A typically Northern misty day over the Castleshaw valley, Megan and Stuart celebrated their wedding day at The Saddleworth Hotel near Olldham.

And I was their chosen wedding videographer, ready to capture it all!

Sadly put a stop to an outdoor ceremony at this Saddleworth Hotel wedding but it didn’t stop them celebrating in style.

With the cutest flower girl (their Daughter who as just learning to walk), Churros for canapes and working alongside one of my favourite wedding photographers (Mick Cookson) made this an epic wedding.

Megan and Stuart told me they fancied reliving more of their day than a Highlights film so opted for an ‘Extended Highlights/ Mini Feature’, something I created for a couple a few years back and has proven popular!

Here is their wedding ‘extended highlights’ video to show off all the ‘best bits’ (and keep scrolling for more on their wedding day!)

The Saddleworth Hotel Wedding Video

Recommended Wedding Videographer

The lovely Bride for this wedding first met me as a Bridesmaid for her good friend Lou’s wedding over in Otley, Yorkshire.

Having seen me work AND seeing Lou’s wedding videos she decided to book me for her wedding day at The Saddleworth Hotel!

I don’t think you can get a better recommendation for that. It’s always an amazing feeling when friends go on to book me too!

A Fun Yet Relaxed Wedding Morning

Megan opted to not have official Bridesmaids for her wedding day but did have some of her closest friends enjoy getting ready with her.

One even brought baked goods. I need a friend like that!

She also had her Mum and Daughter getting ready with her. A gorgeous little toddler finding her feet (and refusing a nap for fear of missing out!)

It was lovely to capture lots of natural moments of them getting ready together before the formalities began.

Dogs, Groomsmen and a Spot of Pool…

Over at the Groom’s Home, he had a chilled morning cuddling the dogs before getting ready in his wedding suit.

They were soon heading over to The Saddleworth Hotel to enjoy a few beers and play some pool in the lounge before their guests arrived.

a wedding dress and flower girl dress hangs in a room at The Saddleworth Hotel Lancashire
a close up shot of a bride getting her eye makeup done
the family dog sits on the sofa during groom prep in Halifax
a groom tries to get his cufflinks in
a best man laughs with the groom whilst getting ready in Halifax
a candid moment between two friends laughing filmed by the wedding videographer at Saddleworth Hotel
a natural video shot of a bride laughing whilst breastfeeding her baby
a mother of the bride holds the toddler flowergirl looking out a window at The Saddleworth Hotel
a bride gets ready with her mum in natural light at The Saddleworth Hotel
a shot over the brides shoulder to see her reflection in a mirror
guests peek in as the bride gets ready at The Saddleworth Hotel
the brides dad gives her a big hug before she goes to get married at The Saddleworth Hotel
a groom jokes with his best man and groomsman before the ceremony at The Saddleworth Hotel

An Indoor Wedding Ceremony at The Saddleworth Hotel

Sadly due to the typical Lancashire Spring weather, the misty rain lingered over the Castleshaw Valley a little too long so they changed their outdoor ceremony plans to an indoor one.

The exposed stone walls and wooden beams give a more traditional feel in the ceremony room, a lovely contrast to the modern feel of the rest of the hotel.

Guests began to make their way to their seats as Megan had the finishing touches done.

Arriving in Style in a Rolls Royce

The owner Anthony likes to make sure you arrive in style so chauffers you around to the back of the hotel in his white pearlescent Rolls Royce.

Megan’s Dad fought back a few tears before they set off on their short journey, roof down thanks to the rain holding off!

A Short and Sweet Wedding Ceremony in Oldham

The ceremony was conducted by the Oldham registrars and they were so attentive and a wonderful calming influence.

Although they had chosen no readings, they shared a few words to make their wedding ceremony a little more personal.

After a bit of a fight to get the rings on (I blame it feeling hot in there haha), they were soon announced Husband and Wife!

a little flower girl tries to walk down the aisle at The Saddleworth Hotel
the groom takes a breath as he sees his bride in the reflection during the ceremony
the couple smile at each other at the start of the indoor ceremony at The Saddleworth Hotel
a young ring barer hands over the wedding rings
the couple kiss during the wedding ceremony at The Saddleworth Hotel

Hugs, Kisses and Churros!

In a break from wedding traditions the couple opted for churros instead of canapes, which their guests couldn’t get enough of!

So much so, it was incredibly hard to drag them away to make time for the group shot the couple had requested!

