Things To Do With The Family In Lancashire

When I’d make plans for things to do with the kids around Lancashire, a visit to the Lancashire Nature Reserve called Brockholes would usually be on the list.

With its floating village, cafe and restaurant full of yummy homemade food (and delicious hot chocolate for those colder family adventures) and lots of walks ending at the play area it was always a good day out for the family.

Free Events and Being Out In Nature

A stunning wetland and woodland nature reserve near Preston, home to scores of rare bird species, Brockholes is the perfect outdoor day out with the family.

It’s even unique with a floating visitor village, the first and only one in the UK!

One thing I didn’t think would bring me there was the North West Reptile Club meeting. And being one of the members helping host the Meet and Greet!

A ‘Meet and Greet’ At Brockholes Nature Reserve

Here’s a little insight in to a North West Reptile Club ‘Meet and Greet’ at Brockholes Nature Reserve (near Preston, Lancashire), to inspire you to plan a visit there one day.

I hope to show you how wonderful it is to see families come in a little hesitant but leave with the BIGGEST smiles on their faces…

a child covers her face with excitement as she's shown a snake
a little girl leans in to see a snake close up at Brockholes
a boy gasps as he looks at a royal python at a reptile meet and greet

A Child’s Love of Reptiles and Snakes…

Let me go back a little and explain how a non reptile owning parent ended up being a member of a local reptile club.

For Paisley’s 7th birthday party she opted for an Encanto theme and that included choose PM reptiles to visit and show off his snakes.

She fell in love with Casper (a well named white snake) but her favourite from that day is still Shoestring the African House Snake.

She was so in love with being around the snakes she used her own birthday money to join the North West Reptile Club for a year.

This meant she could come to all the meet and greets as a member and enjoy learning all about the other members reptiles and exotic animals.

Joining The North West Reptile Club As A Family

From her first meeting she’s really taken to helping members of the public feel comfortable and confident being around the snakes. She even managed to convince a lady who had arrived with a fear of snakes to stroke one.

For an then 7 year old, her patience and understanding of that situation was wonderful to see.

Since joining the North West Reptile Club Paisley’s confidence with the animals has really grown and she loves sharing this new knowledge and passion with the Brockholes visitors!

And I know that seeing the children’s respond to the hands on experiences are just one reason these free reptile events at Brockholes prove to be so popular.

We see many families with children of all ages come back month after month!

A girl excitedly holds an African House Snake at a reptile club
a family with 2 boys look nervous about a reptile at Brockholes
a toddler looks on as a snake is taken out of its box
Phil the chairman of the NW Reptile club helps a child hold a snake
a documentary photo of children at a reptile event at Brockholes
a young boy reaches up to stroke a snake
phil mellor holds a bright green snake at Brockholes
a boy strokes a bearded dragon at Brockholes
a bearded dragon sits on a shoulder looking out to the water at Brockholes
a wide room shot of the North West Reptile Club meet and greet at Brockholes near Preston
a long queue forms outside the NW reptile club meet at Brockholes

Having Fun Photographing Families At Brockholes Events

Families arrive curious but hesitant.

There’s usually one reptile enthusiastic member followed by someone who’s nervous or unsure about being around them. By the end of the visit you’ll usually find them holding the snakes and reptiles and taking lots of photos to show how ‘brave’ they’ve been.

Some even leave as members of the club too!

Candid and Natural Family Event Photography

Being a professional family photographer as well as a member meant I couldn’t resist but taking my camera to an event at Brockholes to capture the wonder, excitement and occasional nerves that make these public meet and greets so special.

I LOVE documenting real family life as part of my usual Documentary Family Photography so capturing all these genuine and honest moments at this Brockholes event was so much fun!

Heres a collection of some of my favourite moments captured at a Brockholes weekend event.

I hope it inspires you and your family to pay a visit one weekend or over the summer!

a candid photo of a boy enjoying holding a snake
a royal python twists round the arm of a North West Reptile club member
a family lean over a exotic animal box at Brockholes
a mum looks up at the camera as her daughter holds a snake eyes wide
a young girl looks nervous as she gets close to a snake at Brockholes
A young girl holds a reptile as dad takes a photo
two boys reach out to touch a snake
A family enthusiastically pet a corn snake
a boy looks up at a snake
a candid photo of a nervous boy holding a snake for the first time
a baby reaches out to stroke a snake at Brockholes
a boy smiles as he holds a snake with a NW reptile club member
two kids smile at a royal python being displayed at Brockholes

Visiting Brockholes With The Family

Situated just off the M6 near Preston, it’s easy to get to from the surrounding areas in the North West like Manchester and Cheshire too.

With free entry, all you pay for is your parking (which helps with their ongoing work around the Nature Reserve!).

If you head to the Brockholes Events page you’ll see they have lots of things on to do as a family. From ‘Nature Tots’ and Pram Walks to School Holiday family trails and even Wedding Fayres!

The North West Reptile Club Around Lancashire and The North West

The North West Reptile Club currently meet every month at Brockholes near Preston and more details can be found on their Facebook pages (Brockholes and North West Reptile Club) or website here.

They also attend charity events throughout the year giving you lots of opportunities for hands on experiences with their members reptiles and exotic animals! They’re all about promoting the welfare and wellbeing of exotic animals, including snakes and it’s great to start the learning young!

If you’d love the idea of capturing real moments like these at your family event to really promote what they’re like to potential visitors then do get in touch!¬†

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