A non-religious naming ceremony is unique and personal to each child and family. It’s all about creating a personal naming day celebration for you and your little one. To officially celebrate the arrival of a child in to your family.

The joys of having a non-religious humanist naming day is that there’s no legal requirements and you can literally hold the celebration anywhere you wish.

Is there anything more unique and special than having a humanist naming ceremony in your home during Lockdown..?

A Naming Day Family Film – Naming Day Videographer Lancashire

Below is their naming day family film. I’d highly recommend putting the sound on whilst you enjoy the video to hear Bronagh snoring away whilst her parents rush around getting all the naming day bits together!


Planning a Lockdown Naming Celebration

When Nicole (Bonnie Wee Ceremonies) got in touch over on Instagram she explained that they’d been planning a humanist celebration for their family and friends in Ramsbottom, Lancashire.

Which included the beautiful gown that had been made out of her wedding dress, previously worn by her eldest daughter Roslyn, and lots of personal touches to make it really special for Bronagh.

Sadly a local lockdown came in to place in Ramsbottom due to Covid19 and it meant that households couldn’t mix and they couldn’t welcome even the Grandparent’s over to celebrate with them.

Instead of postponing (and risking Bronagh not being able to fit in to her dress) they thought it could be wonderful to capture the unique naming celebrations anyway and wondered if my relaxed, documentary style of family photography and videography would be the perfect way to document this historical and unique family moment.

They even downsized the cake and had naming cupcakes made so they could deliver them around to family and friends who were joining virtually on Zoom instead of in person.

Despite the lockdown restrictions there are still lovely ways to include family and friends in a really personal Naming Day celebration…

parents getting ready for naming day in Lancashire
mum irons handmade christening blanket with Scottish broach
natural photo of dad cuddles baby girl on sofa
mum gets daughter dressed in bedroom at home
natural photo of mum getting daughter ready for naming day
dog watches little girl eat christening cake
candid photo of family eating at home

An Online Virtual Naming Ceremony

Arriving at their home in Ramsbottom in Lancashire the finishing touches were being put in to place.

A beautiful white and gold balloon arch was the main feature for their virtual zoom backdrop. A gorgeous hand painted naming day cake lay waiting in the kitchen. And the naming day dresses hung waiting for the little ones to wake from their morning naps!

Family and friends were told a time to log on to the Zoom ‘meeting’ and soon started joining us on their phone that was propped up on the well organised bookshelf (I was loving the rainbow colour organisation!).

Nicole is a Humanist celebrant herself and she had asked her Humanist celebrant friend to conduct this naming ceremony via zoom with plenty of personal touches along the way.

These included their family and friends making ‘promises’ to Bronagh before her parents made their own commitment promises they had clearly thought very hard about. I loved how completely personal it was to them and how it showed their love for animals, being kind and obviously her Dad’s love of football and games!

Documentary family photography is all about capturing real moments. Not only the important parts of the naming celebration but also those real family moments (that I’m sure we can all relate to).

Like the panic of getting little people dressed on time whilst trying to ensure you look presentable too…


baby cries getting ready for naming ceremony in wedding dress gown
personal promises for humanist naming ceremony
child holds mums leg during naming ceremony at home
parents laugh during humanist naming ceremony on zoom
mum and daughter hug during visrtual naming ceremony

Naming Day Photography – Capturing Real Moments

As a documentary family photographer it’s all about observing what I see in front of me and than capturing what I feel is important about that very moment in time.

For a naming ceremony obviously there is the importance of the ceremony itself and the promises being made that need to be photographed and filmed.

However what was really special was capturing the bond between the family. Those pauses to be there for them despite the focus being on the Zoom ceremony.

The cheekiness of Rosalyn and how she’s in the current ‘mine’ stage and not wanting to gift things to her baby sister.

The team work of her parents. Coming together for the ceremony and essentially tag teaming to ensure everything ran as smoothly as it could. It was so rewarding to watch and I know they were made up with the moments captured.

These moments can’t be rushed and it’s why I always encourage thinking about the build up and the parts after to capture too.

Not only does it allow everyone to feel comfortable around the camera and photographer (me) being there but it allows time for me to observe. To see you as a family and not just the part created for the online ceremony in front of everyone.

Those real, candid moments you’ll treasure looking back. As it looks back on more than just a moment but the story of your family too.

mum smiles at daughter during lockdown naming day
parents smile at phone during virtual naming ceremony in Lancashire
humanist naming ceremony conducted over zoom at home
baby girl lays asleep in christening dress
close up photo of baby girls hand on christening blanket
photo of happy mum giving out christening gifts
natural photo of mum stroking baby girls head asleep
child eats bubbles during naming ceremony in lancashire
photo of little girl squeals at bubbles during naming day
mum laughs at clever daughter with bubble machine
scotty dog stares at photographer amidst family chaos
documentary photo of dad looks tired and fed up after naming day
little girl tries on sisters glitter naming day shoes

Naming Day Photographer in Lancashire

As a documentary family photographer it feels truly special when a family puts their trust in me to capture the real moments of the celebration over the posed. 

I know they are going against the grain a little hiring someone to document all the fun and chaos alongside the more formal proceedings.

I know this style of family photography can mean it’s a worry that it may be too ‘warts and all’, too real, too honest for some families but I also feel that makes it more rewarding when you get to see the moments back. Because they do feel real, they feel honest and they feel like you.

You as you all are, right now.

You can see another Christening (outside of lockdown) on this family photography and videography blog HERE.

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family sit in living room after naming ceremony in ramsbottom

Just finished work and I have finally watched the video.


It is so unstaged and real.

I was worried that you would see the warts and the flaws in the chaos, but actually, the realness is so beautiful.

We don’t look an Instagram family, we look like our actual family and it is AWESOME!!

Thank you for doing this for us.

Nicole - Bonnie Wee Ceremonies

Planning Your Own Naming Day…?

If you’re planning your own Naming Day for your child and loved seeing this more honest approach to documenting the occasion then get in touch!

Hopefully I’m free for the date you’ve set and you can tell me more about the wonderful plans in place to help celebrate their naming day.

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