The wedding playlist. Whether it’s what you walk down the aisle to, sign the register to, share your first dance together to…music plays a big part during your wedding and can become quite a challenge to finalise as the day nears.

Especially if you’re looking for something a little more modern for your wedding and not the typical or traditional music choices you find on Google!

Here you’ll find out a little bit about our own challenge on picking our wedding music along with 2 very special Spotify wedding playlists I’ve created just for you. I call them my wedding song inspiration playlists! I hope they help…

The Perfect Wedding Songs – How do you choose?

Music for us plays a big part in our lives, even before we got married and had the challenge of picking our favourites!

There are some songs that we hear on the radio that take us right back to a time and moment.

I mean here’s some really fun examples of a song that brings back some incredible memories for us…

Wedding Music Ideas – Start Your Own Playlist With What You Love!

wedding music playlist idea get lucky

Daft Punk’s Get Lucky.

Us singing along in our Mustang convertible whilst driving down the Highway 1 (we actually have a film of that haha) during our West Coast road trip for turning 30.

urban wedding playlist idea Damage

Damage, Ghetto Romance.

Lee had this on Mini-disc (anyone remember those??) when we were hanging out at Camp America in Minnesota. That started as ‘our song’ and was tempting but not very appropriate for a first dance…

music memories for wedding playlist steps cd cover

Steps, Tragedy.

Don’t judge me but I actually taught my whole English class the dance routine to this as part of my ‘Speaking and Listening’ exam…they still remember it now!

wedding playlist ideas TLC waterfalls

TLC Waterfalls.

For some weird reason this song stuck as the one to sing to Paisley as a baby getting her to sleep. I mean, it’s better than ‘Baby Got Back’ from Friends…

upbeat wedding first dance ideas love gets sweeter

And obviously Love Get Sweeter by Finley Quaye.

That was our chosen ‘upbeat and fun’ first dance song and it soon went on to become a little more than that (read more about it becoming the name of my wedding videography business on my About Me page!)

And isn’t it funny how a song comes on the radio that you’ve probably not heard for YEARS yet you still know all the lyrics (and maybe even the whole dance routine if you were as obsessed with Top of the Pops and MTV as I was growing up).

This is how powerful music can be!

Picking The Perfect Wedding Music

Picking the right music choices for YOU on your wedding day can mean every time you hear those songs you’ll be transported right back to that time and moment.

Whenever I hear my own wedding video song I can literally see my wedding highlights playing out without seeing it.

In fact I do that for my couples wedding videos too, those songs are now attached to someone’s amazing wedding day for me so I imagine it’s even more powerful for them!


But for some reason, when it came to the actual wedding planning we got really stuck picking ‘our’ songs!

Lee likes ‘cool’ stuff like Oasis, Ray Lamontagne, Mumford and Sons and even Vanilla Ice (he thought that was cool at the time).

Whereas I’m more of a ‘Pop’ fan with my favourites being the 90’s and the Spice Girls, 5ive and all the other embarrassing stuff.

So finding a ‘middle ground’ proved tricky, as I’m sure it is proving for you too if you found this post!

We also knew we wanted something more fun and upbeat for our first dance to avoid the awkward shuffle on the dancefloor. Something more ‘us’.

But what is ‘us’ when we have such differing music tastes…? Well every now and then you’ll find something that matches up.

That’s where Spotify came in super handy for working out our perfect wedding songs. From those original wedding playlists I’ve even added extra tracks and tweaked old ones over the years to create something that can help my couples struggling with that ‘middle ground’ too!

If you’re looking for the perfect wedding playlist, ‘the’ song you need for the walk down the aisle or simply looking to be inspired for your own wedding video music then here’s two Spotify playlists for you to enjoy.

One is simple, slower and chilled…

Chilled and Romantic Wedding Music Playlist Ideas

The other is for more upbeat and fun wedding songs!

Upbeat, Happy and Fun Wedding Music Playlist Ideas

Feel free to keep popping back to check on these playlists as things get added all the time. I tend to hear something on the radio and know it would be perfect for a wedding video coming up or someone may love it for their first dance!

And if you have a love for music like we do and feel you’d love someone who appreciates the thought that goes in to picking the ‘soundtrack’ to your wedding then I may just be the wedding videographer for you.

You can check out more of my wedding videos over on my Portfolio page or maybe you fancy chatting already? If so then here’s my contact form… I can’t wait to hear from you!