Let’s Celebrate Your Breastfeeding Journey So Far…

Every year in August sees ‘National Breastfeeding Awareness Month’ where families from all over the world get to share their stories and support other Mum’s on their breastfeeding journey. No matter what it looks like.

I went on to breastfeed Paisley until she was 4.

4 years, not months.

Something I never imagined when I was first pregnant and hoping to breastfeed when she was born.

And I’ll readily admit that I was one to think feeding past infancy seemed a little odd and something I didn’t plan to do.

Little did I know that 4 weeks soon turns to 4 months when you have great support and your confidence grows.

4 years and beyond sort of just happens in a blink of an eye. Anyone breastfeeding a toddler or older child will confirm!

Documenting My Own Breastfeeding Journey – My One Regret

Looking back I really wish I’d taken more photos. And I mean proper photos, not breastfeeding selfies!

I have only a handful Lee had taken. From far flung beaches to public transport, they do mark personal goals I achieved on my own breastfeeding journey.

So this is why I LOVE documenting other Mother’s breastfeeding stories and journeys. Not only to capture those connections and moments between you and your child but also so you have something to treasure and not regrets like I do!

Whether that’s documenting those early newborn feeds or like me you’ve amazed yourself by making it to gymnastic toddler feeds and beyond, let me capture it for you…


Candid, Natural Breastfeeding Photography

a little girl looks up at the camera whilst breastfeeding during a family photo shoot at home in Lancashire
Mum looks down at baby breastfeeding in Lancashire
candid photo of mum breastfeeding daughter at home

Would You Love A Photo (Or Two) Of You Breastfeeding…?

I know I wish I had more breastfeeding photos of myself and Paisley.

I only have a handful of natural photographs (ignoring the odd selfie) of her feeding and our breastfeeding cuddles, despite it going on for 4 years!

I know a lot of Mum’s go on to wish they had more photos, or at least one amazing one that captures it better than they could with their phone.

It’s a moment that is so full of connection and emotion but I know for some it can feel scary sharing your success and love for it, never mind inviting a stranger to capture such an intimate moment of you both.

Natural Breastfeeding Photography

My discreet and relaxed approach to documentary family photography allows me to capture honest and natural moments of not only family life but your breastfeeding journey too.

I know it can feel exhausting yet equally rewarding at times.

I also know how reassuring it can be looking back at these moments to be reminded of how far you’ve come as a breastfeeding mother.

I want you to feel SO proud of getting to where you are with breastfeeding your baby or child, no matter the journey.

No judgement, and certainly no posing. Just a beautiful way to celebrate and enable you to have more than the odd selfie saved in your phone!


As a breastfeeding peer supporter and a Mum who breastfed her daughter until she was 4 I’m really passionate about sharing positive stories and supporting Mum’s on their own breastfeeding journey.

I’m also passionate about helping Mum’s celebrate their breastfeeding journey and having something to help remember it and be proud of.

No awkward posing or studio pressures, being somewhere you feel happy and comfortable!

Document Your Breastfeeding Journey In Photos

You could opt for a short 1 hour ‘Sweet Taster’ session or embrace a full family session (2-3 hour or full ‘Day In The Life’).

The taster is perfect to have a feel for my more relaxed style of family photography.

However I’d always encourage the longer sessions so you can embrace documenting real family life. Not only your breastfeeding journey but also what family life looks and feels for you right now.


award winning breastfeeding photo of mum and daughter
baby girl being comforted by mum
natural photo of older child breastfeeding with mum

Natural Family Photography in Lancashire

We know it isn’t all about beautiful light, soft skin and beautiful breastfeeding photographs in golden fields.

Real motherhood and real breastfeeding can look like a lot of things. 

From milk stained clothes to toddler feeding gymnastics. The nosy feeding age or the fun toddler years of having your top pulled up at any moment.

It can be fun yet relaxed but it can also be overwhelming and tiring. I’m here to document real moments for you to relive in a honest and caring way.

Feel free to take a look around my website, I highly recommend taking a look at the Family Photography and Films homepage if you haven’t been yet!

If you’d like to find out a little more about my family photography and videography in the mean time then do give me a follow on my Instagram page and my Facebook page (you’ll be first to hear about any other offers I do as well!).

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