Time really does go SO fast and suddenly our babies aren’t babies any more, they’re independent mini me’s ready to start school.

My beautiful, independent little lady starts school in September. Being my first and only child I’m in a bit of an emotional rollercoaster at the moment! I bet you know exactly what I mean by that?

I think I may even take the day off on her first day so I can go and take a few deep breaths over some pizza and cake in Ormskirk!

All these emotions really got me thinking about how fast it’s all gone and how fast this summer will go. Our last pre-school summer together…

Would you like to join me in finding a way to really remember this time together?

To remember how they were, how you all were, as a family before the huge milestone that is ‘big school’?

I have a really special family photography and videography offer just for you that will help you remember how special this summer really was!

So keep reading to find out more and hear how you can get a treat on me just as a thank you!!

Skip to the bottom if your emotions can’t take it reading over this post. You’ll find a really exciting offer to help you celebrate (and maybe join me in wiping away the tears with a well deserved cake!)

Starting School – Milestone Family Photography in Lancashire

So, your baby is starting big school in a few weeks and it’s suddenly dawned on you that it’s kinda the end of an era.

You can’t believe how much they’ve grown and changed and you not really feeling ready for such a big milestone so early on in their little lives.

You’re feeling a little emotional and not prepared for that first day of school and wish you could somehow slow it down a little.

Imagine if there was a way to slow family life down just a little…?

Well, there is!

And, although it may not feel so special now, I can assure you that looking back in years to come these moments will become more valuable to you that you can even realise!

Because it will somehow captured a moment in time that felt so proud.

Capture you real family moments. No posing, feeling awkward or trying to be someone you’re not.

Documenting your days, your family life as it is right now in a totally honest and beautifully imperfect way.

And not just in selfies or even a quick family shoot (where, lets be honest, the idea of kids trying to cooperate with a photographer to pose fills most of us with dread).

I mean a proper documentary family photoshoot that somehow doesn’t feel like a shoot at all.

Before the pressures of school life.

Before they stop coming to you to curl up with and read your favourite book.

Before those cuddles stop having the same comforting effect.

Before they stop needing you as much anymore as they get even more independent.

Press play on the video below so you can see what’s possible for your own family…

A Family ‘Real Life’ Photography and Videography Film – Lancashire

Award Winning Family Photography and Videography in Lancashire, Cheshire and the Lake District

My award winning documentary style of family photography and videography is perfect for capturing those real, natural and beautifully honest moments.

Those connections, those little glances and seeing the way you look at each other without even realising.

Not only in beautiful still photography but also in video where I’m able to not only capture family portraits to proudly display around your home but also your very own family video (but something a little bit nicer than the 80’s home movies you may be thinking of!).

Being able to both see and hear their personalities will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

You no longer have to worry about time going too fast because this is your way to hit pause and enjoy reliving it forever!

Let me be there to capture a little bit of your family life this summer because it’s the perfect chance to help you remember how special this time really was.

Not only for you but for them to look back on too! I’m sure we all recall how we felt looking over old photo albums of our own childhood.

Time to feel more prepared, a little less emotional and proud of where you are right now by having something to look back on and remember how huge this feels right now.

Back To School Family Photography Session Offer – A Treat On Me!

So you’ve got this far and you’re probably wondering what this offer is I mentioned at the top…?

Well I know that all this summer build up leads to that first day walking your kids to school and you’ll be brimming with emotions.

You’ll obviously feel relived you managed to get a family session booked in and may’ve cried a little seeing what was captured.

The extra bonus of booking Love Gets Sweeter for a family session this summer?

A celebratory lunch date is on me!

Book a family photography and videography session with Love Gets Sweeter in the holidays and you’ll get up to £30 towards a treat or meal at a local cafe on me.

Whether that’s for you on that ‘first day of school’, you and your partner or the whole family to celebrate the first week…I’m not here to judge!

All I want is for you to take some more time to enjoy being together and try and hit pause again after a crazy first week at school.

So either you head for a cake date after that first drop off to potentially sob in to a coffee or you save it for the weekend and take the kids out for a treat, you’ll get up to £30 from me to say thank you for trusting me to document your family life.

Does this sound perfect for you and your family?

I thought so!

You can get in touch now to book your session (sessions are limited by the way so be quick!).

If you’d like to check out my family brochure first then I’d love to share it with you, you can contact me via email on charlene@lovegetssweeter.co.uk or call me on 07985445064.

I can’t wait to get you booked in!

If you’d like to see what sort of family photographs an award winning (that still sounds SO crazy) photographer can capture then head over to my portfolio by clicking below…

Would you like to see more first?

Or if after reading that you felt I could relate to your life right now and you fancy having me photograph your family I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Are you ready to book?