There are SO many milestones to capture along the way that it’s hard to know when is the perfect time to have your very own family photo shoot (or family photography session as I call it).

You know, it’s now.

I think we can spend so long waiting for the perfect time it becomes too late when we realise there is no perfect time. The time is now!

So let me introduce you to Robyn and her family.

a girl holds her mums hand as she crouches down with dad to chat during a family photography shoot in their garden in Hale near Manchester

Her Mum came to me after being recommended to me by Sara and Sarah from her NTC group (yey) and was nervous about their new family home looking a bit ‘retro’ because they’d not had time to redecorate.

I’m SO glad they decided to go ahead regardless because it meant I was able to hang out with them and capture not only some very cute family moments but also a HUGE milestone for Robyn…

Her first steps!

If you’re wondering what all the fuss is about then let me share a few of my favourite moments with you from their family session at their home in Hale…

Real Life Family Photography – Award Winning Documentary Photographer Cheshire

Spending around 2-3 hours with you not only allows me to capture lots of family moments in both photos and video but it also means you guys have time to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

a close up of a girl holding her Dads hand during a outdoor family photoshoot near manchester

a little girl leans to touch the new snowdrops growing in the garden with her Mum during a relaxed family photo and video shoot

a photo taken at distance through a garden chair of a young family playing in the garden in hale

a little girl sits on her dads shoulders during an outdoor family shoot

a mum points one way and her daughter another as they decide where to explore next during an outdoor family photoshoot in Hale

a little girl looks intently at a plant in the garden during a family photo and video shoot near Manchester

As nice as I am I know when I bring a camera in to the mix it’s easy to suddenly worry about what to do or how to look!

I want you to feel relaxed. To feel like I’m a new friend who’s come to hang out and chat for a bit, maybe enjoy a (rare) cup of hot(ish) tea and I just happen to have a camera with me.

No posing.

No feeling awkward.

It’s simply me capturing you guys being you.

baby girl peers over the bath with her wet curly blonde hair during a relaxed documentary family photo shoot at their home in Hale near Manchester

a baby girl reaches out for the camera as she gets dried off with a pink towel after her bath at home in Hale

a little girl gazes up towards her dad with her big blue eyes whilst holding a ball. Captured by Love Gets Sweeter family photography and videography in lancashire

a black and white documentary style relaxed family photo in the living room as they play together during a family shoot in Hale

a little girl leans on the sofa and points at the rain outside the window during a family photo shoot at their home in hale

Sounding a little too ‘easy’?

Well feel free to get in touch so I can share my brochure with you and help you decide if this more ‘alternative’ approach to capturing family life may actually be perfect for you.

You can also have a nosy around my website because that may help you get a better feel for what I do and what families love about the photos I capture for them…