When Mick Cookson (all round good guy and awesome wedding photographer) says he’s got a couple that are so wonderful and I need to talk to them about their wedding video…I can’t help but get excited!

Then you find out it’s like a week away…but then find out you can make it work AND it’s at the super cool Media City Members Only venue in Salford called On The 7th

oh go on then!

Bride and Groom standing in front of the CBeebies window in Salford Media City posing for a fun wedding photograph with Mick Cookson. Bride holds her bright oversized wedding bouquet of roses and sunflowers

The Perfect Wedding Photography and Videography Team in Salford

I’m usually all about shooting with two of us.

It gives me two angles on the whole day to cover it as best I can, even capturing parts of the day the couple won’t see and having plenty of options when it comes to the fun of the edit.


they were keen to get something that fit their last minute budget and someone their wedding photographer was comfortable working alongside so we came up with a special package that worked for them. A solo shoot alongside Mick Cookson for the wonderful Katie and Paul’s wedding at On The 7th

A Fun Toy Story Themed Wedding Video at Media City Salford

It all fell in to place perfectly and I arrived to find Paul and his Best Man setting up the fun Toy Story themed table plan using toy figures and crates (seriously cool!).

I then only had to skip round the corner to head over to the Holiday Inn Media City where Katie was getting ready with her Mum, bridesmaids and super cute flower girl (their daughter, Poppy).

Kathryn Farrington was the professional make up artist on hand to make the girls look stunning.

There was a knock at the door and Paul’s Best Man had arrived with a surprise, a tray of Cheerio’s spelling out ‘I Love You’ (how he proposed) and an iPod with some special and meaningful songs on.

Katie was blown away and enjoyed listening (and skipping through…she didn’t want to cry too much) the songs Paul had shared with her.

How utterly romantic??

the best man holds a tray with cheerios spelling out I Love You to remind the bride of the grooms romantic proposal before they get married at On The 7th in Media City Salford for their wedding video The best man shares a bottle of gin with the groom before they get married at On The 7th in Salford The cute flower girl sits in her white vest next to the brides very sparkly wedding shoes during the wedding morning in Manchester The bride smiles as her step daughter tries to give her toddler a funny kiss as they wait to leave for the wedding in Media City

An Excited Bride and Nervous Groom – Wedding Videography Salford

It was soon time for everyone to get ready for the ceremony. I hung around long enough to get Dad seeing Katie in her dress before dashing off to see Paul getting nervous for the arrival of his Bride (this is a good example of how having only 1 camera I have to make decisions on what I feel is most important to capture for the final film instead of relying on two of us to get everything!).

Paul had to take lots of deep breaths to calm his nerves. His Best Man tried to keep him smiling and soon the whole room was standing to see the Bridal party walk down the aisle (once little Poppy tried to steal the show posing at the top of the aisle for what felt like forever bless her!).

The look on their faces all the way through says it all, so ridiculously happy to be there and getting married.

wedding guests check their watches and take photos on their phones as they wait for the Bride to arrive for a wedding inside the members club On The 7th A smile creeps on to the grooms face as he nervously waits for the Bride to walk down the aisle at On The 7th a cute little flower girl wearing white waits and poses at the top of the wedding aisle on the wedding video at her dads wedding at On The 7th Our short haired bride walks down the aisle with her dad holding a sunflower and white rose bouquet The bride and groom smile and laugh at each other on the wedding video as they exchange their wedding rings during an intimate ceremony at On The 7th in Media City The bride and groom are getting ready to walk down the aisle towards the wedding videographer after being married and look very happy and excited as their wedding guests stand up to cheer. They have a white carpet aisle and she holds an oversized sunflower bouquet

Guests were soon passing on their hugs, kisses and well wishes as the newlyweds enjoyed their drinks reception in the bar at On The 7th.

Then it was time for Mick to try and organise the group shots inside before we snuck out with the happy couple for some shots around Media City!

This was a favourite part for us all as we let Mick get creative and pop them in front of some cool backdrops (our favourite being the CBeebies yellow smiley blob, it looks like he’s enjoying them having a kiss too haha).

Fun Couple Portraits Around Media City Salford with Mick Cookson and Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Videography

the bride and groom pose for the wedding photographer and videographer against a simple white wall at On The 7th in Media city The Bride and groom have a kiss outside media city after being married A bride holding a bright yellow sunflower bouquet smiles at her groom in front of the fun and colourful CBeebies window in Salford Media city groom kisses his bride on the lowry bride in Salford Mick Cookson sits on the floor of lowry bridge to take a fun photo of the bride and groom the bride and groom hold hands and look at each other for their wedding photographs at Media City Manchester The bride and groom enjoy a kiss for the photographer and videographer outside media city

Personal and emotional wedding speeches are perfect for your wedding video…

We were soon back inside to get ready for the wedding breakfast and the all important speeches. There were rumours the Best Man needed a stool to play guitar on…

Paul had the room in tears (including me!) during his speech, it was filled with love and emotion it was hard not to get emotional with him. The part where he was talking about his Mum wanting to be by his Dad’s side whilst he was in hospital (they couldn’t make the wedding as he wasn’t well) really touched us all and it was possibly the moment I also shed a tear..

Then the stool came out and the Best Man had the guests laughing with his new take on a few classic songs (changing the lyrics to share a few things about his best friend Paul) with the help of a talented friend he made on the stag do playing along.

the father of the bride stands up to do his speech in the gold room at On The 7th the groom wipes away his tears after an emotional part of his wedding speech the bride and groom smile at each other during the wedding speeches at On The 7th

As the evening was drawing in Mick and I took them out for a few more photographs outside and we even got to enjoy a beautiful evening sky over the Lowry bridge.

Then it was all about THAT lego cake and the first dance to ‘Beyond The Sea’ to fit in with their love of Lego and Disney.

a simple white cake with lego cake topper is ready for the cake cutting our newlyweds enjoy their first dance surrounded by friends and family at their wedding at On The 7th the bride and groom have a kiss on the black and white dancefloor at on the 7th on the end of the wedding video the couple enjoy relaxing by the river for wedding photos on the end of the wedding video the bride and groom have a kiss before the sun sets in Salford

I’m so glad they came to me (thanks to Mick as well). It turned out to be one of my favourite weddings of the year…

Wedding Ceremony and Reception – On The 7th Members Club, Media City Salford
Wedding Photographer – Mick Cookson Photography, Manchester
Wedding Make-up – Kathryn Farrington MUA, Chorley
Wedding DJ – Dancefloor Couture

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