Despite filming weddings around Lancashire since 2010 there are still the odd venue that’s ‘new’ to me!

Charnock Farm near Leyland is a really unique venue that even has it’s own lake but I’d never managed to book a wedding there.

Yet in the last 6 months I’ve had the pleasure of filming at Charnock Farm TWICE. Lucky me!

Liz and Chris were my second couple to choose such a lovely Lancashire venue for their wedding reception.

But first, they enjoyed a traditional service over at St Gegorey’s Roman Catholic Church in Weld Bank.

Here are all their ‘Best Bit’s from the wedding day edited in to a ‘Highlights’ video…

Charnock Farm Wedding Video

Rain On Your Wedding Day…

It seemed ‘April Showers’ were still a thing on the morning of Liz and Chris’s wedding.

I arrived to Liz’s Parents house in Coppul to lots of fizz and fuss. Everyone was keeping themselves busy.

They had The Colour Lounge Hairdressers and Verity from Opal and Iris Bridal and Beauty

Over at Chris’s, the boys didn’t have as much to do so it was a little more relaxed!

Despite the rain, we found enough breaks to sneak out in to the fresh air before everyone started to get ready.

Keeping With Wedding Traditions

We all love a wedding tradition and it’s nice to see some things like the ‘something old’ poem still going.

Liz and Chris also opted for traditional wedding cars (Malvern Wedding Cars) to take them to the church for the ceremony.

I also got to sneak in with Liz and her Dad (though I was left with a list of things to keep an eye on to ensure they locked up the house before they left in a hurry!)

satin wedding shoes sit on a bed with a veil
a bride gets her eye makeup done
a bride laughs with the hairdresser in the mirro
a groom plays with his new pocketwatch
the mother of the groom tries to add a buttonhole
the best man sorts the grooms collar
a flower girl twirls in her dress
a bride has someone put her wedding earrings in
a video still of the mother of the bride in the mirror
a bride looks at her reflection on the morning of her wedding
a bridesmaid smiles at the Groom in church
two guests laugh at a photo on the back of a camera

Arriving Early To The Church!

Jokes were made later on in the day that Liz needed help being ready on time.

But I can confirm she was actually early! We ended up siting on the beautiful drive up to St Gregory’s Church whilst the last of the wedding guests rushed past us in the rain!

Rainy Day Weddings and The Best Light

I know rain on your wedding day isn’t something you’d like BUT that difused cloudy sky makes for some beautiful light.

I LOVE the shot I captured of Liz getting out of the wedding car. Everyone keeping her covered with umbrellas and the Bridal party waiting just inside the church doors out of the rain.

On a bright, sunny day it would be harder to get such a well lit shot!

A Traditional Catholic Ceremony

After capturing the smiles as they saw each other for the first time, it was on with the traditional service.

With a choir, readings and beautiful hymns, it really did make the service feel special.

The kiss came before the rings and then it was back down the aisle as Husband and Wife.

a videographer films a bride walking in to St gregory's church in Weld Bank
the bride and groom kiss during the ceremony at St gregory's church
Bride and groom smile during wedding ceremony
the couple smile as they leave St gregory's church married
the videographer films through the wedding car window as the couple kiss outside St gregory's church
the couple laugh inside the wedding car

Why Do You Need Two Wedding Videographers?

If you haven’t spotted already, having two wedding videographers gives you SO much more.

As well as capturing you both getting ready, we can be capturing moments you won’t even get to see!

From guests arriving and mingling, to seeing each others reaction as you walked down the aisle…

All these things go by in a blur on your wedding day.

I remember this from my own wedding day so ensure I’m always there, ready to capture a moment for you to watch back!

a couple are showered in confetti outside Charnock Farm
newlyweds kiss outside Charnock Farm

Natural Wedding Videography At Charnock Farm

It was all about capturing their wedding day in a relaxed way so they had those natural moments they’d love.

When we arrived at Charnock Farm for the drinks reception, their wedding photographer (Lauren Kenyon) got people organised for the confetti shot.

ALWAYS  favourite and I love seeing the guests reactions as much as the couples!

Some Quiet Time Before The Wedding Speeches

We then snuck off with the newlyweds to capture some moments of just the two of them.

It’s nice to have this time for a few reasons.

You’ll get some time together, away from your guests, to press pause and reflect on the day so far.

You’ll also get some lovely moments toegther of you feeling more relaxed, and it’s why I love to film the in-between moments as your photographer directs you.

It was then back in to Charnock Farm to enjoy the wedding speeches…

a couple pose and kiss out of the rain at Charnock Farm
a bride and groom stand on the lake bridge at Charnock Farm in Leyland
a video still of a couple at Charnock Farm
a couple laugh as the videographer films them at Charnock farm
father of the bride speech at Charnock Farm
Groom speech at Charnock Farm
best man speech at Charnock Farm

Time For The First Dance and Partying!

Now all the formalities were out the way it was time to dim the lights and enjoy the evening!

Liz and Chris enjoyed their first dance before Liz had an emotional dance with her Dad.

Their Father and Daughter dance had most of their guests crying (you’ll spot them wiping away tears in the background!)

After filming a bit more dancing, it was time for us to say out goodbyes and leave them to the party…


couple dance at Charnock Farm wedding
father and daugther dance at Charnock Farm
slow first dance at Charnock Farm wedding

Your Charnock Farm Wedding Videographer…?

Two visits to Charnock Farm and I’m sold! I’d love an excuse to go back and film another wedding.

If you’re looking for an experienced videographer for your wedding at Charnock Farm then I’d LOVE to chat.

If you’d like to take a look around more weddings, maybe find out more about me or check to see if your wedding date is free then follow the links through the buttons below…

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