Filming weddings in my adopted home county of Lancashire is always a pleasure.

This time I got to enjoy my first time shooting at Charnock Farm near Leyland. An exclusive use wedding venue complete with a beautiful lake and animals!

Harvey and Nicola’s wedding was full of beaming smiles, belly laughs and huge family hugs.

If you’re not smiling when watching this wedding then…well, there’s something wrong with your emotions!


A Charnock Farm Wedding Video

A Relaxed Wedding Morning With Lots Of Laughter…

I arrived at Charnock Farm to the ducks quacking away in the lake and a buzz of activity in the converted wedding barn.

Rosie and her team from Amore Events were putting the finishing touches to the ceremony barn (which looked amazing by the way).

Sorrell and Sage were in charge of all the beautiful wedding flowers.

Rosie kindly showed me where the Bridal room was so I could start filming.

Nicola’s morning was full of laughter, with discussion on not drinking too much tea as we’ll need to pee and how the hair stylist has recently sold her car to her future husband!

I love being a videographer on the morning of a wedding. It’s like being part of a friendship group for the day and I swear it helps me capture the most natural moments getting to relax and hang out with them all!

The Groom’s morning appeared to be full of laughter too, as you’ll see from their highlights video!

Nicola was even stalking all the motion at their front door with the aid of their Ring doorbell haha.

Getting Ready For The Charnock Farm Ceremony

From being super relaxed it all of a sudden felt a bit rushed (I have to be honest, some registrar’s tend to be the ones to cause this!).

Harvey waited nervously at the front of the Charnock Farm barn as his Dad wound him up.

Nicola had her finishing touches to her hair and make-up before heading down to get ready for the ceremony.

After her Dad had wiped his happy tears away it was time for the barn doors to be opened and for them to make the walk down the aisle.


bride has her makeup done at Charnock farm
Groom gets ready at home with his groomsmen
mother of the bride helps her daughter in to her dress
a natural video shot of the bride having her veil added at Charnock Farm
the bridesmaids react to the bride being ready
the father of the bride wipes away a tear before the charnock farm ceremony
a groom waits before the ceremony at Charnock Farm
bride walks down the aisle with dad at Charnock Farm wedding

A Romantic Ceremony Setting at Charnock Farm

The couple didn’t stop smiling at each other during their wedding ceremony at Charnock Farm.

They said their vows, exchanged wedding rings and were soon beaming down the aisle as Husband and Wife!

Guests were then organised outside, all ready for the ‘must have’ confetti shot outside the barn at Charnock Farm.

Anthony Ives was their talented wedding photographer and he was amazing at organising everyone without needing to be loud and bossy!

Harvey was clearly on cloud 9 and being very mischievous (and funny) photobombing all the shots!

Once they’d enjoyed some canapes and mingling with the guests we snuck them off around the grounds of Charnock Farm for some relaxed couple shots for the photo and video…


dad hands over bride at the start of the Charnock Farm ceremony
the couple exchange rings in front of a flower arch at Charnock Farm
couple kiss as husband and wife during Charnock Farm ceremony
a couple kiss after getting married at Charnock Farm
a couple kiss outside Charnock Farm during a confetti shot
a couple smile at the videographer during confetti
a natural in-between moment during group shots
Anthony Ives photographing the family groups outside Charnock Farm
dad hugs his daughter during drinks reception at Charnock Farm
groom photobombs a photo of his new wife and mum
dad hugs his daughter during wedding reception
the couple cuddle up and kiss for the videographer and photographer at Charnock Farm
natural moment of couple enjoying a kiss by the lake at Charnock Farm
couple pose on lakeside bride at Charnock Farm

Time For The Wedding Speeches

Guests were soon ushered back inside Charnock Farm to find their seats ready for the wedding breakfast.

The couple and venue even treated us wedding suppliers to ALL THREE COURSES and you’ve never seen a happier wedding videographer! Haha.

It was then time to get ready for the wedding speeches!

It’s no surprise there was lots of laughter, as well as a lot more tears from Nicola’s Dad!

And A Surprise Guest Making An Entrance…

Now, as a wedding videographer that’s filmed hundreds of weddings over more than 13 years it always panics me when I hear a rumour of a surprise that I’ve NOT been told about.

Thankfully we’re good at pestering the venue staff for the inside scoop and found out about a surprise the Mum had arranged so we could be prepared.

Imagine not knowing and not filming the action (and funny reactions!)?!?

So we got ourselves ready and managed to capture some amazing reactions from the surprise Singing Waiters.

What I loved is that Harvey and his Dad both jumped up to help the poor guy after his dramatic fall. True gentlemen!

Guests were soon let in on the secret and dancing around the room to a few sing-a-long classics.


father of the bride speech at Charnock Farm
top table laughing at best man speech in Charnock Farm
groom makes everyone laugh during speech
bride stands to say a few thank yous a their wedding
a signing waiter falls over during wedding breakfast at Charnock Farm
guests help the singing waiter after his fall
guests dancing along with the singing waiters at Charnock Farm

A Casual Golden Hour Wander Around Charnock Farm

With the sun beginning to dip behind the trees we snuck the couple off for some beautiful natural moments in the most beautiful light!

I had fun working around their photographer Anthony and we made a great team ensuring we all got the shots we wanted.

An Evening Of Dancing, Sparklers and Drinking Games

The couple then made their way to the dancefloor for their first dance as Husband and Wife.

Nicola then got to enjoy a dance with her Dad before they invited everyone to join them.

I snuck back home to my baby, leaving Paul to capture the rest of the evenings antics at the couples request.

He filmed some beautiful evening sparkler moments as well as the fun games the DJ had planned with them.

videographer filming the photographer getting a golden hour photo
relaxed moment for the video of couple kissing at sunset
couple cuddle together outside Charnock Farm
late evening shot of guests drinking outside Charnock Farm wedding
candlelit first dance at Charnock Farm
father and daughter sing My Girl at Charnock Farm
couple pose for a sparkler shot at Charnock Farm
couple laugh with guests during a sparkler shot

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