Can you remember the excited feeling you’d get when you stumbled across an old family album…?

We had huge luxury leather bound albums, fancy co-ordinated albums, proper professional photo albums and then the ones my parents had written all over with dates and amazing stories of where we were at that time. The sort that turn a bit yellow and curl at the ends!

What would start as a ‘clear out’ would end up with us sat on the floor pouring over all these incredible heirlooms and even sneaking a few photos out to keep for ourselves. It seems unfair to keep them ALL in an family photo album if they’re not out on display, doesn’t it?

fine art blue family photography album

Creating The Perfect Family Photo Album…

I always have these feelings in mind when searching for the perfect products for my wonderful family photography and film clients.

I want you to feel excited by the idea of having your own family heirlooms to pass down too!

Creating the perfect family photo album doesn’t happen by chance. The perfect family album is all about telling a story. Helping take you right back to a moment in time when you can sense the era, the connections, the feelings ALL over again.

It can’t just look good when you get it out, it has to feel good AND bring all those memories and emotions flooding back when you open it.

Classic, Fun, Luxury or Modern – The Best Family Album For You

Some may prefer a very simple and classic leather bound photo album with pages your hands love to glide over as they turn the page because it feels so special and luxurious.

You may love the idea of a book that can take a bit of a battering. Can handle the sticky fingers and look like it’s been enjoyed over the years.

As both a parent and a family photographer I feel there’s the perfect album or book for every occasion, and it doesn’t have to be the same one!

A Naming Day, Christening or special family event will be made to feel even more important being shared in a hand-made, personalised leather album. With simple text, a luxurious feel and maybe even a sleeve or box to keep it safely stored in.

A birthday, milestone or a professional family session may look inviting being in a bright and tactile book with thick pages and personal touches like text and ribbons.

An experience family photographer can help guide you through to find the perfect one for you…



Alternatives To The Classic Family Album…

Sometimes space doesn’t allow for family albums or photobooks to be on show so it calls for a more creative way to show off our family photos and memories.

Anyone remember the box of random photos under the bed?

Well maybe you’d love a modern take on a secret box of family photos? A stunning show piece that could sit proudly on your coffee table or on a shelf for all to see…?

family photos in box frame at home

Framing Your Family Photos For Your Home…

Anyone who has been welcomed in to our home (or follow me online to be fair) will know that as much as I love a proper family album or photobook I also LOVE having my memories printed. Properly.

Before I became a professional family photographer I would happily use our home printer or even Boots to get a few prints made to frame around the house.

Now I have my very own collection of fine art family prints from professional printers I realise the difference.

It may not be straight away and I could ‘make do’ with the cheaper alternative but a few years on the difference is clear.

Curling edges. Fading colours. My beautiful fine art prints stand out SO much more as the colours really do stand the test of time!

You can see a YouTube video I did all about my own home prints here!

modern black frame gallery wall in family home

Family Memories and Creating The Perfect Photo Album

Now we can find plenty of ways to keep our family memories together. Less of those yellow, faded retro albums (which I still love)  but more modern magazines and family photo books you can create yourself online.

I personally love Blurb Photo books for our yearly memories like holiday’s and milestones.

However, I also realise a lot of families haven’t got the time (or inclination) to spend a few evenings sorting through all the family photos, uploading them, creating layouts and designing the book then getting it ready for print.

It is time consuming but it’s something I LOVE doing and would love to help you create something for your family too.

Use An Expert To Design Your Perfect Family Album

As a family photographer I’ve spent many painful nights getting to grips with design software, investing in sample albums and family keepsakes and spending time trying to find the best products for my clients to invest in.

As much as I love spending a week or so designing our own family album I realise not everyone has that time to create something they’ll truly love and want to look over time and time again.

Your family story cannot be rushed. If it is, it won’t be as appreciated.

Rest assured when you book your family session with me not only are you trusting me to capture what real family life looks for you right now but you’re also hiring someone who can help you get the very best from those moments to keep forever in your chosen keepsake.

To treasure, keep and hand down the generations…

Can I Help You Create The Perfect Family Photo Album?

If you love the idea of having your own beautiful family heirloom after reading this post then let me help you create something perfect for you.

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Time To Document Your Family Life Ready For A New Album…?

I know it’s easy to keep putting it off but if this post got you excited for capturing family memories and having a family album of your own let’s chat and see if it’s time to get a family session in the diary for you…

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