There’s never the ‘perfect’ time to have a family session. To invite a professional family photographer over to your family home and hope everyone behaves.

The house will never be tidy enough (is it ever?). The decorating never quite gets finished.

They’ll always be another excuse and then before you know it, years have passed and you long to have those professional photo and video memories to look back on!

“The photos are gorgeous!!!

There’s some absolute crackers in there so we are delighted.

Cannot wait to see the rest of the gallery! I can’t believe there’s more to come.”

Fun and ‘Relaxed’ Family Photography and Videography in Cheshire

This realisation of potentially leaving it so long she’d miss all the moments of her boys growing up was the reason Sarah got in touch with me about their own family photos and video. Only a few days before her son’s first birthday, she was keen to see if I was free to come and get some more candid photos and video of them at home celebrating…

Here’s their very own family photography session ‘best bit’s photoslideshow for you to enjoy…


An Alternative Style of Family Photography

On a rainy weekday I was welcomed in to their gorgeous home in Great Sankey near Warrington (Cheshire) and before I even got my camera out I got to hear all about their current love of Space and cars and how poor George was having an early nap after a very exciting birthday party the day before.

A home session works beautifully rain or shine, winter or summer! It’s perfect because it’s the place you feel most comfortable and everything you or your children could need is within reach.

So Rory and Fraser got to show me their playroom and get their Mum and Dad involved in a game of Hungry Hippos before the birthday boy joined us after his morning nap.

Enjoy A Family Photo Shoot In Your Own Home

There’s something really relaxing about having a family photo shoot at home.

Not just for me as the photographer (it’s so nice chatting, drinking tea and getting to know the family) but also for the family because it’s in the environment you feel most comfortable in.

The kids had access to all their favourite toys to show off and the parents didn’t need to worry about forgetting anything important or panic about George’s nap time being earlier and eating in to the photography and video session time.

Everyone soon relaxed in to enjoying some family time together and I got to capture some lovely moments and connections between everyone as they simply got to enjoy being themselves.

There’s also no disappointment if it does rain the whole day. No cancelling photoshoots due to weather or risk of muddy bums and no stress of rescheduling in the hope for a better day.


Documentary Family Photographer – Cheshire, UK

Documentary family photography and videography is more natural, more ‘candid’ that studio sessions.

No posing, no asking you do anything other than being yourselves. As much as we, as parents, try to lead our kids in to do things that may be fun for the camera they always want to do their own thing so I love to encourage that.

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard ‘what about doing thing together’ for it to be ignored as they find something else to play with!

Yep, it may get a little silly and chaotic at times but isn’t that what real family life at home is like…?


Whether it’s a moment of calm enjoying a new book together to it’s racing around the kitchen being ‘crazy’. Let me be there to capture a little bit of your every day so you can enjoy a little bit of their crazy and be in the photos and video too.

Relax (as much as you’re able) and enjoy this rare time all together.

No need to perform for the camera or tell the children to smile for ‘the nice lady photographer’ (because that’s not awkward…)

Think of it like a friend coming to hang out and they just happen to be a really good photographer with a camera and knows how to capture those natural moments you’ve always wanted of yourself.

As well as capturing family moments like these forever in a photograph I also film little bits too. I then create you your very own family film alongside your photography!

I think most family aren’t so sure on the video at first but it goes on to be something they really treasure. You can’t even comprehend how wonderful it is seeing and hearing family life until you get to enjoy your own…

Your Every Day – Family Videography in Cheshire


If you’re after an alternative style of family photography that is more fun, more ‘you’ then you’ve stumbled across the right place.

If you’d like to find out more about my family sessions, pricing, collections and ‘packages’ then do get in touch. I’d love to share more with you…

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