Wanting to enjoy a proper Lancashire knees up at a wedding on a family farm?

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Hannah and Jake planned the most epic wedding with relaxed festival vibes.

They started the day with a traditional church celebration at Holy Trinity Church in Bickerstaff but then kicked off the heels in favour of Doc Martins for a reception on the family farm.

It was incredible capturing all the fun at their wedding that had all the laid-back vibes you could ever need.

Here’s a little taste of their day in the form of a ‘Highlights’ wedding video…


Lancashire Farm Wedding Video

When Family Is Everything…

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I LOVE the wedding morning.

From a videographer perspective, it gives everyone a chance to get use to the cameras being there so I can capture more candid moments.

From a self confessed wedding obsessed POV, I love being welcomed in to the group and enjoying all the celebrations and excitement.

Especially when the family and friends are as amazing as Hannah and Jake’s are!

Breakfast, Big Reveals and Wedding Campervans…

Over at Hannah’s, her Mum and partner were sorting out brews and breakfast butties whilst everyone had their hair and make-up done.

There were a few last minute things, like adding to speeches and re-painting nails, but it all fell in to place as Hannah got in to her stunning wedding dress.

The guys also got to enjoy breakfast barms (that’s the Lancashire term, being born in Nottinghamshire it was ‘cobs’ for us ha) and fussing over the family dogs before getting in to their 3 piece navy suits.

As Jake and his Groomsmen made their way to the church, Hannah was making everyone cry with her ‘big reveal’ down the beautifully decorated staircase.

clock house farm house and wedding tipis in the sun
groomsmen fuss over farm dogs in kitchen
bride gets her makeup done by makeupbynicola
bridesmaids react to brides finished makeup
groom tries to fix his buttonhole
groomsmen stand and chat with beers outside farm house
video still of brides reflection in the mirror
mother of the bride smiles at her daughter in her dress
bride and mum hold hands before getting married
bride walks down a decorated staircase in Lancashire
mum and bridesmaids react to bride in her dress

A Traditional Church Wedding in Bickerstaffe

Holy Trinity Church is a gorgeous village church in Bickerstaffe, not far from Ormskirk. Tucked away on a windy country lane, it makes for quite the traditional wedding setting!

It was also the church where I believe their Grandparents got married too, so it made the setting even more special.

Jake waited outside in the sunshine for a while before heading inside church. The usual ‘are you nervous’ questions were asked as they waited for the Bride to arrive.

Hannah opted for a vintage camper van from I Do Campers in Lancashire to get her to the church in style.

She travelled with her Mum and Sister (and me sneaking in the front!).

A few locals were waiting outside to catch a glimpse of the Bride before she made her way down the aisle.

I LOVED seeing how excited she was to walk down the aisle, despite her Grandad trying to trip her up along the way (those pesky long dresses and narrow church aisles!).

That’s why Jake was seen laughing!

You’ll also see them laughing when Hannah’s knees cracked whilst kneeling down to pray!

bride gets out of her I Do Campers van
groom laughs at bride and grandad walking down the aisle
couple smile at each other at their wedding ceremony
video still from back of Holy Trinity church bickerstaffe
couple exchange wedding rings during Holy Trinity ceremony
groom kisses his bride during church ceremony in Lancashire
couple smile and walk towards videographer during Holy Trinity Church wedding

Can There Ever Be ‘Too Much’ Confetti…? No!

 I think this couple take the award for the most confetti ever. 

Made even more dramatic by the gusts of wind blowing around the church grounds.

I loved filming it and loved their faces as they tried to fight their way through the clouds of pale petal confetti!


video still of so much white confetti outside holy trinity church
wide video shot of couple being showered in confetti
couple kiss in vintage campervan

Natural Wedding Videography To Make It Personal…

Being a local wedding videographer to Hannah and Jake you’d think I’d know the area well.

But this wasn’t your typical Lancashire wedding venue. This was the ultimate personal wedding reception setting, at their own family farm in Bickerstaffe.

Jake has grown up on the farm and they made a great decision to keep it super personal and plan a wedding reception on the farm grounds.

Relaxed festival vibes were key. A fabulous canvas tipi to host the reception and mini sleeping tipis for the guests for the evening!

They also kept it really informal with a hog roast buffet  by The Spitting Pig for the meal and clusters of long wooden tables for guests to mingle.

It also made the videography fun too as we explored the farm with their awesome wedding photographer, Matt ( https://www.embeephotography.co.uk/ )

Jake’s Brother dug the keys out so we could get creative in the barns with the bales of hay and straw, and even the tractors!

Hannah made light work of throwing herself on to the bales for some alternative wedding photos. Maybe it helped wearing Doc Martins instead of the heels?

Safe to say, we had fun!

Filming The Wedding Speeches

After spending the morning tweaking her speech, Hannah’s Mum did an amazing job standing in front of everyone. Hannah even helped out holding a torch so she could see the print out properly!

Jake was up next and had everyone crying with his personal and heartfelt words about his family, and of course his new wife Hannah.

And then a nervous Best Man stepped up with shaky hands to deliver a lovely speech too.

I totally get the nerves, I don’t think I could do it! It definitely helped that they kept their stories and words more personal than being tempted by Google…

couple pose for photographer in a barn
couple sit on hay bales inside barn
couple stand in a pool of natural light by farm straw bales
couple smile at each other during photos
mother of the bride speech in a tipi wedding
bride wipes away tears during Grooms wedding speech
best man makes everyone laugh during wedding speeches

An Evening Stroll Around Their Lancashire Farm

The random afternoon rain shower subsided so we snuck off to get a few more couple shots in the beautiful early evening light.

Hannah rocked her black Doc Martin’s to navigate the puddles and they made for some great photos and video!

Time For The Partying!

As the sun set we ushered all the guests out on to the lawn for on epic sparkler shot!

The sparklers lasted for so long, Matt got them to enjoy running up and down a few times (which made for a great video!).

Their band got everyone back inside the tipi to enjoy their first dance to Wheetus, Teenage Dirtbag. Which was incredible to film as everyone sang along at the top of their lungs!

 The dancefloor stayed full as we captured some of the best dance moves we’d seen before sneaking back home to bed…

doc martins and a bouquet left in a teepee
bride spins in black doc martins for an alternative photo and video
couple stroke a pony during their family farm wedding in lancashire
couple snuggle during the golden hour in Lancashire
natural light video still of newlywed couple in field
couple run towards the camera during sparkler shot
couple dance to teenage dirtbag for first dance
couple surrounded by singing guests for their first dance

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