‘A Day In The Life’ Photography and Film

So, what is a Real Life ‘Day in the Life’ family session all about?

It’s human nature that the longer we spend with someone the more comfortable we feel around them and more relaxed we become.

From my experience at weddings I see first hand how people soon forget I’m there or see me more as a family friend come lunch time because we’ve been casually hanging out for a few hours already.

This is why I feel so passionately about my ‘Real Life – Day in the Life’ family sessions. As a family photographer I feel they’re the BEST way to capture family life as it is right now.

The Real Life ‘Sweeter’ Family Session – Documentary Family Photography and Film

You like the idea of having family life documented without any fuss. No posing, no studios. Simply capturing real family life in a relaxed and unobtrusive way.

Documentary style family photography is simply documenting an accurate representation of family life. The genuine, honest moments. Not just the smiles, the first steps and the happy memories we share but also the more honest story of parenthood. These ‘every day’, seemingly ordinary moments are what pass by so fast that we go on to wish we’d not taken for granted.


Day in The Life Photography Slideshow – Lancashire

What To Expect – Day In The Life Family Photographer and Videographer

A documentary photography and video ‘Day In The Life’ is ideal for a slower paced family shoot that allows you to lead.  The perfect photography session for capturing honest family life and a bit more of the ‘every day’.

 Hanging out for the full day (around 10 hours), from breakfast to tucking in to bed time and everything in-between. Simply documenting your every day in a very special and unique way.

The best way to capture totally natural moments and unprompted connections between you.

For you little ones to embrace me being there and let me in on all the fun.

To allow you to enjoy this time together as a family and finally feel a little present (which I know is ridiculously hard at times).

To really pause life as it is now, to come back and relive it as many times as you like…

Day in The Life Videography / Film 

An Alternative Family Shoot – Your Own Family Film

One thing that makes a Love Gets Sweeter Real Life (Day in The Life) photography session really special is the addition of filming. As standard.

During the day I’ll discreetly switch between filming and photographing your family life so you have a wonderful collection of images and video clips to relive this time together. Seeing and hearing all those moments back really bring it all back to life and give you something really special to keep and soon become your very own family heirloom!

Lancashire Documentary Family Photographer Covering The UK

I can totally relate to any worries or niggles you may have about having a your very own professional family photography session at home or somewhere special to you.

We all know how hard is it to get just one NICE photo of your own kids. And lets not get started on getting a decent photo of us with our kids…

Having me simply come and hang out with you is the only way of capturing those personalities without the need to pose.

It’s all about capturing your real life as it is right now…

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