a graphic asking if you should have a wedding videographer or content creator

It seems to be the big question whilst wedding planning…

Should I hire a wedding videographer OR a wedding content creator?

In this blog I’ll share my own personal experience from hiring a wedding content creator as well as my top tips for considering both a videographer AND content creator!

So, Wedding Content Creator OR Wedding Videographer?

I get it…I imagine you think having a wedding videographer is having someone rock up with a huge camera (like the one I’m holding above) and it taking over the day?

If you’re nervous about being filmed, the idea of a huge camera following you round would be enough to not entertain the idea of having a wedding videographer at all.

But…you love the idea of being able to watch bits back from the day and so the new (ish) trend of wedding content creation could be the one for you.

After all, most just use their phones…it’s like having another guest there but someone dedicated to capturing all the best  bits.

Big Video Cameras or Small Video Phones…?

Well what if I told you that HUGE camera I’m holding was from way back in 2010-2013 and actually modern cameras allow us to capture professional 4K video in a smaller package.

I get the curiosity to compare and contrast both a wedding videographer and content creator though.

Can you get away with just one?

Do you really need both?

I was so curious about the idea I actually hired a wedding content creator myself to capture ‘Behind The Scenes’ for me as a videographer at a recent wedding!

Let’s start with two examples of highlights from the Content Creator and then the actual wedding video edited by myself…

Wedding Content – A Highlights Reel

Wedding Videographer – A Highlights Video

How The Wedding ‘Content’ Idea Came To My Attention…

Late last year I had this bold idea to have someone follow me around at a wedding, capturing some ‘behind the scenes’ content for my social media.

It was becoming a lot to try and capture my own content whilst ensuring I captured the very best moment for my couples too, so why not outsource?

I had the usual worries, like being ‘camera aware’ and worrying about what she was capturing, as well as whether it would be quite obtrusive on the day with having 2 videographers and 2 photographers already.

But another thing that came up for me was whether it was the shine off the couples wedding video seeing moments before the finished thing.

Would Having A Content Creator Take Away From A Professional Wedding Video?

Would a wedding Content Creator sharing the ‘first look’ or emotional moments of the day ruin anything I captured and shared after…?

My main concern being a professional wedding videographer was whether the initial impact of seeing your wedding video for the first time would be diluted seeing lots of phone footage before.

Those moments that years of experience have taught me to be patient and capture discreetly, key features in a wedding highlights film, are moments that everyone can’t wait to see back.

Would they even be as exciting if you’ve seen them before, just at a different angle and with a different camera…?

a video still of the couple enjoying their wedding confetti shot outside St Cuthberts Church in Churchtown

My Personal Experience Working With A Wedding Content Creator

Fast forward a few months and after a lot of research and chatting with numerous wedding content creators, I booked the lovely Bonita Content Creator for half a day for a wedding reception at Ashfield House in Lancashire.

On the day, she was friendly and attentive. Chatty yet discreet. And aware of when I was working and where she’d be best placed, not only to avoid being in the professional photo and video but to ensure she was getting great moments too.

Not only was the experience on the day wonderful, but the very next day I had my very own collection of ‘Behind The Scenes’ reels for my social media AND a folder full of video clips, should I wish to create my own content.

I can hand on heart say that it exceeded my expectations.

Bonita understood my initial worries and created great content that really showed off what I’d hoped she’d capture, moments of me being me and helping everyone feel relaxed and happy about being filmed.

Can Content Creators and Wedding Videographers Work Together?

We chatted on the day about the differences in professional wedding videography and content creators, but also what things are important to us on the day to ensure it works together well.

Things like being discreet, friendly and working around each other on a fast paced wedding day or event. How it makes a difference taking the time to understand what’s important to the couple so both the video AND the content is a reflection of their day and what’s important to them.

A lot of my couples say how they love getting drip feeds and sneak peeks of their wedding videos over the following months so how nice would it be to add to that with some little bits of phone footage?

A little teaser whilst you wait for your wedding video if you will!

Your wedding day is one of the most magical days with moments galore.

While hiring me as a professional wedding videographer is a great choice (obviously ha), pairing my expertise with a wedding content creator can elevate your wedding experience on and after the day.

