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The Quiet (or Chaotic) Magic of Home: Why Your Family Photoshoot Should Happen Where Your Heart Is

Professional family photoshoots are a timeless way to capture the essence of family life your loved ones. A way to hit pause, so you can relive these moments for years to come.

Traditionally, studios have been the go-to choice for these sessions, providing a controlled environment for photographers to work their magic. However, this more posed and seemingly perfect style of family photography isn’t for everyone.

Well, what it I told you that there’s another way. A hidden gem that often goes overlooked when thinking about a family photo and video shoot– your own home.

In this blog post, I want to share my top 8 reasons why your family photoshoot should take place within the comforting walls of your own home, exploring the benefits that come with this more familiar setting…



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REASON 1: The Power of Familiarity

One of the most significant advantages of having a family photoshoot at home is the power of familiarity. Home is where the heart is, and it’s also where your family’s story unfolds every day.

It also allows for a place for you to feel comfortable. A place for you to feel relaxed.

Your children’s ‘artwork’ hung in the living room, the hallway filled with muddy shoes and little coats, the laughter in the kitchen, their toys scattered across the floor – these elements create a photoshoot backdrop that is uniquely yours.

When captured in photographs, these familiar surroundings only add to a story that will resonate even more with you as the years go by.

I’m sure that like me, you’ve enjoyed pouring over old family albums?

You know the ones! With the cellophane bit you peel back and the pages starting to yellow…? It’s not just the people in those photos but it’s the whole time and place you’re taken back to!

Imagine being able to give that back to your own family when they grow older…?

family sit together to read during family session

REASON 2: Less Nerves and Authentic Connections

Stepping into a professional photography studio can be an intimidating experience, for children and adults alike. The unfamiliar setting and the awareness of being photographed can make even the most camera-loving individuals feel a bit uneasy.

However, within the comfort of your own home, those nerves tend to dissipate within moments of me being there.

Children can play freely, adults can relax on their own sofa and we can even enjoy tea and snack breaks on your own schedule!

As a result, genuine and authentic expressions and connections emerge naturally. No forced ‘smile for the lady with the camera’ or hoping they’ll ‘behave’.

The candid shots captured at home tell a story that goes beyond posed smiles, revealing the true essence and personality of your family.

family laugh together during family photo shoot in manchester

REASON 3: Getting More Personal

Your home is already full of family memories.

Each room carries it’s own unique part of your family’s story. From the marks on the wall to show how much they’ve grown, to the special reading corner you helped make in your child’s bedroom, your home offers a variety of wonderfully personal settings for your photoshoot.

These settings not only add character to your family images but also create a more meaningful photograph for you to look back on.

Whether it’s the spot where you enjoy being snuggled up to read together, or the kitchen where your favourite recipes are cooked, these parts of your home will be where the magic happens to create more personal family photos.

baby girl Freiya lays on her grey and cream play mat holding her daddys finger tightly and smiling up at him during a family newborn photography shoot with love gets sweeter in Lancashire

REASON 4: Natural Interactions

In a studio, the photographer often directs the shots, and families often find themselves posing awkwardly or ‘acting’ a lot.

I know as much as we’ve tried in shoots like this, we always spent most of the time feeling a bit put on the spot and not knowing what to do!

At home, there’s no pressure to perform – you enjoy those natural interactions that reflect the everyday magic of your family life.

Whether it’s baking cakes together, reading bedtime stories, or playing in the back garden, these authentic moments unfold effortlessly in a familiar environment. Why? Because you all feel comfortable in your favourite place!

Home photoshoots allow for genuine connections and interactions, resulting in a collection of images that truly represent your family in a candid and honest way.

a mum and dad look down at baby with some beautiful natural light at home

REASON 5: Comfortable Wardrobe Choices

Dressing up for a studio photoshoot can sometimes be a source of stress.

At home, you have the freedom to choose outfits that you like but also feel comfortable in. I actually encourage you NOT to pick matching fancy outfits!

What are the chances that the little one will decide to enjoy a poonami just before you leave the house in the outfit you’d painstakingly chosen for them…?

This is the chance to have one less thing to think about!

You can be yourselves without the pressure of adhering to a formal dress code…

a little girl leans on her hand whilst crafting at home

REASON 6: Capture Milestones in a Meaningful Context

Now this one is my favourite because I can relate to it so much with my own children! Your family home is the backdrop for numerous milestones and cherished moments.

From a baby’s first steps in the living room to the joys of early weaning in the now messy kitchen, your home is a witness to these significant life events.

Having a family photoshoot at home enables you to capture these beautiful milestones in a context that holds sentimental value.

And that value only grows over time once that moment is captured forever in photo or video.

I’m sure you know how hard they make it when you’re trying to capture those ‘firsts’ on your phone. Why not put your trust in me to capture them for you in a more meaningful and natural way?

There’s also beautiful milestones and journey’s to document, like breastfeeding. I must admit, capturing breastfeeding Mother’s in photos and video is something I’m passionate about now! It’s something I know I have struggled to capture myself as a Mother (and no-one else though to capture for me!) so I love to do it for others!

As I mentioned above, the familiar surroundings add that extra layer of depth to the photographs, making them more than just images – they become timeless mementos of your family’s journey and story as you grown together.

mum gazes at newborn baby as she breastfeeds

REASON 7: No Time Constraints

Studio sessions often come with time constraints, creating a rushed atmosphere that can leave you all feeling stressed. At home, time becomes a more flexible factor.

There’s no need to worry about a ticking clock or limited studio hours. You can take breaks, allow for spontaneous moments, and capture the ebb and flow of your family’s daily life without feeling rushed.

I will only ever book one family shoot in each day to ensure that if things don’t quite go to plan or we need to take a few more breaks and slow down, we have the time and space to do this.

This unhurried approach results in a more relaxed and enjoyable photoshoot experience for you and enables me to capture more candid moments of you!

a little girl looks closely at a plant during photoshoot at home

REASON 8: Adaptable to Various Weather Conditions

Outdoor photoshoots can be unpredictable, especially when at the mercy of weather conditions in the UK (and more so in the North of England!).

In-home photoshoots eliminate this concern. Rain or shine, you’re in an environment where your family can enjoy themselves without worrying about the wind and rain.

With my longer sessions, we even have the flexibility of heading out if the weather clears. Sometimes us adults need to get out as much as the little ones do! It’s all about keeping things as relaxed and flexible as I can for you to enjoy simply hanging out together.

This is my way to ensure a more stress-free experience, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store!

Click play below to see a video showing off some of the most beautifully natural and honest family photos and video I’ve captured for families like yours around Lancashire, Cheshire and the rest of the UK…


Conclusion: Your Home Is The BEST Place For Your Family Photo and Video shoot

In conclusion, the best place for a family photoshoot isn’t always a professional studio – sometimes, it’s right where your heart is, within the walls of your own home.

The familiarity and having your home comforts to hand help ease any nerves about having a camera around to capture your family life.

If you feel more relaxed, I can capture those natural interactions I know you’d love to see (with you in the photo for a change!).

This sort of magic can only truly unfold during an in-home photoshoot.

So, consider the cosy corners of your living room, the laughter echoing in the hallways, and the warmth of your kitchen – because within these walls lies the story of your family, waiting to be beautifully captured in photographs and video that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Have a look around my website to find out more about my relaxed and candid style of family photography and videography using the buttons below.

If you’re already feeling this is the right style of family session for you then I’d LOVE to hear from you.

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