and they got to follow their lead instead.

It made for a really fun session where we got to really see Ellie and Thomas’s personalities, don’t you think?

Family Photography session – Yorkshire

The Davies Family Photography Slideshow

Not only did I get to film Freiya at only a few weeks old but we got to catch up a few times over her very first year and it’s been truly wonderful documenting all her miletones for them along the way.

This was Freiya’s last family session for her ‘First Year’ shortly after her 1st birthday and we were lucky enough to capture lots of the little things that were so very ‘Freiya’ at that moment…

Family photography session – Lydiate, Merseyide

“Oh WOW WEEEEEEEE!!!!! Thank you so much.

We are going to watch again tonight, but do you know what we love, the fact we are all in pictures together and we can see our little family.

There are so many we adore!”

The Hall’s Family Film

Sarah, Chris and Walter welcomed me in to their home in Cheshire and I couldn’t of had more fun if I tried. Walter even said I could come back again, that’s high praise isn’t it?

I got to experience a couple of hours of Walter’s 3 year old imagination and it was a true joy. I think he also loved having his parents full attention as he created his world of transport in their living room!

Family Videography Cheshire

The Cheetham’s ‘Real Life’ Film

After a maternity session AND a newborn family session the Cheetham’s braved having me hang out with the for a whole day to capture a ‘Day in the Life’ for them in both photos and video!

After a relaxing start to the morning I ventured out to Southport with them for some chips by the pier and exploring the local parks.

Of all their sessions this was a favourite for us all because it really captured some of those genuine connections you only get with patience as a family photographer…

Day in the Life Family Photography – Lancashire and Soutport

“The photos Charlene takes really do capture the love within the house and family.

The photo shoot is so relaxed and calm that it does just help you take the time out of your day to chill and enjoy your time with your baby and family and not have to think about the busy life around you.

Charlene is friendly, professional, passionate and efficient and I would definitely recommend her to other families.”

I have a genuine love for REAL moments. Capturing and documenting your real family life in a way that you’d want to relive over and over again.

Those connections that may happen in a glance.

Those every day stories that may seem a little ‘ordinary’ to you but they’ll soon be the every day you wish you could relive all over again.

With my relaxed family photo and video shoots there’s no stress of getting to a studio on time, whether everyone’s in a ‘good’ mood or how you’ll manage to pose when you’re too tired to function (been there).

Looking for a more relaxed, alternative style of family photography?

There’s the distinct lack of posing or direction from me so you can avoid any worries of feeling awkward in front of the camera. My laid back approach allows me to capture real family life in a honest and genuine way.

But the most exciting thing you’ll find after the shoot is having the wonderful combination of family photographs AND video to capture a little glimpse of your family life.


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