Top 3 Reasons For Wedding Video Regrets!

Have you been told by friends and family they regret not having a professional wedding videographer? That they wish they could watch the day back as it went so fast…?

Did they have a friend film it and they were disappointed with the quality of the final video?

Maybe in a panic they booked someone on a budget and were let down?

Did they decide they didn’t want one and now they’re married they realise they regret not fitting a wedding videographer in to their budget?

Hearing all their thoughts on wedding films and videographers, are you rethinking your decision on whether to book a wedding videographer?

Well, I wrote this wedding blog for you!

Let a few of my past couples share their newlywed wisdom with you….

3 Reasons We NEARLY Didn’t Book A Wedding Videographer…

Here are their 3 top reasons why they nearly didn’t have a wedding videographer but how they thankfully found me and now have a wedding video they love…

“If I’m honest I wasn’t even thinking of booking a videographer!”

Sarah and Peter

“We totally had concerns about spending money on the videography as neither of us really wanted to actually be filmed!”

Emma and Andrew

According to popular wedding planning website and app Bridebook over 75% of couples go on to regret not having a wedding video.

You’ve possibly stumbled across my blog post because you’re wedding planning and you’re worried you may go on to regret not having a wedding video too but you’re still processing your own pro’s and con’s.

You’re not alone.

I’d say MOST couples have had worries about having a wedding videographer film their day (including myself and my husband, you can read more about that on my About Me page!).

In fact in over 10 years of being a wedding videographer I can recall only a handful of couples who have said video was a priority from the moment they started planning their wedding. Most spend a lot of time chatting with me to decide what’s right for them.

Most of the couples you see laughing and being all natural in front of my camera in the wedding film below told me they were nervous about being filmed. You wouldn’t know that though, would you?

“When William suggested getting a wedding videographer I wasn’t keen. I didn’t like the thought of seeing and hearing myself on a DVD.

I also thought we would never watch it so what would be the point.”

Kate and William

“I always said I wouldn’t have a wedding video.

This was based on my idea it would be a constant rolling image of the day picking up my most unflattering angle and us having to say awkward things to the camera, being asked to recreate scenes over and over again.”

Clare and Paul

These are all honest words from real couples who actually booked me as their wedding videographer, despite those inital nerves and worries.

Below are a few of the common reasons you may decide NOT to have a wedding videographer for your wedding day along with some (hopefully) helpful and honest comments from REAL couples who have been where you are now…


We already have a wedding photographer, do we need a wedding videographer?

For 9 out of 10 couples wedding photography is a priority. We felt strongly about having great wedding photos too and really invested in someone experienced!

So if you’ve booked an amazing wedding photographer that you love, is there really a need for a wedding videographer too?

Well in my totally biased opinion as a wedding videographer, yes! They offer something totally different and a video really brings all those moments back to life for you.

But don’t take my word for it, lets here from some other couples…

videographer photographer team filming bride and groom at outdoors wedding

“I’m really pleased that I fought my corner and so is Gary because we love it.

It’s easy to show people a snapshot of our wedding without boring them with hundreds of photos.

I also feel that the video adds something more because it captures the mood, ambience and atmosphere of the whole day.”

Siobhan and Gary

“My husband Iwan was against it as he doesn’t like to be videoed but I pushed for it.

I would advise all brides to do it. You seriously don’t want any regrets, you can show them to your future children!

You cannot relive the day just through photos, videos offer a different experience!”

Weinee and Iwan

“When I speak to others planning their wedding, I always say please please please have it filmed. Your photographs tell the story but your wedding film captures so much more.

I don’t think you can really put a price on it.

Our wedding film really is one of our treasured possessions.”

Clare and Paul


Will we even watch our wedding video again…? 

If you worry about watching your wedding video back, I hear you. Even to this day I really struggle listening to my own voice on camera. You’d never guess that seeing me chatting away on my Instagram stories but it’s true!

I hate it so much I actually edited out my wedding vows of my own wedding video because I didn’t want to hear my voice. Now we have a daughter to share these memories with, I MASSIVELY regret doing that as she’ll never hear me say my vows.

However, my wedding highlights video is totally different.

On my own wedding highlights video it’s not about me.

It’s about EVERYONE else.

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing it is watching everyone having the best time celebrating with you on your wedding day. Hand on heart, I saw past all my weird personal issues with seeing myself on camera once I saw the whole video put together.

Despite me saying all this during their wedding planning some couples still feel super nervous about being filmed after booking me.

