What does it take to become the ‘Best Wedding Videographer’ in the Great Northern Wedding Awards?

After a round of voting by your couples, those with the highest scores made it through as Finalists.

Little White Books, the experts behind the Great Northern Wedding Awards, state it’s more than the creative talents and work itself.

On closing the public votes and getting ready for the judging, they left a statement that sums it up perfectly…

“Thank you for voting for your favourite, most impressive wedding suppliers.

The ones that going the extra mile came naturally to, the ones that make you feel like you are the most important booking of all time, the ones that will stay friends long after your wedding day”

I’d like to think I do all that. And more…

Award Winning Videographer Dreams and Goals…

You’d think after filming weddings around the UK since 2010 I’d ticked a lot off my ‘wedding videographer bucket list’.

But one thing I’d missed out on a while back was being crowned ‘Best Wedding Videographer’ with Little White Books. In previous rounds of the awards I’d been a Finalist and even ‘Highly Commended’ but never the winner (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little gutted!)

Documentary Photography Awards and Qualifications…

After winning lots of awards and even achieving a Licentiate Qualification in Social Documentary Photography on my Family photo and video side of the business, I felt now was the time to put myself forward again for the coveted ‘Best Wedding Videographer’ award.

I should add, I have had a few awards for the wedding videography side but they didn’t mean as much as they weren’t as recognised or sought after in the wedding industry (or were ones where they wanted you to pay after for ‘badges and marketing…).

Some awards go off popularity and number of votes.

I didn’t want to compete for the amount of votes. I’d never win.

Seeing as I limit the amount of weddings I film each year, to ensure you’re all getting looked after, I’d never be able to compete with people shooting 50+ weddings a year!

In other awards I felt if it was all about more stylised videography,  so it’s hard to compete with the visual spectacles of the more cinematic styles that win everyone over.

Being More Than A Wedding Videographer (With Great Customer Service)

What I felt I WAS excellent at was customer service.

Trying to create a wonderful customer experience is definitely my thing!

Looking after my couples and ensuring they feel loved and looked after from the moment they get in touch until way after I’ve delivered their finished films/videos.

The experience I have in film-making goes right back to college and having worked in the film and TV industry, the expertise on that side is definitely there.

It takes a lot of patience, understanding and even planning to work on the customer experience side of the business.

And that’s where the Great Northern Wedding Awards come in…

As they put it, they’re after the “most impressive wedding suppliers. The ones that going the extra mile comes naturally to, the ones that make you feel like you are the most important booking of all time, the ones that will stay friends long after your wedding day”

This is where I hoped I’d excel and have a chance of winning! 😀

photo of me as a wedding videographer at a wedding

The Awards Ceremony At Ashfield House

So on a rainy Tuesday in June, all the finalists gathered at the infamous wedding venue Ashfield House for the official award ceremony.

Little White Books had planned quite the celebration that afternoon!

With welcome drinks (a raspberry lemonade for the non-drinkers like me!) and live music from Mr Wilsons Second Liners (and their megaphone!), it really started with a bang!

An amazing menu had been created just for the event by Ashfield House and we enjoyed chatting to those on our table whilst enjoying such treats for the taste buds. A personal favourite was the friend chicken and waffle on a stick!!

Excited Nerves and Practicing My (Not So) Sore Loser Face…

It was then time to make our way to the ceremony room and wait nervously for our category to be announced.

I was actually sat on a row with good friends AND competitors Bellis and Bryant and Victoria Louise Wedding Videos, as well as wedding photographer friends Olivia Whittaker Photography and Sarah Glynn Photography.


And The Winner For Best Wedding Videographer Is…

We cheered each other on (as well as winding each other up #bants) as our awards drew closer.

I LOVED seeing and hearing all the love in the room for each wedding supplier and company that were announced as winners and highly commended.

We all cheered Olivia on as she collected her ‘Best Photographer’ award, despite being adamant she wouldn’t win (she even got a ‘loser’ temp tattoo on the day and premade a loser reel on TikTok haha).

After Victoria Louise was crowned with the Highly Commended award, I didn’t think for a moment my name would be called next….but it was!

Here’s the moment in all it’s awkward glory…

Community Over Competition in Weddings

The moment was such a blur I couldn’t even remember what my ‘music’ was and I although I’d wanted to win so bad, I think I’d almost talked myself out of believing I could win!

As the host announced the end of the awards ceremony, friends congratulated other friends on winning and hugs and smiles filled the room.

It was lovely to share my win with so many amazing wedding suppliers. And even more amazing that both the winners and highly commended in photography AND videography were all female run businesses too!

Who runs the world…? 😉

female wedding videographer standing holding her best wedding videographer award
badge for the best wedding videographer 2024

Officially The Best Wedding Videographer 2024!

So there you have it, it’s now official…Love Gets Sweeter is the BEST WEDDING VIDEOGRAPHER!!

I’ve shared more from ‘behind the scenes’ during the awards over on my Instagram and TikTok

As well as learning more about the Great Northern Wedding Awards and how they choose their winners, I also hpe it’s helped you see that choosing a wedding videographer is MUCH MORE than the videos and films you see.

The best wedding videographers around the North West build long lasting businesses based their customer experience, the whole service they provide from the moment you get in touch to years after your wedding day.

Finding The Best Wedding Videographer In The North West…

If you find a wedding videographer online that you love the look of, give them a proper stalk.

See what couples are saying online, read their reviews and get an idea of how much they care on top of creating amazing wedding videos.

Wedding planning resources like Little White Books can be a great place to find genuine recommendations and the best in Northern wedding suppliers (they even have a free Facebook wedding planning group!)

After starting my business in 2010, customer service and ensuring my couples feel loved and looked after has always been my top of my list of priorities. I want to build on the trust you give me to capture your wedding so you can relax and feel safe in the knowledge you really have booked one of the best!

And now, it’s technically official that I am the best 😉


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