I was very fortunate at a recent wedding over in Wyresdale Park (Lancashire) to meet the ever so talented band Wandering Wings.

The Bride had already gotten me super excited about them and had given me clues about what was in store on the day. She’d mentioned they’d be there all day, getting guests involved for sing-alongs and creating the epic wedding atmosphere!

wedding band wandering wings sitting and chilling on a bench outside a green country shed

From the moment they wandered (excuse the pun) in to the rustic wedding tent in the grounds of Wyresdale Park I knew we were all in for a treat and I wasn’t wrong. They had guests belting out hits in-between courses and put a really cool folk music twist on some of my favourite pop tracks!

So, are you ready to find out a bit more about them?

Here you go, a few words from the band themselves!

Five (very enthusiastic) musicians, we met one another at school, university, and in the local music scene, and it wasn’t until a few years ago that we decided to get together and form a band.

Since then, we’ve performed all over the country at just about every kind of venue you could imagine – and even with the broken strings and bandwiches (service station sandwiches – a roaming musician’s staple diet), things feel just as exciting now as they did that first performance.

wandering wings promotional photographs outside a rustic barn with their instruments

If you’ve ever thought about forming a band, you’ll know that one of the first questions you ask is ‘what style of music is this band going to play’? We’ve all got pretty diverse musical tastes, so it was tricky to know where to start.

Individually, we’re inspired by artists like Radiohead, John Mayer, Stevie Wonder, James Morrison, Bruno Mars, and Metallica – and where do you start with that?

Thinking about it, though, we noticed that what we all loved were hits – the biggest, most iconic songs from the last few decades. We also collectively love folk music, and suddenly it made sense to fuse these two passions together; to play the biggest tracks from a whole range of genres, all in a folk style people would recognise as ours.

Come to one of our performances and you’ll hear songs from Justin Bieber, Mumford & Sons, Ray Charles, and Rihanna – and it works, we swear!

In our humble opinion, there’s nothing people love more than a great singalong song with a twist. It takes the song to new places, and really sends a current through the crowd. New arrangements and original covers are more popular than ever on the radio and online, and that’s something we try to tap into when we’re thinking of new ways to make a song stand out.

It still feels a bit of a dream for a group of guys who could have become maths teachers or removal men, but we’ve been making a living on-stage for years now. Well, not always on-stage – a lot of people are pretty thrilled by the idea of a band performing amongst the crowd, so we’ve also played plenty of roaming sets for weddings, corporate events, and private parties.

performing for the video wandering wings are in a rustic barn with festoon lights giving a warm glow

lead singer of wandering wings singing in to a retro silver microphone for a promo shoot

We want to do everything we can to make the band work for you whatever the context – to that end, if you want to strip things back we’re happy to perform as an acoustic duo, or we can perform a fully amplified set if you want to take things up a notch.

As Wandering Wings, we’ve had some amazing experiences and we’ve met some brilliant people along the way. At the end of the day, nothing beats playing music and making new friends for a living – and we want to keep doing it for as long as we can!

wedding band wandering wings on a promo shoot for their music agency pulling faces with their heads in picture frames

How ace do they sound? Seriously? It was a pleasure to get to work alongside them.

What they’re doing was so fresh and new for me, worked so well with the wedding and got all the guests having an AMAZING time. I can’t recommend them enough and encourage you to get in touch with them to see what they could do to make your wedding entertainment one to be remembered…

You can find out more about potentially booking Wandering Wings for your wedding or event over at Entertainment Nation!