Well hello!! You’re hopefully one step closer to feeling less ‘weird’ about being in front of a camera on your wedding day!!

Like me, you may hate the idea of being filmed or even worry about hearing yourself back?

Or maybe like my Husband, you’re not keen on the idea of having cameras following your around on your wedding day?

But at the same time, worry that you’ll regret not having a wedding video?!

Despite our initially worries and fears during our wedding planning, we are both SO glad we pushed through them enough to have our day captured on video.

photo of me as a wedding videographer at a wedding
I’m Charlene (that’s me feeling awkward in front of the camera) and I’ve been filming weddings since editing my own wedding was back in 2009.

Since then I’ve had loads of camera shy couples put their trust in me to capture their wedding and they tell me my tips REALLY helped them feel relaxed on the day.

I totally get how you’re feeling and I’m here to help you feel reassured that it’s normal (the nerves, not being filmed haha) and that there are ways to help you feel relaxed and ensure your wedding memories can be filmed without you feeling weird about it all!

If you’d love to find out my Top 5 Tips for camera shy couples on their wedding day, then download my guide below…