Award Winning Photographer. Again.

I nearly didn’t create this post to celebrate my recent wins in both the Regional and National British Institute of Professional Photography Awards because I didn’t feel it a good enough thing to shout about.

In 2021 I won both the Newborn and Enviromental Portrait Photographer of The Year in the North West and North East. As well as qualifiying for my Licentiate in Social Documentary Photoraphy (more on what it took to qualify with The Bipp HERE).

Quite the achievement for a female photographer hiding in Lancashire who’s mainly self-taught!

So this time when I found out I ‘only’ came third for People and Portraits and gained 5 Merits (scored highly so recognised for it’s high standard and creativity) I didn’t even shout about it.

Then came the National Awards.

I couldn’t attend in person due to childcare challenges (story of my life at the moment) but found out after the event, held in Preston, that I’d gained 2 National Awards too.

Awards for both Documentary Wedding Photography and People and Portraits.

British Institute of Professional Photography National Award for Charlene

Why Are The BIPP Awards So Important?

The BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) is an internationally recognised qualifying organisation with over 100 years of experience in supporting professional photographers.

All the evaluating processes are reviewed and critiqued by a panel of BIPP judges that are all of Fellow standard and leading professionals within their sector of the photography industry.

It’s pretty detailed and incredibly difficult to pick up high scores, never mind actual awards.

The Nationals are next level because it’s judging your image in print form.

Your choice of paper, how your image prints and looks on that paper…it all comes under scrutiny.

This highly detailed and intensive judging process makes The BIPP Awards and Qualifications really important (and sought after) for professional photographers.

Celebrating An Award Winning Image with The Bipp

Here’s a statement from The BIPP Head Office…

To receive a Bronze Award amongst the hundreds images entered, shows creativity, flair and style, a great achievement and should be celebrated.

The British Institute of Professional Photography Awards which is the leading qualifying body for professional photographers, celebrates the very best international photography, highlighting some of the most creative emerging talent.

This award recognises the excellence in standards above all others. Talking about this year’s submissions and the winning image, CEO Martin Baynes comments:

“The quality of this year’s entries was very high, with manywonderful and creative images in all genres. Myself and the judges were blown away by the talent and creativity shown.”

fine art mounted prints being checked before BIPP judging
close up of BIPP L panel being checked
close up of family photography print panel

Perfectionist Photographer Problems…

This is where my perfectionist traits cause me problems.

Because it wasn’t ‘the best’ and didn’t score as highly, I instantly wrote it off as not good enough.

I decided there and then it wasn’t worthy of shouting about and I was weirdly disappointed.

It’s taken me this long to re-frame this and remember what an achievement it actually is!

Two out of the three images I submitted scored high enough to be awarded. That’s a great percentage, right?

A Bronze doesn’t mean I lost. It’s not like Primary School Sports Day!

A Bronze Award is an award. One that is hard to get your hands on.

One that takes a lot of creativity, experitse and skill to achieve.

And I achieved it.


My National Award Winning Images

And to add to the amazing feat, one award was actually in Documentary Wedding Photography.

As an experienced wedding videographer who just happened to try out a few ‘hybrid’ weddings in lockdown, I’d say an award for my first EVER wedding I photographed was pretty amazing…


Documentary Wedding Photography – Award Winning Image

award winning wedding photograph of a bridesmaid smiling at a bride in church

Enviromental Portrait – A Breastfeeding Self-Portrait

My second award winning photograph was a self-portrait of me breastfeeding my son.

A photo that only took a few minutes to take on a very busy school run morning but a LOT of thought.

I was actually a bit disappointed that it wasn’t technically sharp (perfectionist ways again) but I love the moment and the light SO much I wanted to enter it.

breastfeeding self portrait photo of a mother on a bed with baby

Shout About Your Awards and ‘Wins’!

So what’s the moral of this story?

It’s pretty cool winning stuff and we should be proud!

I also need to get over myself, right? I know it’s me holding myself back when it comes to these things. Always.

I’m sure you can relate to these sort of feelings too?

So what have you achieved this year that you didn’t shout about?

Maybe now is the time to dig out that soap box/microphone/speaker and get sharing!!

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