a relaxed family photograph from love gets sweeter of a mum sat on the sofa with one of the newborn twins and her toddler sat alone staring at the camera in the wirral

As a Mum looking back on actual photo books, prints and videos has been a really beautiful thing.

I can’t really put it in to words because I feel that the value will only grow even more as the years go on.

With a phone and Dropbox FULL of photographs and video it’s really only the edited ones I watch regularly.

They’re the ones that help take me back to a moment. Much more efficient and wonderful to watch than a few random video clips saved to my phone.

One of my lovely families said exactly the same…

We’ve got a couple of pics printed in frames around the house, so the pics are great to see on a day to day basis, and always make me smile.

But then the video is just so special.

To be able to watch and see how he was, what he was like and what he enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy haha!) is just amazing.

I take so many videos of him, but I can’t do it justice like you can.

I feel like he’s changed so much in the short time it’s been since we had it done, so it’s so nice to look back and reflect.”

This week during a Marie Kondo style overhaul of our book and DVD shelving in our living room I came to organised all of our personal Blurb photo book collections.

From the West Coast road trip in 2013 right through to my ‘Paisley Turns 2’ book I may’ve got a little distracted flicking through them all!

They certainly sparked a lot of joy (which Marie will tell you is a must for things in your happy home)!


It then dawned on me.

That was it.

The last photobook I had made was when P turned 2!

She turns 4 soon so now I NEED to schedule a few evenings to condense 2 years in to a Blurb photo book…

It happens far too easily doesn’t it?

We say we will do a photo album or book a shoot and then suddenly 2 years have passed.

The good intentions are always there. I think life sort of gets in the way?

If anything, looking back it’s shown me how valuable investing not only money but time on a family photography shoot has become.

Her being 2 seems SO long ago already! So much can change in a year or two when they’re growing so fast!

What is the best thing to do with your family photographs?

So you’ve got a your photos, either on your phone or a gallery/disc of images from your professional family photographer but now what?

Well for photos at least it isn’t too daunting (I promise).

What I’d suggest is putting time in to ‘culling’ your images. That’s essentially going through them, being a little ruthless, and picking out the very best ones you have.

Sometimes when they’re your own this may take a few attempts to bring it down from the hundreds (if not thousands!).

Then create a separate folder to save your ‘faves’ too. This makes life WAY more easier when it comes up uploading them to create a photobook or print them out!

Still sounds a bit too much like hard work?

Well I created a ‘5 simple steps to get your family photos off your phone’ PDF just for you! 

It’s a little guide to encourage you to make the most of those moments you LOVE that you’ve managed to capture over the years.

To get them backed up, organised and more importantly USED so you can enjoy them!

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Your professional family photographer may have suggestions or even their own products to design and create family albums and photo books just for you.

This will be a great investment as they’ll be skilled in design and it’ll save you a lot of time trying to work out how to do it yourself!

If like me you quite like sitting down in the evening creating photo books then I’d highly recommend Blurb Books!

I’ve created 6 with them in as many years and LOVE everything about them.

The quality, the paper choices (I like ‘uncoated, gives a lovely matt magazine finish) and the finish when they arrive. The design software even comes with templates if you need the to make designing your book even easier!

I’m not going to lie, even 6 books in it can take me a good few evenings (and lots of chocolate) to create my finished product.

Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me but I want it to be perfect as it’s meant to be enjoyed forever, isn’t it?

a close up photograph of a family holiday blurb photo book sat on an ikea shelf inside a family home in Lancashire

Photo books are great for ‘Day in the life’ or even a whole year of family life.

They’re also great for fun family holiday albums or exciting adventures you’ve had as they’re lovely to flick through and remember it all. They’re also thin, light and easy to store meaning you’ll get them out more!

If you haven’t got that many photos (or the desire to spend days designing a photo book) then I’d HIGHLY recommend something like ‘My Best Snaps‘.

You simply upload a handful of your favourite images for them, pick how many you’d like in the montage and they’ll make you your very own framed ‘Instagram’ style photo montage!

It’s perfect for both professional photographs and your mobile photos too because they’re small.

a photograph of a gallery wall of block black framed family photos down the stairs in a photographers family home in Burcough
A wide shot of the top of the staircase in a family home showing off a full black framed gallery wall of family and holiday photographs in Lancashire
a photograph from the bottom of the stairs showing off a full black framed gallery wall in a family home in Lancashire

I know writing this post has mad me think about how many photos we have as a family! As well as how often I should make time to not only organise what i do have but make time for investing in a professional shoot too.

As a Mum who LOVES to take photos it’s far too easy to end up always behind the camera and never in front of it!

When was the last time you guys were in front of a camera?

Can you think of the last photo you had of you all together?

Can you even think of the last photo you had professionally printed?

No judgement here, I’ve had my moments over the years and I do this for a living!

Maybe now is the time to make time.

Time to organise photos you do have.

Maybe even consider having a snapshot of family life as it is now during a proper professional shoot?

I hope this blog post has given you some ideas on what to do with them once you do have them anyway.

I look forward to sharing even more tips with you soon.

If you have anything you’d LOVE for me to chat about then send me an email, I’ll love to hear your ideas!

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