This year more than ever we’re looking for more thoughtful and personal gift ideas for our family that could spread a little joy.

Little things that feel special, even a little luxurious to bring a smile to someone’s face this Christmas.

It’s always nice to give something that feels more personal, something that’s quite unique that will last beyond Christmas Day!

I’ve been grateful for this extra time this year to focus on sourcing the very best photo products and keepsakes for my family photography and video clients and I want to share my top picks for you this festive season!

So here are the very best family photography gift ideas for you this year, with a little help from me…


Photo Pockets Of Joy – Luxury Photograph Wallets

What a simple yet stunning way to organise your family prints. 

These hand crafted leather photo wallets are a great standalone gift idea or can help you create a collection of memories to store and keep forever.

We all know how special it can be printing our memories but rarely make the time to do it, or when we do we have NO idea where to start.

These hand cut and stitched leather photo ‘pockets’ bring a little bit of luxury to your printed photos. The perfect gift to share some joy, don’t you think?

  • A choice of 24 beautiful leather colours
  • Personalise with text in either foil or engraving
  • Choose groups of 12, 24 or 36 photos to enclose in your luxury pocket
  • Create a collection of photo wallets to organise your family photos and memories.

From only £95 this is going to be the gift that keeps on giving (without sounding too cheesy) and will bring smiles every time it’s opened.

Creating a collection over time with these beautiful pockets could help bring a little organisation to your personal memories too.

I should add, this isn’t all about professional prints from your family sessions either. You can take advantage of my professional printers for your own personal photos too! They print using high pigmented inks on fine art papers to really make the most of the photos!


mounted family print pack gift set

Professional Fine Art Prints – Your Best Collection

There’s nothing better than having your family memories printed. Help them last a lifetime by having them professionally printed.

Having them printed on professional fine art paper not only makes them look and feel special but it also ensures they’ll stand the test of time. No fading or curling at the edges. Remaining beautiful family photo keepsakes to hand down the generations.

  • Choose 6 of your favourite family photos to be printed on fine art paper and mounted
  • Printed on archival fine art papers to last
  • Stored in a high quality Kraft card box to wrap and share as a gift or keep for yourself (I won’t judge, I’m, totally get one for myself!)

Only £100.  

gift boxes for USB stick and family photographs

Photo Gift Boxes – Cute and Thoughtful Photo Gifts

If you love the idea of having storage for your digital images but like me also love having something pretty and tactile to enjoy, the bespoke ‘Portfolio Box’ is a really stunning way to get the best of both.

  • A cute 4×4 clamshell box with up to 50 photos printed on fine art paper from £180
  • Go for the wow factor with mounted prints
  • Add a USB to store the digital files and family film on too!

From £180  why not consider choosing your own family memories stored on your camera or phone? 4×4 is the perfect size for this!

Photo Portfolios – Combining Digital and Print

If you love the idea of having storage for your digital images but like me also love having something pretty and tactile to enjoy, the bespoke ‘Portfolio’ is a really stunning way to get the best of both.

  • A full 16BG USB to store your family photos and digital videos
  • Chose your favourite family photo(s) to have professionally printed inside
  • Personalise with text on the front or leave it as an exciting surprise
  • Choose between leather or fabric in the colour of your choice
  • Leave folded or have it standing in a place you’ll pass every day to make you smile

From £180 with 15% off in time for Christmas

I always worried I’d lose single USB sticks (and I have in the past) so I love this option to have it safely inside a beautiful little package.


The ‘Baby Book’ – A Book For Your Family Memories

The fun and affordable ‘Baby Book’ has proved popular not only for remembering a fun family photo shoot but also to incorporate personal family photos that may be stuck on your phone or camera.

Much more than a simple photo book the design and professional printing creates a luxury album feel without the luxury price tag.

The perfect size to allow a mix of photo sizes and for me to help you incorporate your own photos that may not print well large but would look perfect as a photo collage in this photo book.

  • Mix things up with professional and personal photos to relive your favourite family memories
  • Choose from a selection of tactile ‘touch’ colours for the cover and the presentation box
  • Take away the overwhelm and have it professionally designed and completed by me. I’ll do all the hard work for you!
  • Get 10% off if you order duplicates for family members!

Creating your own family photobook or album can be overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start. So why pass over the hard work to me? As a family photographer I LOVE creating stories in print and what could take you weeks (alright, months) may take me a matter of days to perfect thanks to a little bit of experience and love for the job!

From £300


christmas gift card for family photo shoot

The Gift Of Photography – Gift Cards For Them To Choose

If you know someone who would love to have professional family photographs and video of their family then maybe a gift card would be the perfect gift idea to give?

They can than organise a time that suits them perfectly and you can eagerly await to see what moments get captured!

  • Choose an amount to put towards a family photography session fee or towards your favourite product after the session
  • Ideal if you don’t know what type of family session they’d like, they’ll be able to choose!
  • They get 12 months from the date of issue to use the gift card

A ‘Taster’ session with me starts at £100 and is the perfect introduction to my more relaxed, documentary family photography and film.

By investing in a session fee for them it means they have no excuse to try it and see for themselves with no obligation to buy any family photos or the video afterwards. However, you know that they’ll love them so warn the they may need to invest a little more afterwards too 😉

Recommended investment of £100 to cover a Taster Session fee, a little more if you’d like to gift them a print or two afterwards too! I tend to suggest an additional £35 to allow them a fine art print of their favourite image too. They can always choose to upgrade the session or add on more products once they’ve got in touch!

Create Something Personal This Christmas