Well, I FINALLY did it. I made you guys a YouTube vlog!

It only took about 3 years to pluck up the courage so please be nice if you do watch it!

If you actually like it a thumbs up would be AMAZING (and it may even give me the confidence to try another one!).

Read on to find out more AND see the vlog…

looking down the stairs to the front door we can see a colelction of chunky black picture frames with a variety of personal and professional family photographs framed in a feature photo wall at a home in Lancashire

you can see the start of a fun family photo wall creeping up the stairs using black chunky photo frames on a white wall in a family home in Lancashire

family photo wall inspiration. looking up the stairs there are lots of framed family photos using a black and white colour scheme giving it a modern feel for framing family photographs in Lancashire

I get a lot of people who see my Instagram stories (both my Love Gets Sweeter Wedding Videography one and my Love Gets Sweeter Family Photography and Videography one) as well as visit the house and they always comment on THAT photo wall up the stairs.

We adore it and it didn’t take too much effort at all. I think it’s the getting started that’s the hardest bit to be honest!

In hindsight I’ve also realised I should’ve invested in professional prints too because all my home prints (despite it being a fancy Epson photo printer) have gone all curly! More on that in the video!

So with that in mind I created a little vlog for you.

To help you see the value in getting those family and personal photos printed and displayed around your home.

To share a few tried and tested options that we truly love (no ads, they’re genuine recommendations) and show you a few options you have to try out in your own home…

What did you think??

A few of you have been kind enough to share your own photos with me, some have even gone on to order their very own Blurb photo book and My Best Snaps frames and it’s so nice to see you getting excited about printing your family photos.

It may seem a task right now but it’s something that will bring you joy every time you walk past them and it’s the perfect way to cherish those memories.

You can see my post on ‘The BEST Thing To Do With Your Family Photographs’ HERE (with links to some of my favourite companies that I personally use).

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