The first dance – How to  impress and make it memorable for both you and your wedding guests!

A romantic sway is great if you’re not keen on showing off your best moves.

Even then you can practice a few spins, the crowd pleasing ‘dip’ and the big kiss finale to make it more fun and memorable if you’re feeling a tad nervous.

Sarah and Jonathan got the kiss just right at their wedding at The Racquet Club in Liverpool. Look at the crowd going wild!

bride and groom kiss during dance filmed by love gets sweeter at racquet club

Handy First Dance Tip.

Sneak off before the evening guests arrive and have a practice in your wedding gear.

Whether it’s a dramatic lift or a simple spin there may need to be a bit more coordination involved with a huge train or princess dress!

If you’re thinking full on choreographed first dance then go for it! The possibilities are endless…

You could go comical with a collection of fun tracks with well known dance moves to get the crowd laughing!

Or if you’re feeling theatrical (like Maria and Tommy at their Peckforton Castle wedding below), then pick your favourite Musical track and have fun dancing along to that…

I know because they have a amateur dramatics background people were expecting something from them. However, no-one ever expected Disney. And I’m pretty certain not a Frozen track!

It was very them and very cute!

What about pretending to do a slow wedding sway then bursting in to something more lively as a surprise?

As guests gather round thinking how romantic it is and get their camera’s out in time for the next timely spin or kiss it suddenly changes tempo and lifts the energy in the room.

Keri and Tom nailed it with their slow dance to Newton Faulkner that swiftly went in to Rudimental’s ‘Feel The Love’. Not only because it looked pretty impressive but it also got the crowd going and kick started their evening reception perfectly!

Who doesn’t want a crazy and full dance floor like they did at their AMAZING Mitton Hall wedding??

Or if you’re feeling as brave (and cocky) as us then go all out and hire a wedding dance teacher to choreograph an epic masterpiece (that may have looked like that if we had more skill haha).

That’s a good option as they can work out where your strengths lie and tweak the dance to work for you perfectly.

If you skip to 5 minutes on our (now very old) wedding video you can see the fun we had doing our own special, choreographed first dance at our wedding at the Hillbark Hotel.

For me I feel the love (naff pun) for Keri and Tom’s dance. If that doesn’t get the party started I don’t know what will!

Are you thinking of planning something amazing for your first dance? I do hope you’ve found some inspiration here if you are…