Kelly and Peter’s Abel’s Harp wedding in Shrewsbury was the perfect balance of fun and laid back.

the bride and groom kiss as guests sat in the white sites during the outdoor ceremony at Abel's harp all clap and cheer for the wedding video

The rain held off long enough to allow them the outdoor ceremony on top of the hill (with views to die for!), they had afternoon tea planned for guests instead of the traditional wedding breakfast and even had the kids involved with fun entertainment from a magician to outdoor games and in picking which Minion made which buttonhole and corsage!

Want to see their totally fun and relaxed wedding video…?

Kira, Abigal and Carter were on hand all morning to pass on messages between their Mum and Dad as they got ready separately on site. Kelly managed to bag the cosy room in Abel’s Harp and Peter opted (or maybe it was more, was told…haha) to get ready in the cute outdoor ‘pods’ on the grounds overlooking the Shrewsbury hills.

Hayley was on hand for hair and make-up for the girls as myself and Thomas Ellwood hung around capturing all the fun moments before it was time to get dressed.

Check out her stunning artificial bouquet filled with oversized Peonies and Eucalyptus alongside her white glitter Irregular Choice bridal shoes!

a vintage inspired wedding dress hangs on a wooden bridal hanger in front of a bright window at Abels Harp in Shrewsbury

a pair of white glitter irregular choice bridal shoes sit on a window sill beside the brides dress and artificial peony bouquet

A dad helps fasten the buttons of his sons shirt before his wedding at abels harp the videographer is standing outside the pod as they get dressed inside

a little page boy looks confused as he holds his jacket up. His dad stands by getting himself ready before his wedding at Abels Harp in Shrewsbury

Kelly was very calm thanks to a nice, quiet room. She had a little moment before getting in her dress as we chatted about her Mum and how they all wished she could’ve been there (and the sweetest moment from her girls as they gave her a huge hug).

a bride mum hugs her daughter close as they have an emotional moment on the wedding video after talking about missing her Mum

a daughter wearing her sports jacket over her bridesmaid dress looks up at her mum whos about to get dressed.

dad and son work out if their button holes look okay for the wedding video and photos

Peter admitted to me he wished he had time for a longer drive to avoid the build up but he was soon looking dapper in his suit and waiting for the arrival of his guests. And more importantly, his Bride!

Kelly stepped in to her gorgeous beaded wedding dress with the help of Hayley then posed for a few photos before her Dad came in to see her. One of the highlights of any wedding!

She was happy she managed to make him cry, he was happy to see how beautiful his daughter looked AND he got to see Abigail in a dress (she doesn’t do dresses apparently).

a close up of the brides hands as she plays with her silver ring. it has a blue stone and is made from the ashes of her mum who can't be at the wedding at abels harp

two flower girl daughters laugh with their mum as they try to help her get her white glitter irregular choice wedding shoes on for the videographer

the bride wipes her tears away after her Dad sees her for the first time in her wedding dress captured for the wedding video

a wedding video still watching father of the bride, their grandad, seem impressed at the girls flower and minion corsages for his daughters wedding at Abels harp

a bride walks beside a pretty green fence as her daughters carry her train at abels harp

We were all soon making our way up the hill to the awaiting guests. The wind had picked up but their wedding guests braved the chill to watch as Kelly made her way down the aisle to her handsome Groom, Peter.

They laid a small artificial bouquet of navy and peach flowers on a chair on the front row so it was like her Mum was there as well.

Vows were said, rings exchanged and lots of smiles and tears. The children even got a little emotional on the front row as their parents were announced Husband and Wife which set everyone else off!

the groom sees his bride for the first time and grins as she walks down the aisle at their outdoor ceremony at abels harp

the bride kisses her dad on the cheek before she gets married to her groom at abels harp

a video still of an outside ceremony at abel's harp in Shrewsbury with the bride and groom holding hands to say their wedding vows

the bride looks lovingly at her husband for the wedding video during their outdoor ceremony

a bride and groom laugh out loud as they get the wedding rings stuck on his finger during a wedding ceremony at abel's harp in Shrewsbury

the bride and groom kiss as guests sat in the white sites during the outdoor ceremony at Abel's harp all clap and cheer for the wedding video

the wedding videographer caught a shot of the bride and grooms children crying and getting emotional during their outdoor ceremony

a dad hugs his daughter close after he's gotten married at Abels Harp

They soon made their way back down the winding hill to enjoy drinks in the yard and have their posed groups wedding photos done.

The kids found both the garden games and the confetti fun as they got to burn off some energy before everyone was seated inside.

a groom smiles at the videographer as the bride laughs and holds his hand walking down the hill at Abel's Harp

carter the page boy pulls a silly face for their wedding photographer Thomas Ellwood

guests laugh and shout out as they shower the bride and groom in dried rose wedding confetti  for the wedding video at Abels Harp

a bride smiles at her Dad during a group shot as the Groom looks at the camera with his dad

Their magician entertained everyone at their tables due to the rain sweeping in outside and he got a few people involved to embarrass them along the way (always great for the video haha).

a magician has all the guests laughing out loud during his magic show at abels harp

Afternoon tea was served and they even incorporated their Minion theme in to some of the sweet treats too!

When all the guests were suitably stuffed the champagne was poured and both the Father of the Bride and Peter the Groom stood to do their speeches.

the bride wipes tears away sat at the top table as her dad gives his wedding speech

the groom covers his face in his hands after delivering his wedding speech to his guests and the wedding videographer Love Gets Sweeter

The room was then swiftly turned around to make space for the danefloor.

As they were doing that we snuck Kelly and Peter out for a few couples moments in a carpark. Sounds glamourous doesn’t it? I know it doesn’t but just look at the gorgeous footage we got!!!

the bride holds her dress up as the married couple go for a walk towards the welsh hills. dark, dramatic clouds hover above them

a bride and groom enjoy a kiss for the video stood in the doorway of Abel's Harp

Then it was time for the Daddy daughter dance before he handed her over to Peter for their very own ‘first dance’.

the bride and groom nearly knock the naked cake over as they cut it and the knife gets stuck near one of their Minions

a bride enjoys a dance with her dad on a traditional black and white dancefloor at Abel's Harp

the bride and groom enjoy a kiss during their first dance captured by thr wedding videographer at Abel's Harp in Bromlow

Oh but before the hog roast was ready, we snuck out again for more of those wonderful carpark shots haha.

a stunning light peeks over the welsh hills as a bride and groom walk away from the videographer holding hands

a bride and groom walk and smile with a golden hour liht surrounding them during their wedding evening outside Abel's Harp

a bride and groom pull each other in close and share a kiss for their wedding video at their Shrewsbury wedding

golden hour loveliness in a carpark outside Abel's Harp showoing how a videographer can be creative with light and boring scenery

a bride rests her head on her grooms during a photography couples shoot on their wedding day outside Abel's Harp

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Wedding Ceremony and Reception – Abel’s Harp, Shrewsbury
Wedding Photographer – Thomas Elwood Photography