The end of a decade. What an amazing 10 years it’s been too! And not just for weddings…

10 Things You May (Or May Not) Remember from This Decade…

After a bit of Googling here are a few random things that happened this decade that will bring back some memories…

  • Game of Thrones started in 2011 and we had the finale before the decade was out! Which bought a LOT of ‘you know nothing Jon Snow’ jokes…
  • The FIRST EVER iPad came out in 2010! Which bought annoying guests filming down the aisle on their HUGE iPad instead of their phone…
  • Instagram was also launched in 2010 which bought wedding ‘hashtags’ and Insta frames for photobooths!
  • We had TWO Royal Weddings…(do you have a favourite??). This inspired a LOT of bridal looks!
  • Gangnam Style became another ‘dance’ we all do at weddings and Christmas parties alongside the macarana…
  • The ice bucket challenge…brrrrrr
  • Netflix changed the way we watch TV…
  • The ‘selfie’ boom (as Buzzfeed are naming it haha). Queue tons of fun wedding selfies to share the next day!
  • Chocolate fountains were replaced with doughnut walls at weddings. Something I was more than happy about, I do love a doughnut…

But more importantly, in March 2010 I filmed my first ever wedding!! That’s Emma and Daniel below after getting married in Cheshire.

In that year 9 wonderful couples trusted me to capture their wedding, travelling all over from London and Somerset up to Clitheroe and Scotland!

All this despite my only experience in weddings being my own the previous year. At that point I’d been a film and TV editor for a few years but I’d not held or filmed with a camera since college!

Talk about throwing myself in the deep end!

I’m eternally grateful for all those lovely couples who took a leap of faith in me that year and asked me to be their wedding videographer.

Here’s one of my favourite wedding video highlights (even now!) from 2010 that we filmed in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands…

10 Years as a Wedding Videographer in Lancashire

In March 2020 I’ll be celebrating TEN YEARS of making wedding videos with Love Gets Sweeter.

Ten amazing years as a wedding videographer, I honestly can’t believe it!

a photo montage from 10 years as a wedding videographer in the UK

If I was list all the wedding venues, couples, suppliers, people who have cheered me on and all the support I’ve had I would be here another 10 years (and you’d never make it to the end of the post haha).

I’ve used 3 different types of video cameras since starting in 2010 (all Sony I may add), I’ve gone from big broadcast standard camera’s and steady shooting to mirrorless and handheld 90% of the time.

Charlene from Love Gets Sweeter a female wedding videographer laughing whilst holding a Sony video camera in a bridal suite at Mottram Hall in Cheshire

female videographer love gets sweeter relaxed and laughing with the bride and photographer Mick Cookson holding her Sony camera during filming on the morning of the brides wedding in Cheshire with her wedding dress hanging beautifully in the background

female wedding videographer holding a camera outside Peckforton Castle

It also seems I’ve had as many hair style changes too!

I’ve stuck to my trusty editing system and only needed to upgrade the laptop once since (good ol’ HP laptops ha).

But the constant in all of this has been the customer service.

More Than A Wedding Videographer

I’ve always worked super hard to ensure I’m always available for any questions and worries my couples have.

I’ve been there to guide during the planning thanks to my experience in the wedding industry (and being married myself!).

I’ve been on hand during the day to help calm nerves, round up the bridesmaids to get ready on time, even sort nappies and babies, fix buttonholes and I’ve used my trusty mini sewing kit more times than I care to remember (including 1 bride’s waist belt and a pregnant bridesmaids dress whilst the wedding cars wait outside…I’ve learnt to be pretty handy under pressure!)

Female wedding videographer is crouched down with a smile to show a little flower girl how her Mummy the bride looks on her video camera as they get ready for a wedding near Manchester

I’ve always worked in a way that’s flexible for my couples so you can take the time to work out what is perfect for you. No one package suits everyone and I know it’s helped all my couples over the years to add things on AFTER the wedding.

In 10 years I’ve loved every minute of every wedding and it’s an honour to be able to create lasting memories for not only you but all your friends and family too in the form of your wedding video.

What’s been super special in recent years is being able to share our own wedding memories with our daughter Paisley.

It may also be due to my love and passion for my wedding work that someone is also in love with the world of weddings too. She’s even asked for a camera for Christmas…

Know anyone planning a wedding in Lancashire, Liverpool or beyond?

So here’s to another amazing decade for us all. I wonder what it has in store…?

If you know anyone getting married this decade then why not get in early with your recommendations for an awesome wedding videographer…?

I’m based in Lancashire but as you’ve seen, I can stay local around Liverpool, Cheshire and the Lakes but I also like to travel around the UK too!

I highly recommend sending them a link to my Portfolio page or even my wedding videography Instagram page 😀

And I thank you in advance, bookings from recommendations really are the BEST kind of weddings!