Is that even possible?

Getting over a fear of being filmed on your wedding day?

Being in front of the video camera when having your picture taking feels weird enough…?

If you hate the idea of being filmed, hate the idea of having cameras follow you round and certainly hate the idea of watching (or hearing) yourself back how would you ever get over that enough to go on to have your wedding day filmed?

Your Guide To Getting Over Your Fears Of Being Filmed On Your Wedding Day

If this sounds like you then this blog is perfect to help you have one less worry on your wedding day. Carry on reading the blog below but if you already know you NEED to get these tips, scroll to the bottom to fill out the form and I’ll get your guide sent over to you ASAP!

a bride and groom smile at each other during their peckforton castle wedding ceremony in front of the wedding videographer

Wedding Planning and Big Regrets

BUT, it’s true that the biggest regret of newlyweds is not having a wedding video (according to Bridebook 75% of couples go on to regret it after their wedding)!

One reason for that is usually the wedding budget. However, for a lot of people they decide not to hire a wedding videographer because they hate the idea of being filmed.

Watching themselves back. Even hearing their own voice. It’s something I can totally relate to!

a bride and groom hide their faces during a father of the bride speech at mitton hall

So why is it after the wedding day they go on to regret not having a wedding video?

For the budget savvy maybe it’s because they wished they’d realised they wanted to book a wedding videographer earlier in the planning to factor the cost in.

It can be quite the challenge to squeeze £1k> on top of the wedding budget so close to the wedding date (I should know, I had to decorate my own cake to save some pennies).

Wedding Videography For The Camera Shy

For the camera shy maybe it’s because they realise it’s much more than seeing themselves on the big (or small) screen…

My Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Videography Showreel shows off some of the moments you’ll LOVE reliving after the day.

A Wedding Video Is Much More Than Just The Two Of You…

It’s about how the day made you feel.

The nerves, the emotions, the love, the laughter and seeing all the bits you didn’t get to soak up on the day.

Seeing past all those initial wedding video worries.

Hearing yourself saying your vows during the wedding ceremony may initially feel weird but seeing your best friend fighting back the tears as you get married makes it feel irrelevant.

Or maybe your Nan smiling up at you proudly.

Or your Dad giving your Mum’s hand a squeeze as she watches you getting married.

A still from the wedding video of 'you may kiss the bride'. Guests are smiling and clapping behind them at Styal Lodge

The fear can be very real before the wedding but the fear of not being able to relive your wedding day again is also very real.

Wedding Videographer Regrets

So, how can you get over ‘the fear’ before it’s too late and you become the friend telling someone you regret not getting a wedding videographer to film your day?

Well you may be excited to hear I wrote a little guide just for you!

For the camera shy couple who are sat on the fence about having a wedding video.

For the nervous couple who really don’t want to be centre of attention.

For the couple who would love to relive their wedding day and not have to worry about whether they look comfortable in front of the camera.

This is for you.

My Top 5 tips on how to get over the fear of being filmed on your wedding day.

Something to help you see it’s about more than just the two of you (in the best possible way) and to find ways to help it go from scary to totally relaxed and maybe even enjoyable!

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