I can’t deny that it felt like quite the leap signing up to the first ever RISE wedding filmmaker retreat in Cornwall.


Well in the 9 years of making wedding videos I have never done an official videographer training workshop. Not one single wedding video related one. Ever.

I found them all…well, not very me.

The style of work wasn’t me. They seemed to be sharing editing tips that weren’t on systems I used so I couldn’t see how they’d help me develop. I mean I’ve been making wedding videos for 9 years now so beginner workshops weren’t for me either!

I’ve literally been a self taught, learn on the job kinda filmmaker since I left college!

Then RISE came along.

The UK’s first ever wedding filmmaker retreat for wedding videographers

rise film makers retreat in cornwall advert poster with bride holding hands with a groom walking along a beach with a flower crown

Something about it felt different.

And, Leanne from Blooming Lovely Films was so passionate about what she was planning behind the scenes at RISE it was hard not to feel like you were going to miss out if you didn’t sign up!

The time came to make the trek to Cornwall (2 trains and a 5 hour road trip with 4 other awesome female wedding videographers later) and we arrived to stormy winds and seas.

Not quite the beautiful southern sunshine I’d been promised but the venue was tucked on the most beautiful cove it made the whole experience feel pretty special from the moment we arrived.

I could write a HUGE blog post sharing all the ins and outs of the retreat, all the amazing speakers (Pixel, Ben Walton Films, Jeff Wood, Alejandro Calore…) and what incredible inspiration we took from them.

I could tell you about the amazing community vibes we all got from the few days we spent together. How I feel like I left with some life long creative friends.

Even about the time I got to actually spend a few hours (between talks) playing with Sony lens and filming far too many waves crashing against rocks.

Or that AMAZING band that helped us celebrate the end of RISE in style (they were called The Tricks, check them out)!

But a better use of your time would probably be to watch this little behind the scenes video I created.

Nothing fancy (I’m sure Leanne and the team will have some INCREDIBLE trailer to share with you soon) but I’m certain it’ll give you all the feels for how much we all enjoyed it…

Shot on my Sony A6500, all handheld (which is what I love) and all filmed with the intention of no-one ever getting to see it.

But if I learnt anything from RISE it was to get content out there.

Do what you love and share it.

I could’ve spent weeks/months perfecting this, I could’ve worried about what you’d all think/what I looked like/how I’d come across or even left the footage on a harddrive to be never seen again (I was VERY tempted).

Imposter syndrome can feel very real as a wedding videographer surrounded by so much talent so pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the only way to progress.

And that’s what RISE has helped me to do already. Push myself. Push my creativity. Push my confidence.

5 female wedding videographers jump in the air for a photograph in front of giant blue letters spelling RISE at a cove in Cornwall for the RISE wedding filmmakers retreat
Photo thanks to the ever so lovely Olivia of ‘The Lens People‘fame!

What will you do today to push yourself out of your own comfort zone..?

Head over to my Instagram stories to see me in action. I’ve been encouraged to chat to you more on my stories so that’s what I’ll be doing (despite cringing seeing myself on camera!).

P.S Keep an eye out for a RISE Wedding Filmmaker Retreat in 2020 if you’re a wedding videographer (or even a wedding photographer thinking about the video side). It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at with your business, not only will you learn and be inspired but the community over competition vibes make it something that little bit different…