Thankfully there’s a perfect approach for this. Booking a wedding videographer that is not only filming in an unobtrusive, discreet way (also know as ‘Reportage’ or ‘Documentary’) but also finding someone who is friendly and approachable so you know you’ll all feel really relaxed and comfortable around them.

Here are a few honest words from the newlyweds…

“As soon as we received our highlight video he instantly regretted his comment (about having friends film it instead) and watched it for the 50th time!

We would tell our friends to highly prioritise a videographer as it captured the best day of our lives that we and our family and friends can watch over and over again.”

Jess and Ste

“Every time I watch the DVD it brings back all those excited and nervous emotions I had on the day.

It is such a special memento to have and it has its own place on the shelf for everyone to see. We have watched it on many occasions and especially enjoy watching it with other wedding guests and reminiscing.

I can’t wait to be able to share with Fred and any other children we may have in the future.”

Kate and William

“I’m relieved we spent money on a good videographer and photographer, it’s only after you realise that once the day is done these and memories are all that’s left.

We’ve both said that the money that went on these two was the money best spent.”

Sherie and Jonathan


We don’t really have the budget for a wedding videographer…

Ah the challenges of the wedding budget. Our spreadsheet changed a million times!

There’s no right and wrong when it comes to how to allocate your budget during the wedding planning. After all, we all have a budget to work to, we value different things and it’s really hard to make it all work!

But it does help to be flexible and finding suppliers who can help that flexibility too.

We learnt the hard way after trusting those wedding magazine budget calculator things… turns out you need a lot more than £600 for an experienced photographer. We ended up investing nearly 3x more on someone we felt was right for us.

Fitting A Wedding Video Into Your Budget

If you fall in love with someone’s work but they’re way out of budget there may be a way to make it work.

 – You could either go back to the drawing board and maybe jiggle that wedding budget around to make it fit?

 – You could ask them if they do any smaller wedding video packages that may suit your budget?

 – Maybe they even have a way to offer a way of being flexible by splitting the costs or helping you add things on after the wedding?

There is usually a way to make it work if you feel you need to and it can help you avoid those wedding regrets after your big day!

Is A Professional Wedding Videographer Worth The Money…?

If you’re debating the wedding video subject much closer to your wedding then the budget question will be a serious one.

So why is it worth spending the money on a great professional wedding videographer?

I think these couples explain it a little better than I ever could…

“We love our film so much and I’m so pleased we made sure it was in our budget.

It also holds a very special place as since our wedding day my step dad has passed away and it is the only recording we have of his voice and him enjoying the day, so Hugo will be able to know what his Granda’s voice sounded like.

That means so much.”

Hannah and Trevor

“The husband thought it was a lot of money for someone to stand there with a video camera and asked could one of our family or friends could do it.”

Jess and Ste

“I did have concerns regarding cost but having spoken to people and researched a lot on the internet it seemed to be the one thing that was a real necessity.”

Kathleen and Matt

“Looking back, I can’t believe we only wanted a video for dad…. and I am so glad you were there while I was getting ready. I actually look comfortable in front of the camera!!

You know I was adamant I didn’t want to be videoed but as soon as I saw you filming Marella (my daughter) it became massively important to me to capture those moments and for Ian to see them too.”

Gemma and Ian

Don’t Want To Regret Not Having A Wedding Video…?

See, you’re not alone when it comes to debating if you should have a wedding video or not!

If you’re worried you may add to that Bridebook stat about regretting not having a video to relive your wedding then I’d love to help.

Book in to have a no pressure, totally informal and friendly chat with me! I’d love to hear about your wedding plans but more importantly, I encourage you to ask me alllll the questions and allow me to help you work out if having your day filmed would be great for you.

I’m always more than happy to chat through any concerns, thoughts or debates you and your partner may be having about adding a wedding video to the list.

If like me you’re worried about being filmed on your wedding day you may LOVE this other blog I created HERE. It’s all about ‘Wedding Video Worries’, with some helpful tips to help you get over your fear of being filmed. 

Book In To Chat AND Get Your Wedding Videography Brochure

Fancy finding out more about my style and how it could help capture natural moments from your wedding day?

Let’s book in a chat and I can send you over a copy of my wedding videography brochure too…

“Following actually booking and seeing videos it was absolutely the best choice and a clear keepsake for the future.”

Kathleen and Matt

“I am now a true advocate of wedding videos, telling everyone I know who’s getting married to get one! It’s the best investment ever!”

Sarah and Peter

“We love our film so much and I’m so pleased we made sure it was in our budget.”

Gemma and Ian