Back in March 2010 I was lucky enough to have a couple put their trust in me to film their wedding (this is Emma and Dan below)…

Despite a good few years of working in the TV and Film world editing, and even editing my own wedding video the year before (read more about that HERE), I had NO experience of actually shooting a real wedding.

In fact, my previous job had never even trusted me to hold and work a video camera!

But, thanks to some really honest chats, that lovely couple said yes and it started me on the path to where I am today with my wedding videography.

An Alternative Wedding Videography Review…

Now, every year a lot of wedding photographers and videographers take the time to show off their year of weddings in a ‘review’. Video is always a little more complex to edit and create than photos so it’s always been something I’ve debated (or fully avoided) each year to be honest.

With it being 10 years, and despite being totally full of man flu, I had the idea to actually chat to you properly about it.

So, here’s my slightly alternative wedding video review in the form of a vlog. Looking back over not only the last year but the whole decade of filming weddings for couples all over the UK…

Getting over the fear of being in front of the camera…

I feel pretty proud of myself for not putting that vlog off. It had been an idea for a couple of weeks but I just could not shift that cold!

Like many of us, I also HATE the idea of being on camera and hearing my voice back (which makes editing these so much fun haha) but it’s amazing how much better you feel just doing it as apposed to making excuses.

Wedding Video Regrets due to ‘The Fear’…

The same goes for wedding videos I guess.

So many family members and guests tell me on the wedding day they regretted not having a wedding video and aside from budget the most common reason is because they thought they’d hate watching themselves back…but now wish that they could.

A lot of my couples that go on to book me feel the same but push through just like I did making this vlog!

I know that even in another 10 years time that the fear of being on camera will still be there for many of us, even if we are making ourselves do it more on the likes on Instagram.

So I do hope that putting myself out there helps other couples feel they can put their trust in me, despite all these fears of being on camera, and go on to love their wedding video as much as all my past couples love theirs…

Feeling Camera Shy But Still Want A Wedding Video…?

If you’d like to chat about your very own wedding fears and worries about having a wedding video then I’d LOVE to hear from you and hopefully reassure you a little.

I’ve been there, back in 2009 when I got married at The Hillbark in the Wirral, and every video I have posted since.

BUT, with the right person behind that camera it can not only feel a hell of a lot easier but it means you can have a video you actually LOVE watching back too!

Still unsure…?

Read what my camera shy past couples said after their wedding HERE. Or have a nosy at my wedding videography portfolio HERE.

I hope to hear from you soon…. x