Natural Maternity Photoshoot at Home

Pregnancy can be so different for each and every Mum and at the time it may not feel important to document your growing bump on anything other than the occasional phone photo to compare your bump size along the way.

It turns out to be one of the biggest regrets that new Mum’s have. That they didn’t document more of their pregnancy or book in for a professional maternity photoshoot. 

I know when I was debating having a professional pregnancy shoot I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t capture something from my pregnancy properly. Most of what we see when looking at professional bump photographs is naked bumps, lingerie and beautifully draped material…. Did you know that’s not the only option? I didn’t!

I also now realise the phone photos I took the time to take are no longer there. Over 5 years on I’ve changed my phone a few times and they got lost along the way. Thankfully my professional maternity photos are printed and proudly hanging in the hallway. My daughter LOVES them too as they show a fascinating stage for her as she grew in my tummy!

Press play on the video below to see what a more relaxed maternity photoshoot in your own home could look like…

Candid Maternity Photography At Home

Connections As A Couple

It’s not all about your bump with my maternity shoots in your home. It’s also capturing those connections between you both as a couple too. As you get closer to your baby arriving and become closer as parents to be. The excitement, the anticipation of what’s happening and being on this pregnancy journey together.

Before each session I send over a really simple questionnaire to find out a little more about you and how you’re feeling about everything. It helps me get a better idea of what you’re like but also what moments would mean the most to capture for you.

With Naomi and Maik they mentioned little details about reading books to ‘bump’ and Maik even read German to her so she could hear the different languages she’d hear when she was in her new family home. There were little hats that had been specially picked for her already. And not forgetting her furry siblings.

Natural Moments Happen At Home

You can still celebrate your bump without the need to undress or be turned in to a model for the day.

Imagine if you could enjoy a more natural and relaxed pregnancy photoshoot in your own home?

Your own clothes, your own home comforts and being able to capture a little bit of your own bump life before your little one arrives.

No pressure, no posing and plenty of time for those typical pregnancy pee breaks….

close up of dad touches baby bump
parents to be laugh in garden during photoshoot
couple sit at home looking at newborn clothes during photoshoot
photo of couple reading to baby bump

Parents to be – Natural Pregnancy Photography

Once your little newborn arrives the moment has been missed to document your pregnancy days.

Not only the growing bump and your pregnancy glow (if you were lucky enough to get the glow) but also a reminder about what life was like for you all before a new baby arrived. 

Capturing a little bit of life as a couple, ready and excited to see how life will change once baby arrives. 

Maybe even all the little details at home that you’ve excitedly been working on.

Their new nursery, the tiny newborn clothes and the cutest little hat for when they have their first trip outside.

Personal Maternity Photography and Film – Lancashire

It suddenly becomes more personal to you.

You get to have beautiful photos and video of you at home, where you naturally feel more relaxed and can enjoy the space around you without any extra fuss.

Naomi and Maik got to enjoy a bit of the summer sunshine in their garden at their family home in Appley Bridge (Lancashire). Along with their dogs Taffy and Millie. They told me seeing them during this shoot confirmed they were going to make wonderful big sisters to their new arrival!

relaxed home maternity photoshoot lancashire
couple at home during maternity photoshoot

New Parents and the Little Details…

As new parents to be they excitedly shared a little about what they’ve been collecting during their pregnancy and the gorgeous vintage children’s books Maik had bought in both English and German.

The images I feel that will go on to tell the story of their pregnancy will be storytime with bump. A truly special moment they’ve been sharing together and it was a pleasure to be trusted to document such a beautiful moment.

When she hears Daddy reading in German baby gets very wriggly and you can see from their faces how much it made their hearts skip feeling it happen.

couple sit reading childrens book to bump at home

Pregnancy In Film – Maternity Videography Lancashire

There’s something else really special that comes with every single family and maternity session with Love Gets Sweeter.

Your very own film.

A way to not only relive the moving moments but to hear those moments too. Being able to hear the book being read, the gentle voices and the conversations. A way to be taken right back to a moment that only ever happened before baby arrived.

Because it’s something I offer with every family and maternity session it can even the start of a collection of films as you document your journey as parents and your growing family…

Booking Your Own Bump Photoshoot…

If after reading this you’re starting to picture your very own relaxed bump photos and film then I’d love to hear from you.

I’m a documentary family photographer based in Lancashire and travel all over the UK documenting real family life in your family home.

You’ll love my more relaxed, honest approach if you want to document your pregnancy in a more natural way. As well as capture a little bit of what life is like for you right now.

Let me help you slow things down a little and enable you to pause this moment in time forever. Something to share with your baby as they grow…

You can fill in the simple form below or email me directly on charlene@lovegetssweeter.co.uk

If you’d like to see more moments captured during maternity sessions then head over to my ‘Lancashire Bump Photographer‘ page!