It was then on to capturing those natural moments I know my couples love watching back.

Including all the candid hugs, kisses and belly laughs!

Family Photos and Team Work

Family photos are a lovely way to ensure you have photos with your family and friends, but they can be a pain to organise (especially if Churros are tempting guests away haha).

But thankfully Mick Cookson is great at whizzing through them at lightening speed, so after a bit of help ushering guests over we got the few group photos ticked off.

Team work makes the dream work!

We then snuck off in to the gardens and woods to capture some moments on photo and video of them together with their Daughter as well as some couple shots.

I always like filming the little in-between moments here to capture more genuine connections and reactions!


candid video moments of guests chatting and smiling with the couple at The Saddleworth Hotel
an older lady admires the brides bouquet
a guest hugs the bride at The Saddleworth Hotel
the groom carries his flower girl daughter towards the videographer
the couple sit with their daughter on a stone bench outside The Saddleworth Hotel
a close up video still of the couple smiling at their daughter
the couple pose in the woods outside The Saddleworth Hotel
a natural laughing shot between photos of the newlyweds outside The Saddleworth Hotel

Wedding Reception at The Saddlworth Hotel

The Saddleworth Hotel is located close to Manchester and Oldham but far enough away you feel like you’re in the countryside.

Stunning views surround the venue and despite looking traditional outside with it’s stone and wooden exterior, the inside is a big contrast with modern features.

The couple opted for pale pinks and sparkle, with a hint of colour in the floral displays by the resident recommended florist, Victoria R Flowers.

On To The Wedding Speeches

The couples danced in to the main reception room as their guests cheered.

They opted for the wedding speeches to be before the meal, to get them out the way and hopefully enjoy the meal more!

The speeches were really personal and had lots of people smiling and laughing along, which always makes it lovely to film.

When I create longer edits, like this ‘Extended Highlights’ or the ‘Feature’ films, they always include ‘best bits’ from the ceremony and wedding speeches. As well as ambient audio captured on the day.

It means you can relive parts of your favourite wedding moments, without any worry of trying to fast forward to the best bits. It’s more enjoyable to watch and to share with others!

a couple laugh together during the wedding speeches at The Saddleworth Hotel
father of the bride stands to give a speeches at The Saddleworth Hotel
father of the bride stands to give a speeches at The Saddleworth Hotel
the bride laughs at her groom during his wedding speech at The Saddleworth Hotel
the groom standing to deliver his wedding speech
the best man makes the room laugh during his wedding speech
an acoustic duo perform during the wedding breakfast
guests dance and wave napkins during surprise singing waiters
friends dance and sing along with the couple during surprise singing waiters

Confetti and A First Dance…

After the meal, the venue staff ushered guests outside to make lines for a confetti shot!

After going up and down the lines to ensure everyone had the confetti out of the packets (you’ll be able to throw proper handfuls then, and it won’t get stuck in the envelope/packet) it was time for the couple to get showered in petals!

Always a fun one to film as the guests love to get very involved at making a lot of mess and ensuring the couple are covered in confetti!

It was then time for the couple to take to the floor for their first dance as Husband and Wife, choosing the classic Goo Goo Dolls song Iris.

They were soon joined on the floor by their Daughter and lots of their guests.

But my favourite moments came from capturing everyone remembering the moves to the 90’s classic ‘Reach For The Stars’. I’m sure you could spot that song from the dance moves shown in the video…

a bride and groom smile and laugh during their first dance captured by the videographer
the couple enjoy their first dance with their daughter at The Saddleworth Hotel

Natural Wedding Videography at Saddleworth Hotel

Being based in Lancashire, I get to call a lot of lovely venues like this ‘local’!

I’ve had the pleasure of filming weddings at The Saddleworth Hotel a few times since I began as a wedding videographer in 2010.

Meg and Stu booked me for their wedding here as they wanted to capture all those natural moments with their family and friends, as well as their lovely Daughter.

Your Wedding Videographer in Oldham

If you’re looking for a wedding videographer for your wedding at The Saddleworth Hotel, or another fabulous wedding venue near Oldham and Manchester, then you’ve stumbled across the right place!

If you’re keen to see a few more weddings to get an idea of my videography style take a look around more weddings around the North West, maybe find out more about me or check to see if your wedding date is available then follow the links below…

Ohh and a new one is my Top 5 Tips to help you feel more relaxed around the video camera on your wedding day too! You can get that HERE.

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