Not that long ago a lovely couple from North Wales got married in the ever so lovely wedding venue that is Rowton Hall in Cheshire. They chose me to do their wedding video!

I may have made them make friends with me (I’m sure they wanted to really), we even added each other on Facebook and Instagram and then soon came the news of the cutest ever new arrival, their daughter Charlotte.

baby charlotte playing with stacking blocks at home in Ryhl with her Mum and Dad before her Christening

Then came the time when I got a lovely email asking if I’d video her Christening (I didn’t tear up, honest).

Knowing how much they loved their wedding video I didn’t feel it right to rock up, video the ceremony and that’s it.

It had to be a celebration of the day, just like their wedding video was!

Read more about the day below or feel free to scroll to the bottom to see the video in full!

So we chatted and came up with the idea to do a little Highlights film. Starting at their house getting Charlotte ready before heading to the church I felt this part would make the video extra special because it’s intimate and natural. It’s the new family in their own home enjoying a few moments to themselves before the (organised) chaos of the actual church Christening.

baby girl sat in her living room waiting for her mummy and daddy on video for her own christening video

baby girl playing with parents in their home before getting ready for her Christening video in Rhyl

close up of baby girls hand holding her Mummy's hand at home

baby girl suspicious of the video camera before getting ready for her christening with her Mum

Charlotte ready in her Next christening gown sat on her Dad's knee

dad and grandad getting giggles off baby charlotte before her christening

Grandma and Grandad were even on hand to help get everyone (including me) to the church on time!

The vicar at the church kindly let me pick a spot at the front of the church (though he wasn’t so keen on letting Ioan from Celynnen Photography, also their wedding photographer and good friend, go anywhere near…).

I filmed the whole service and Charlotte was a little star.

Very intrigued at the strange man talking loudly at everyone I managed to get some very cute shots of her sitting on her Mum’s knee!

stained glass window in Rhyl church before a christening

grandparents and aunties laughing sat in the pews at Rhyl church during a christening

baby girl during christening looking very serious on the video

mum and dad sharing a moment with daughter sat on their lap at church in Rhyl

baby girl ready to get baptised at church in Rhyl for her own highlights video

After lots of fuss after the service everyone headed over to Rhyl Golf Club on the sea front to continue the celebrations in a less formal manner.

Clare and Paul had kindly invited Paisley and Daddy (my other half) over to enjoy this part as well so you may even see a shot of Paisley enjoying all the soft play toys that were on offer for the children!

cute fairy topper on a christening cake at Rhyl Golf course

parents trying to make a baby girl laugh with an inflatable horse at a christening in rhyl

tired baby girl at her christening getting lots of fuss on the video

I loved that I could hang around and capture all the elements of the celebrations so the video really showed off what a wonderful day it was for everyone.

Want to see what I mean about the full day making the video so much more than ‘just’ a Christening…?

If you’re little one is getting Christening or having a big celebration why not consider getting the day on video. Get in touch and we can chat about how I could make something amazingly personal for you too!