I’ve created a quick list to help you consider having BOTH a wedding videographer and content creator…

Top 5 Reasons why couples should consider having both a videographer and content creator

a fun photo of a guest struggling to take a photo with their phone

1. **Comprehensive Coverage**

A professional wedding videographer specialises in capturing the essence of your day through experience, professional video equipment and storytelling.

I’ll skillfully document the highlights, from exchanging your wedding vows to the first dance, ensuring every moment is anticipated and captured in 4k professional video.

On the other hand, a wedding content creator adds a unique perspective, focusing on creating captivating visual content for social media platforms. Their expertise lies in crafting short videos that perfectly show off the fun atmosphere of your wedding day.

Together, they provide comprehensive coverage from different angles, ensuring no precious moment goes unnoticed.

Both take the pressure off you and your guests to try and capture those moments for you, so you can all relax and enjoy the day!

guests stand around to take photos of the newlyweds

2. **Diverse Content**

In today’s digital age, sharing your wedding experience with friends and family extends beyond traditional photo albums and long form videos.

Couples want diverse content that they can share across various platforms, from Instagram stories to YouTube channels.

While a wedding videographer creates a beautifully edited film that tells the story of your day that takes weeks to craft, a content creator produces bite-sized content optimised for social media sharing within 24/48hrs.

This can include teaser videos, highlight reels, and even captivating phone images that you can instantly share with everyone online, the very next day!

a videographer captures the bridesmaids first look of the bride at Stubton Hall Newark

3. **Memorable Keepsakes**

Your wedding video/film is a timeless keepsake that allows you to relive all the special moments from your day.

Likewise, the content created by a wedding content creator serves as a digital archive of your wedding memories, easily accessible and shareable with your loved ones.

Whether it’s watching your full-length wedding film with your future children or scrolling through Instagram posts reminiscing about your magical day, these keepsakes each play a part in you being able to relive your wedding day in years to come.

a video still of a couple walking out to confetti outside Wharfdale Grange

4. **Take the pressure off you and your guests**

Everyone says it…the day goes so fast!

So the very next day it’s hard not to feel desperate to see what (if anything) your guests captured for you to enjoy and help you relive the best day ever.

This is where a Content Creator can help with that instant desire to relive as much as possible the very next day.

They’re able to capture short and easily digestible pieces of video throughout the day, without the pressure of being a guest and trying to enjoy the day too. They’re there for you and you only!

Yes it’s mobile phone footage but it’s professionally captured allowing you and your guests to completely enjoy the day.

AND without the need to pester them the next day to see all the bits you missed!

videographer laughs with bride looking at content on her phone

Photo credit: EmBee Photography

5. **Collaborative Creativity**

By hiring both a professional wedding videographer and a content creator, couples benefit from the collaborative creativity of two skilled professionals.

They bring unique perspectives and expertise to the table, working together to capture every detail and emotion of your wedding day in a different way.

Myself and Bonita understand the different roles these videos will play, not only in how it’s captured but how you’ll go on to enjoy the footage after your wedding.

A professional wedding video takes time and care to create and content is meant to be fast paced and easily digested. As I’d hate to rush your beautiful wedding videos, this could be just the thing needed to help ease the wedding blues in the days that follow…

Time To Consider Both A Wedding Video and Wedding Reels?

So maybe after reading this you’d love to consider the value of preserving your wedding memories through the lens of both a professional wedding videographer and a content creator?

This is where our special collaboration comes in!

graphic showing wedding videographer and content creator offer

Love Gets Sweeter Videography x Bonita Content Creator!

And here it is, our very special collab offer!

As a Love Gets Sweeter couple, you get 10% off Bonita’s half or full day content creation package. And as a little bonus, all travel will be included too!

Dates are limited for 2024 and 2025 so please get in touch to check if your wedding date is available.

Head over to Bonita’s Instagram to get a feel of her style of work and see if she’s the wedding supplier you HAVE to book for your day!

If you’d like to chat through it some more (and don’t worry, I get that as I had questions beforehand too) then please do reach out to either myself or Bonita. We’re always happy to help!