One of the BEST things about having someone come and document family life is that there’s a very good chance you’ll ALL get to be in the photographs and film together.

creative reflection shot using phone of family together at home

That’s a rare thing for most of us, isn’t it?

Even with me being a family photographer I find it’s usually tons of photos of the kids, maybe a few phone selfies of you and the little one and plenty of dad with them (thanks to you!).

And I don’t mean those traditional, posed family portraits. I mean totally un-staged, candid and natural moments of you all together. Capturing those genuine connections you get simply doing what you do every day!

I know the feeling well as I ‘encourage’ a professional family shoot in our own home at least every 1-2 years to capture family life as I’d like to remember it. Totally candid, natural and the real us.

My husband ALWAYS hates the idea beforehand as he hates his picture being taken. But, I choose my family photographer wisely and choose people who will help us feel comfortable and we soon forget they’re there with their camera.

Booking in a family session for ourselves meant I could pretty much guarantee being in the photos for once. And by that I mean being captured in a photo without me posing or giving a nudge to someone to take it. They’d just know.

Having my own regular family photoshoot also means I know exactly how it feels to feel nervous about being photographed.

But, I also really value those rare photos and video of us all together so push through those fears and weirdness to make it happen.

This is what Sarah had to say once she had seen her family photo slideshow…

“Oh WOW WEEEEEEEE!!!!! Thank you so much. I can’t believe how quickly you’ve made this slideshow… you’re a super woman!

We are going to watch again tonight, but do you know what we love, the fact we are all in pictures together and we can see our little family. There are so many we adore!

SJ, Chris and Walt x”

Documentary Family Photography – An Alternative Style

Family photography sometimes ends up feeling all about capturing that ‘perfect’ moment of you all together. When actually your everyday, totally ‘ordinary’ to you moments are the ones you’ll LOVE seeing back.

dad and son play with cars on their living room floor

family photo of mum dad and son playing on the car mat

mum puts socks back on her son during photoshoot

mum and son photographed laughing and playing

dad tickles son with a sock puppet during photoshoot

My alternative style of un-posed and relaxed family photography is more candid. It’s more about capturing those real family moments together than forcing ‘fun’ and smiles.

This is why it works so well having me come and hang out with you guys at home!

In your happy place, the place where you have everything you could possibly need and helps you feel relaxed (and in turn look more comfortable!).

Not that Walter here had any issues with relaxing around the new house guest. He LOVED having me there with my camera and enjoyed showing me around and occasionally flashing me a smile.

I ended up enjoying joining in with the fun family playtime so I became even more of a welcomed addition that a ‘family photographer’ and he was soon being his usual cute self.

What’s more, I think he really relished having a couple of hours of his parents full attention playing with him.

You can see the genuine excitement on his face as they join in with his demands for setting up an airport on their living room floor!

No distractions, just full on family time!

black and white photo of son looking in toy box

mum dad and 3 year old son sit close and look at cars

3 year old boy plays with postman pat red van

The Addition of a Family Film – Family Videography

What makes a Love Gets Sweeter Family Photography session that little bit extra special and exciting is the addition of video.

During your own family session I capture little moments of video in-between taking photos to piece together your very own family film.

It really does make a Love Gets Sweeter Family Session an alternative to the usual family photography and film shoots.

So not only do you get to see and even print images of your family life for you to enjoy around the family home and share with others, you can hear those moments come to life too.

An Alternative to Traditional Family Photo Shoots…

I know that can feel a bit weird at first, thinking your voice is being recorded and you HATE listening to your own voice. I HATE mine too!

But it’s more than that.

It’s capturing those little conversations, those first words, those cute sentences and funny questions you hear on a daily basis but soon pass us by as they grow up.

They’re so easily forgotten if we’re not documenting them with our cameras.

It’s seeing their first steps.

Seeing them try so hard to write their name, or in Walters case tracing numbers and seeing his parents faces light up when he does it so neatly!

You can never predict the moments that will be captured and I think that’s the joy of documentary photography.

Yes it’s super relaxed and can sometimes even feel like you’re not being photographed or filmed at all.

relaxed photo of mum dad and son snuggle on the sofa to read a book

close up photograph of son reading a book to dad

dad mum and son on sofa reading during family photoshoot

creative photo through mirror reflection of family reading at home

But what’s super special is you won’t even know what moments mean the most to you and your family until you see them back for yourself.

Family Photographer and Videographer – Lancashire, Cheshire and the UK

So, are you ready to have me hang out with you and capture a little bit of family life?

wide photo of boy with his hand over his face

If you’re nervous at first then a smaller ‘Sweet’ session at home is the perfect introduction to my documentary style of family photography.

Whether it’s family life at home like Walter’s little session here or maybe it’s introducing a little person to the world in a newborn photography session, I’d LOVE to help you document your real family life in a more relaxed and natural way.

Or maybe you fancy letting me hang out with you all day to capture all the elements of real family life? Those are called Day In The Life sessions and you can see an example of a Day in the Life session HERE.

You can see more of my alternative, candid style of family photography and videography over on my family page HERE.

Or if you’d like to get your hands on a brochure you can head over to my family pricing page and fill in the super quick contact form OR email me directly on charlene@lovegetssweeter.co.uk