Ooh, so you’re planning for a romantic winter wedding…?

a pretty infographic asking if you're planning a romantic winter wedding by love gets sweeter wedding videos

As the leaves begin to change colour and fall leaving a rich carpet of warm red on the ground, the days get a little shorter and there’s a chill in the air it really is a beautiful time of year to plan the perfect winter wedding.

The venues in the north west are renown for having incredible colours in their gardens. Maybe all this additional rain we get up north mean (especially Manchester and the Lake District) we get better scenery so it’s got to be a bonus, right?

So what else do you have to think about other than having something to one side to keep you warm and remembering to use your Burts Bee’s lip balm to avoid flaky lips…?

What time should I get married?

It’s all about the beautiful light on your wedding day during Autumn and Winter.

It’s seriously gorgeous, not only for photographers but also us videographers. You can catch some stunning moments during what we call the ‘golden hour’ before you dash back inside to get warm by the roaring fire.

The sun can vanish as early as 3:30pm near Christmas! So, as this light isn’t there for long it’s worth considering the time you get married to allow you a little bit of time to enjoy dusk (and maybe a beautiful sunset!).

A twilight wedding may seem like an utterly romantic idea but after you walk down that aisle as husband and wife you’ll be greeted by flat, dark sky. Not the best for your wedding group shots with your family and friends.

Is there anything I need to consider when looking for the perfect photographer and videographer?

Some wedding suppliers thrive in the winter, they love the low light and get creative being able to use both indoor and outdoor spaces well without you feeling you ‘missed out’ on those typical summer wedding shots.

It’s not for everyone so, it’s worth asking if they have examples of winter weddings to see how they captured the day and don’t be afraid to ask questions and get tips for your own winter wedding.

They’re the experts after all! And you’ll know straight away if a winter wedding excites them I’m sure (I know it does me!)

A bride and groom chat naturally as the sun sets during a winter wedding at Willington Hall

What about bad weather?

Well, firstly I’m pretty sure that’s why you picked a winter wedding as you can accept it may be a bit iffy. Especially if you around Lancashire/Manchester/Liverpool/Cheshire/Cumbria as we tend to get the worst of the weather compared to down south!

It can’t be helped but with good planning it doesn’t have to be a ‘thing’ on the day.

If you’re travelling between wedding venues allow for a bit of extra time, you don’t want to be stuck behind gritters and people always seem to drive badly if it’s raining even a little bit (never mind snow!).

On the day your perfectly selected team will know what to do to get the best from your day despite the weather. Be it the photographer and videographer who have plans for some gorgeous indoor shots OR you’ve even remembered to buy cool wellies and umbrellas so you can brave the cold whatever the weather throws at you.

The other bonus of wellies is that you can save your Jimmy Choo’s from the mud too!

Or, be cold for a bit so you can show off your dress in stunning light like Davina did…

Bride and Groom having a cuddle and kiss with the winter sun low behind them peeking through the trees at Whitley Hall for the wedding video

You can see Davina and Dave’s chilly winter wedding at Whitley Hall here, perfect wedding inspiration!

Keeping my wedding guests warm…?

It can get cold if you’re enjoying photos outside at this time of year.

Cold (and hungry) guests are moaning guests so what about treating them to warm drinks like mulled wine and hot chocolate to get them feeling cosy again?

Or what about some really cute oversized blankets for them to snuggle up with?

What ideas could I look at doing to add the ‘WOW’ factor to my wedding day?

Well, the bonus of it going darker earlier in the autumn and winter is that you could enjoy wedding sparklers with your guests! There’s lots of creative shots we can do as a professional wedding videographer and the more guests involved the better and more fun it can be.

Lanterns still prove really popular, in Thailand (where they originate from) they bring good luck when released in to the sky. And, they can also look really effective when released on mass (we did this for our own wedding, you can see them on our wedding video here)

a bride and groom have a kiss before their chinese lantern floats off in to the beautiful sunset in Wyresdale Park

And don’t forget fireworks. Yes they can be costly but if you love them as much as me they are always a way to impress the guests and they look incredible on your wedding video and wedding photos!

What colours work well for an Autumn/ Winter wedding?

Embrace the season! Golds, reds, oranges…rich and deep colours can look incredible striking on a cold, crisp wedding day!

Though keeping it classic with creams and warm blush like Mikki and Mark’s wedding at Broadoaks Country House in Cumbria looks incredibly romantic in a room filled with candlelight…

a stunning and romantic winter wedding breakfast table at Broadoaks country house hotel. The table is full of candles and towering white and blush rose centrepieces by Red Floral A cup cake tower and classic white wedding cake with navy ribbon hiding behind hanging candle pendants creating a romantic look

For the most romantic winter wedding you’ve ever seen check out Mikki and Mark’s Lake District wedding video here!

You may find your venues are all ready for Christmas from early November so it’s worth checking.

That could either be a bonus as you get free decorations or you may want to see if you can make it more to your taste.

So was that helpful? What do you have planned for your winter wedding? I’d love to hear more about it. Send me an email at charlene@lovegetssweeter.co.uk or visit my contact page if you’d like to chat more about your own wedding!

And if you’re still on the search for your perfect wedding videographer do take a look at some more of my work over on my wedding portfolio page to see examples of my wedding films. Or even head over to my About Me page to find out more about me and if I’m someone you’d feel comfortable (as we’ll be hanging out together all day so it helps if you like me!).

I love the Northwest so cover weddings all over Lancashire, Cumbria, Cheshire, Manchester, Liverpool and the Wirral but I also do like to travel so if you’re planning something further afield I’d love to hear about it.