I know when we got married we were really torn over whether to have a wedding band and DJ or just a DJ.

We LOVE music. We LOVE live music. But after planning everything else when it came to picking a band we soon realised we should’ve debated it sooner! We couldn’t find a band free that we LOVED just as much (serves us right for leaving it so late for an August Bank Holiday weekend wedding!) so we missed out.

I go to film all these awesome weddings with the dancefloor bouncing, the crowd LOVING it like it was a live gig and I have a pang of guilt that we would’ve loved a band.

a full dance floor at a wedding reception at Inglewood manor

Maybe you’re having that same debate?

Freak Music, the UK’s leading provider of wedding and events music and entertainment got in touch and thought they could help give a bit of an expert view on the matter.

Have a read and hopefully it helps you debate the ‘DJ vs Band’ a lot quicker than us!

Music is an essential component of a great wedding. Often, when thinking about our wedding music and entertainment, the choice comes down to having a wedding band or a wedding DJ.

While DJs definitely have their charm and they are an excellent fit for some wedding receptions, a wedding band will always bring an extra bit of magic to your big day and your wedding video.

Here is how a wedding band will add magic to your wedding…

They offer a unique experience

A wedding band will always provide a unique experience in comparison to a wedding DJ.

DJs play songs that are invariably those you’ve heard before, unless you go for something really off the wall and your DJ “MC’s” over the music!

With a wedding band, old classics always get a twist and they might even have some of their own songs, too. The singer gives you a unique voice, you get their interpretation of different styles, and you might even get some quirky instrumental arrangements thrown in, too.

There are many ways a band can change the way songs sound and this makes their performance a lot more exciting.

They come with more versatility in sound

Wedding bands offer a lot more versatility in terms of their sound.

Your wedding band could be playing jazz, Ceilidh, rock, or punk music. You can even find singing waiters – a group of performers who’ll surprise your wedding guests by bursting into song while dressed as the waiters! They’re not for everyone, but we always find such a surprise to be great fun and well received.

Here’s Silver Service Singers doing their thing at Laura and Alex’s Thorton Manor wedding…

You can find wedding bands in almost every musical genre, allowing you to match your wedding music with your wedding theme.

This can add an extra dimension to your wedding music and indeed the day itself. You are able to enhance your wedding theme with your chosen band – for example, your rustic barn wedding is that extra bit more special with a country music band because the music adds to the atmosphere.

You will usually be able to find a band that matches with your wedding theme – even if you opt for something unusual like Marvel Superheroes or Star Wars.

They know how to work a room

A professional wedding band knows how to read and entertain the crowds. While they’ll usually have a set list or a range of songs they know, they will often also be flexible with their set, knowing just when to up the tempo and when to slow things down.

Bands are entertainers. They don’t just stand and play an instrument, they can manage and direct the festivities if you need them to. They will make jokes or tell touching stories in between songs, guaranteeing that people get involved with the evening. They know how to work the crowd instead of just playing instruments, but of course if you just want them to get up and perform they’ll be more than happy to oblige!

They offer more than just an opportunity to dance

In a sense, having a wedding band perform at your wedding is more than just getting people to dance.

Of course, people don’t have to dance in order to enjoy a wedding band! As a band is more exciting to watch – people actually want to watch the band as well as listen to the music – and to listen to than a traditional DJ, all of your guests will get something out of this entertainment.

Those who love dancing will always find themselves dancing the night away, while those who’d rather leave the dance floor for others will still enjoy listening and watching the band perform.

If you want to create a memorable atmosphere and help your guests make wonderful wedding memories, you should hire a wedding band to perform at your wedding.

It’ll add extra magic to your special day and you’ll remember it for years to come!

So thanks to Freak Music for that insight in to how a wedding band can really add a bit of magic to your wedding. They have loads of talent over on their website so go take a look!

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If you’d like me to send you some ‘real wedding’ examples where bands have had the dancefloor bouncing then send me an email (charlene@lovegetssweeter.co.uk) or head over to my CONTACT ME page 😀