What wedding comes to mind when you think back? Who’s wedding was the first wedding you can remember?

When was that?

What part did you play?

What were you wearing (as that’s what everyone remembers, right)?

What did the Bride wear?

I remember some of mine. I had the honour of being Bridesmaid along with my younger sister, Jodi. Waaaaaaaay back in August 1994 (I didn’t remember the date however, I had to double check!)

Our Nana had made our dresses and matching hats, we had these scratchy shoes that had ties to look like ballet shoes but my legs were so skinny they kept slipping down and hanging around my ankles instead!

It was a really sunny day in Nottingham, the ceremony was at the registry office (I can’t recall any of that), we had photos outside the Nottingham Univesrty building (as apparently that’s nicer) and then went on to a pub before heading to Colwick Hall for the evening reception.

I remember a handful of moments and to be honest, I think a lot of that was due to having a few photos from the day helping keep those memories there.

I also remember feeling totally embarrassed about our outfits…

two young bridesmaids or flower girls standing in front of colwick hall with two other children wearing matching flowery dresses and hats from a late 80's or 90s wedding in Nottingham

Though I’m sure you’ve seen worse? Have you experienced worse? I’d LOVE for you to share them with me, nothing better than a bit of wedding nostalgia!

It got me thinking…

This was less than 25 years ago and even playing a big part in the day I now only remember the bits that I saw AFTER the day in photos.

Imagine if there had been a video too? Even a simple one on a little handycam or something (I don’t think people used phones back then?? haha). Maybe I could’ve remembered more?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the Bride and Groom remember some of it (they’re still happily married, though my Mum says she hated the wedding photos and wasn’t so keen on her dress…) but what can they share with people who couldn’t be there?

What about the people who my daughter never got to meet?

Showing her my own wedding video (that was only 8 years ago) and I love to point out people she’s not met. She has fun spotting people she knows and loves now. She even gives a cute running commentary on our ceremony.

It’s wonderful to be able to share that amazing day with her, as wonderful as it is trying to prove this is really me on this photo (a lot of my baby one’s she’s adamant it’s her…even in the cool 80’s gear I’m wearing haha).

So this I share with you.

A wedding video may be a worry before the day, whether it’s budget thing or the idea of being on video full stop that means you’re not so keen on the idea.

Think of it as MORE than a wedding video.

It means more than you can ever imagine after the day. Only time will show you how much you will go on to love not only reliving those important memories and remembering your wedding day but, also those moments with family and friends.

It’s really feeling those moments again. Being able to share that exact moment with someone who couldn’t be there, someone who may not even exist today…

That is what makes it more than a wedding video and me more than a wedding videographer…

graphic describing how it's more than a wedding video with an image of a bride and groom smiling surrounded by friends throwing confetti outside their church in Crosby Liverpool

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More than a wedding video and me more than a wedding videographer.