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Natural Outdoor Family Photography Lancashire

You won’t be the first, or even the last, to tell me you have reservations about having your own outdoor family photography shoot.

A lot of families near me (Burscough, Ormskirk) and around Lancashire tentatively book me as their family photographer hoping that what I say is right. That it’ll be natural and un-posed, that they’ll love the more relaxed vibes of the shoot and they won’t feel ‘weird’ in front of the camera.

Here’s a little bit about Laura and Matt’s outdoor ‘Taster’ family session! We got to hang out in their gorgeous family garden at their home near Burscough, Lancashire where I captured some wonderful moments and Georgia’s bright and happy personality!


“Firstly, I thought you would appreciate some feedback from a reluctant bloke.

If I’m honest I was dreading the video-shoot.

The thought of being filmed at home did not appeal at all.

But your relaxed approach made the whole experience really enjoyable.

We couldn’t even tell when you were filming and when you were taking photos.

The only stressful bit has been selecting which shots we like best!

The video is fantastic and something we can treasure as a family for years to come – thank you.”

Laura and Matt

mum and dad get a big hug off daughter during photoshoot

A More Natural Style Of Outdoor Family Photography and Videography

Matt was very honest (see above) as a self-confessed ‘reluctant bloke’ but he never actually shared this before their family session outside in their garden!

I go in to most sessions knowing that someone will be feeling nervous about the camera that day, whether they share that information or not.

I know for me, and many other parents, it doesn’t feel natural to be in front of the camera and it can take a while to relax when you’re having a family photo-shoot.

That’s why a shorter outdoor ‘taster’ session within the safety and comfort of your own garden and home could be perfect for you.

You can get an idea of a what a more relaxed, natural family photo-shoot experience can be like!

A ‘Taster’ Family Photography and Videography Shoot

A ‘Taster’ session with me gives you a ‘taste’ of what it’s like to have a more relaxed family shoot in your garden to capture more natural, candid moments together. With the back-up of going inside should we need to!

I still offer you the same experience, only on a shorter time scale. Getting to know your family a little beforehand means I can suggest a few things to do so you have a ‘plan’ for your session.

Short, Fun and Relaxed Family Photo-shoots

With Matt and Laura we knew she LOVED the garden and also had a favourite book so I suggested having those things to hand ‘just in case’ but essentially to let Georgia lead as that’s how we’ll always get the best from a family session!

For Matt and Laura this shorter ‘taster’ session was perfect as it meant it wasn’t taking up too much of their day and it wasn’t too much pressure for Matt who wasn’t overly keen on the idea of being filmed!

I knew they loved the outdoors too and spent a lot of time outside in their garden so their family photos and film (video) really reflect this wonderful time in their lives 🙂


“It wasn’t so much the idea of being filmed at home, but being filmed at all!

Laura really wanted a video at our wedding but I was dead against it.

I just thought that we and our guests would not be relaxed if someone was wondering around with a video camera.

I guess I was wrong as the reality of it from our recent experience with you was great.”

Laura and Matt

A Fun and Natural Family Film – Ormskirk, Lancashire

The Perfect Way To Try Un-Posed, Documentary Family Photography and Videography

Natural, Candid Outdoor Family Photography Near Ormskirk

Despite the worries their kind words show how this more natural and candid approach can really help you relax around the camera.

Being super discreet and friendly in my approach to documenting a little bit of your family life means you soon start chatting away and can even forget the camera is there. 

A shorter ‘Taster’ session is perfect if you want to try this for yourself but the idea of a stranger hanging out all morning and capturing family life feels a bit much right now (I promise you it’s a wonderful experience but I get your worries!).

See more of my documentary style family photography and film on my family portfolio page


documentary photo of family playing in garden
photo dad lifts girl to feed birds in garden
mum and dad get a big hug off daughter during photoshoot

Capture Your Family Life In A More Natural Way, From The Comfort Of Your Own Home…

If you could relate to Laura and Matt’s words and love the family moments I’ve captured for them then why not reach out?

I’d love to share my family photography and videography brochure with you so you can find out more about this natural approach to photography and see more examples of my documentary style of work.

Like Laura and Matt you may fancy hanging out for a photo and film shoot in your garden or you may prefer to hang out inside your home, it’s completely up to you. The joys of having a family photo-shoot from the comfort of your own home is that extra flexibility to use those home comforts!

I’m based in Burscough (near Omskirk) and offer Taster Sessions for families within 30 mins from my home. A small mileage charge is added if you fancy me travelling a little further for you, which usually covers most of Lancashire, Liverpool, the Wirral and parts of Cheshire.

Keen to find out more about the options for your own family photography and video session?

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