So, like me you LOVE filming your family.

I bet you have a phone full of little video clips you’ve collected over the days/weeks/months…even years?

All those little milestones.

The funny phrases.

The silly things you just happened to catch.

They sit there, saved on your phone (and fingers crossed a cloud somewhere).

Every now and then you stumble back across them, usually when making space in your phone to take more photos. You may have a few favourite clips you go back to to make you smile.

Maybe that cute first giggle. That time you caught them saying their first words. Or maybe even their first steps?

Maybe it’s the last holiday and your WhatsApp video folder is bursting at the seams?

The thought of editing your very own family film like you see on here and on my family photography and videography Instagram seems WAY to complicated, maybe even impossible?

Is there an easy way to edit your own family videos on your smart phone…?

What if I told you I found a video editing app that can make it easy?

Not only is it relatively simple to use but it’s also FREE!

No excuse not to give it a try really is there?

What’s even better is that instead of downloading it and spending AGES trying to figure it out I’ve made a video for you!

You’ll get to see in ‘REAL-TIME’ how to edit a quick and simple family video on your phone using Filmora!


Step 1. Download the ‘Filmora’ video app to your phone!

Step 2. Watch this YouTube video on how to get started and see how easy it is to edit a few clips together!

Step 3. Try it out for yourself!

TIP: It may help to save a few of your favourites in to their own folder on your phone so they’re all together to save you hunting them out each time and scrolling for DAYS!


Lets go…


I’d LOVE it if you wanted to share any videos you make!

Tag me in there, or share them with me via email or even Instagram and Facebook!

If you found it challenging or struggled to find the time to edit it all, reach out! I can help!

If after watching your very own family video you feel super proud (yey, go you) but you soon realise you’re NEVER in front of the camera do check out my professional family video page.

It may be time to invest in a proper family video of your own…

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