Capturing your growing family is the perfect way to slow things down a little. Enabling you to press pause here and there and capture life as it is right in the moment.

As a family photographer documenting family life for families around Cheshire it’s always a pleasure to be invited back to document another big family milestone. 

Sometimes that’s to photograph a family birthday or a newborn milestone but for Sarah, Pete and Tom it was about capturing a little bit of life before they went from a family of 3 to a family of 4…

Bump Photography – Family Photographer Cheshire

Oh Charlene it’s just so beautiful! How could I ever possibly pick between them, they’re all amazing!! Crying over here! Thank you so much! Will have to watch it over and over again to see if I can even try and pick my favourites out!

Sarah and Pete

Natural Family Photography and Film – Cheshire

I’ve had the pleasure of capturing natural moments for in photos and film for families all around Cheshire and the North West.

My experience as a professional natural family photographer allows me to slow down, observe and document those real family moments you may not even realise mean so much to you now but will only grow in value as your family grow up.

The every day, the moments of calm and even those moments of chaos.

Nothing staged, simply documenting a little bit of your family life so you have something honest and genuine to look back on instead of posed photos that remind you of the time you felt awkward in front of the camera!

Instead you’ll be reminded of the way they leaned on you when you read a book together.

The way they used to always stick their tongue out when they’re concentrating.

The way they made you laugh and look them in a way that passes by in the blink of an eye.

The ‘gentle’ hands saying hi to your baby bump (watch their family film to the end to see why it wasn’t so gentle….)

Real Family Moments – Family Videography Cheshire

Genunie Connections – Family Photography and Video

It’s those genuine connections between you all that are so wonderfully captured if you put your trust in me to capture a little bit of family life at home.

Having the combination of both photographs and video is something that can only be appreciated once the moments have passed, they’ve grown up and you realise how fast it all really went….

natural light child portrait from family photographer in cheshire
fun photo of pregnant mum and older son laughing in Cheshire family shoot
pregnant mum reads book during family photoshoot
mum recreates monster in book fun photo
child leans on dad reading during family photography shoot
natural family photograph of boy reading to bump
mum and child read in tipi during family photoshoot in sale
natural photo of dad with son in bedroom

Favourite Things – Natural Family Photographer Cheshire

Sarah, Pete and Tom live over in Sale, Cheshire.

As you can see, Tom really loved his stories. He had his own toddler bookcase full of wonderful picture books. He was very particular about which books he wanted to enjoy with his parents during the time I was hanging out with them capturing some of their family moments. We heard ‘no’ and ‘not that one’ a LOT haha.

The pictures are fun, show off a bit of his cheeky personality (which I LOVE) but it’s the family video that really brings this moment back to life.

Because I’m filming as well as capturing still moments with my photography I’m also able to capture things like him ‘reading’ his favourite story too.

That wonderful stage where they can’t quite read their books yet but know their favourite stories off by heart so read along with you. Still one of my favourite stages looking back as a Mum so something I’m always excited to capture for other parents too!

Being a natural family photographer it’s all about real moments like these!

during family photoshoot boy blows bubbles
dad and toddler laugh during family photoshoot
candid photo of pregnant mum on birthing ball with son
son cuddles in to mum and bump during photoshoot
candid photo of son and dad making lunch
mum and son share orange at home
child kisses mums bump photograph
cheshire family at home for natural photoshoot
mum places hand on growing bump in cheshire
mum and son laugh on sofa during natural photoshoot

Growing Family – Bump to Baby Photography

I had the pleasure of capturing life for Sarah and Pete back when Tom was around 8-9months old (you can see that here). All the jumperoo, new baby led weaning tastes and family cuddles you could wish for!

They’ve since moved house to allow a little more room for their family to grow up in Sale, Cheshire.

This time it’s all about documenting the ‘bump to baby’ journey with a full year of family photography and film sessions to document this journey going from a family of 3 to a family of 4! Pregnancy and the growing bump, through to newborn and early years and all the baby milestones in-between.

I call it The Sweetest Year. So whether that’s your newborn baby’s first year or it’s just a year that you want to capture, it’s a great way of being able to take the pressure of documenting it all yourself and having memories that you get to be a part of too!

Being able to document family life, big milestones and growing families is not only for right now but for the future. For your children growing up and even the future generations of grandkids and great grandkids!

Imagine them having physical memories that have been saved of family life way back when…?

close up photo of baby bump and older sibling
candid moment of mum and child cuddling
dad swings child upside down for fun photo

Booking Your Natural Family Photoshoot in Cheshire

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing what a natural family photoshoot inside your home could look like.

Isn’t it refreshing to see real family moments over posed ones? 

If your family is settled in Cheshire or the North West and you love the idea of having a little bit of family life documented like this get in touch!

It’s really simple to book me as your family photographer with a simple session fee deposit and signed booking form. We can then chat ideas and ideal dates to get your home photoshoot booked in.

After the shoot you then have the flexibility of seeing all your family photos and film before deciding what you’d love to keep!

Find out more about that on my family photography pricing page. Family session fees start from £100 for a ‘taster’ session.

I’d love to hear more about what family life looks like for you right now and what you’d love to capture in candid photos and video.

Family Photography Prices – Cheshire Photographer

If you’d love to find out more about my family photography and videography prices, my approach and what other familes have to say first then you’d love a copy of my family brochure!

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