Newborn Photography At Home

The house is a mess. Baby gifts, clothes and all the essentials lay around the living room at home.

But you’re too busy soaking up those newborn feeds and getting used to life with a tiny human.

The last thing you want to do is leave the house for a newborn photoshoot.

Plus, you’ve realised that you’re not keen on the posed baby portraits anyway!

Did you know you can enjoy capturing these early newborn days and weeks from the comfort of your own home…?

But, surely the house is too messy and you’re stuck to the sofa feeding a baby?

What could a professional family photographer possibly find ‘photo worthy’ in these early newborn days…?

Natural newborn photography from the comfort of your own home is the perfect way to really capture how life feels with a newborn.

The perfect way for you to relive those feelings over and over again with beautiful, natural moments captured forever in family photos and video.

I’m a huge advocate of Mothers enjoying their 4th trimester and being looked after, it’s why I encourage you to consider welcoming me in to your family home so there’s no pressure on you to do anything other than feed and cuddle your new baby.


Candid, Natural Newborn Photography and Videography

Real, Natural Newborn Photography

Googling ‘Natural Newborn Photography’ we’re met with lots of traditional posed baby photos, wicker baskets and soft sheets.

And, not a parent in sight.

I imagine you’ve come to this page because you spotted that this wasn’t all about posing but seemed to capture natural family moments instead?

For me, natural family photography isn’t posed photos or studio portraits.

There’s nothing ‘natural’ in being asked to stand a certain way and making you feel awkward.

In fact, there’s no input or direction from me at all, I want to capture you as you are (and ensure you feel relaxed)!

This style of natural newborn photography is about ‘real’ moments of you all at home, enjoying that newborn bubble that doesn’t last long.

Having nothing to think about, no need to ‘perform’ and certainly no need to consider tidying up or getting dressed up for the occasion.

I want to help you capture what this moment feels like for you right now…

close up photo of newborn baby holding Mums finger
natural photo of mother breastfeeding on her sofa at home
natural photograph of a newborn baby breastfeeding
documentary photo of polaroid photo of mum on sofa
mum looks at daughters photo with her polaroid camera

Whether this is your first baby or I’m capturing life with a new sibling, I know that getting ready for a photoshoot is the last thing a parent needs in those early weeks.

With our terrible parental support in the UK it’s likely you or your partner only have a short paternity/maternity leave together so the window to capture these early days as a family is small.

I know it’s recommended to photograph and film newborn babies when they’re under 3 weeks so they’re all cuddly and can be posed.

But for me, it’s about you.

I want to ensure that despite feeling sleep deprived and overwhelmed with this new love and responsibility, you’re in the photos together too.

Document Those Newborn Days in a Natural Way

Erianna was a teeny 10 days old when I arrived on a chilly day at their home in North Wales.

Her big Sister Cadie was incredibly excited to show her off to me, as well as show off her own photography skills with her new Polaroid camera.

The morning was just a typical day at home together.

Even Minnie their gorgeous dog wanted to ensure she was cuddling up to her new baby human too.

Sleepy newborn feeds, cuddles and Lego. With Eri being passed around like only a second child can!

I loved observing how they were all settling in to their new life as a family of 4 and capturing moments to help them see how incredibly precious this time is.

 EVERYONE will tell you these days go fast. But they really do.

So now’s the time to document it so you can relive them forever…

I’m in tears. These are so beautiful and so real !!!!!!!  

Everyone I’ve shown has said the same. It’s like I’ve been able to bottle this newborn bubble to keep forever!

Going to put it on the big TV with Cadie in the morning and hopefully I can see better as my vision was obscured by tears to pick my favourites but loved every minute!!!!

Just wow wow wow.

We can’t thank you enough!

Sarah and Mike

dad holds baby whilst dog sits in the babys cot
dad holds baby in his hands during family photoshoot
wide photo of a family living room with a 10 day old baby and older sister
candid photo of mum looking at baby during photoshoot
older sibling holds their new baby sister on the sofa
natural black and white photo of older sibling cuddling baby
photo looking down on a family and their dog cuddling the new baby
big sister cuddles her baby sister on the sofa
a natural light photo of a sleeping newborn in mums arms
natural photo of a baby sleeping in her mothers arms at home
close up photo of little dog cuddling up to Mum and baby
natural family photo playing on the living room floor
creative photo of baby through his Dads arms
newborn baby lays on Daddys knee
candid relaxed photo of newborn baby asleep on dad playing lego
baby smiles in their sleep for the family photographer
big sister pulls a funny face taking in their new baby sister
Mum cuddles sleepy newborn baby and looks up at their dog
mother holds a sleeping baby and plays with her older child at home
natural photo of a girl dancing in front of newborn baby cards
a baby breastfeeds during a photoshoot at home
grogu baby yoda sits in the baby cot during family shoot

Natural Family Photography at Home

Using natural light and simply photographing and filming your ‘every day’, I can help you bottle up this newborn bubble to remember forever.

It may feel messy and unknown and you may worry you won’t have enough going on to invest in having a family photographer over.

But, I promise you that once you see your own newborn bubble back…you’ll feel like Sarah and Mike did when they saw theirs for the first time too.

I take the pressure off that you don’t even have to commit to buying allllll the photos or the family video beforehand.

Let me show you what I can capture before you make any big decisions.

Let me help you see what incredible parents you are.

To pause this newborn whirlwind.

And to give you something your children will treasure as they grow because they see you ALL in those amazing moments together.

Fancy finding out more?

Get in touch to check my availability and my family photography and film brochure!

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