Fancy a very special ‘last minute’ winter wedding videography offer?

One that may help you sneak a wedding video in to the budget before it’s too late…?

a bride and groom enjoy a kiss during their peckforton castle wedding

Seeds of doubt set by well meaning friends telling you how much they love their wedding film or how much they went on to regret not having a professional videographer.

The wedding budget is shrinking but even though the thought of having your own wedding video makes you cringe a little it’s that ‘what if’ worry that keeps bringing you back to think ‘what if…’

I’m talking last minute ‘wedding video’ worries.

I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there before, myself and my husband included (you can read more about our own last minute wedding video panic over on my About Me page)

a video still of the groom wiping away his tears after an emotional part of his wedding speech

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to show off the day to people who couldn’t be there?

Not only the guests who couldn’t make it on the day but the children and grandchildren who aren’t even here yet.

It’s as much about capturing you and your guests enjoying the wedding as it is the wedding day itself and all those important moments like the vows and rings…

“Looking back, I can’t believe we only wanted a video for dad….
and I am so glad you were there while I was getting ready.

I actually look comfortable in front of the camera!!

You know I was adamant I didn’t want to be videoed but as soon as I saw you filming Marella (my daughter) it became massively important to me to capture those moments and for Ian to see them too”

But you have a professional wedding photographer already, surely having a videographer is overkill…?

And, then there’s the worry about whether they’ll get on with your photographer?

You don’t want to feel even more pressure on the day having MORE people there to follow you round when you’re hoping for a relaxed, intimate wedding without worrying about being on camera too!

Well thanks to a few awesome, collaborative wedding photographers it got us thinking about how well we work as a team.

How sometimes having my usual ‘2 camera, 2 camera people’ set up can be too much for some couples.

Not only for the camera shy but also for those with budget that hadn’t factored in having a wedding video…up until now!

the bride sits in a cream armchair in the wordsworth hotel whilst her friend kneels down and helps her put on her wedding shoes

As a Bride and as a professional wedding supplier I can totally relate to all the worries that come with booking a wedding videographer and so I pride myself on helping every one of my couples feel at ease around me. Because, I know that also helps you feel more relaxed which in turn helps me capture those natural moments you’ll love seeing back on your own wedding video!

It also makes me work hard building these professional working relationships so it’s one less thing for you to worry about on your wedding day.

So maybe a ‘solo wedding videographer package’ is for you this winter?

With all that in mind I’ve created a very special solo shooter wedding video package for anyone who feels the one camera set up would suit them (or their budget) better.

Extra bonus points to those who have booked (or plans to book) a photographer I love to work with! #dreamteam

One camera. One Price. Simple.

Just because it’s a smaller package and price doesn’t mean you need to miss out on having everything filmed either!

Filming with just myself and my camera, I capture you getting ready an hour or so before your ceremony and then stay until your first dance!

Always friendly and discreet this option is perfect for both the last minute couple and for the ones a little nervous about having a wedding video or being filmed full stop.

“Without question, picking you for our wedding filming was our best decision throughout all of our wedding (as well as a greeting to marry each other of course).

You’ve provided us with memories to last a lifetime, moments of laughter, tears and joy that not even a picture could capture.

Getting to hear all of our vows again and the speeches took us right back to that special day, and I can’t wait to show it to as many friends and family as possible.”

So if you’re starting to think that actually having a wedding video is for you I’d LOVE to hear from you!

I can certainly help you decide if this special ‘last minute’ wedding videography package is for you!

Use my handy contact form and I’d be happy to chat to you about any worries you may have. I can even send over my ‘Solo’ wedding videography brochure for you to enjoy!

Whether it’s in a few days (Katie and Paul above only booked with a few days to spare) or a few months, if I’m free I’d love to work on something with you to ensure you get the perfect wedding video that fits in well with your relaxed wedding and with the added bonus of it being a little less than my usual wedding video packages!

At only £1,000 it’s a little less than my usual packages AND you also have the option of splitting that payment if you need to!

I’m a wedding videographer based in Lancashire but I do travel all over the North West and the UK filming fun weddings just like yours! From Cheshire, to the Lakes and Liverpool and The Wirral (where I got married). I realise we are super lucky to have so many gorgeous wedding venues here!

If you want to read a bit more in to whether booking a wedding videographer is for you I’ve written a more detail blog HERE called ‘Should I have a wedding videographer?’ that is worth a read too!