Capesthorne Hall is an incredible family-owned country home in the Cheshire countryside.

The perfect setting for the stylish wedding of Kirsty and Nick (and their two lovable dogs, Ralph and Rolo!).

As elegant and stunning as the whole wedding was, they still knew how to have fun. 

This included a few impressive wrestling moves on the white bouncy house (or bouncy castle if you have kids haha) and an epic set from Chesqua and DFC


Capesthorne Hall Wedding Highlights Video

A Fun Wedding Morning At Capesthorne Hall

If you’ve read any of my other wedding blogs or stalked my Instagram, you’ll know I’m a HUGE fan of hanging out with you on your wedding morning.

Not only because I get to enjoy all the excitement but it also gives me time to basically infiltrate your gang.

You soon forget I’m filming and I get to capture some genuine, fun moments of you all together!

Capesthorne Hall allows both parties to enjoy getting ready at different sides of the site so you can enjoy your morning without needing to hide.

As the girls enjoyed hair and make-up (and walkie-talkies), the guys enjoyed a more relaxing wander around the grounds before tucking in to bacon butties.

Getting Ready For The Wedding Ceremony

As always, the wedding morning flew by and it was time to get ready.

Nick looked swarve in his beautifully fitted white tuxedo as Kirsty got help in to her first wedding dress with help from her bridesmaids.

Nick waited nervously in the Lakeside Wing as guests began to take their seats.

Once Kirsty had taken deep breath to avoid tears seeing her Dad, it was time to make her way around the front of Capesthorne Hall to get married…

front of capesthorne hall wedding venue in cheshire
a bride steps in to her wedding dress
bridesmaids help the bride get in to her wedding dress at Capethorne
a groom fastens his white tuxedo waistcoat
sister affectionately holds the grooms face
french bulldog in a wedding tuxedo
groom stands with best man before ceremony at Capesthorne Hall
dad sees bride for first time
dad and bride walk through Capesthorne Hall gardens
groom checks watch before wedding ceremony

A Lakeside Wing Wedding Ceremony

The Lakeside Wing at Capesthorne Hall boasts a more ‘informal’ setting for your wedding ceremony.

The views over the lawn and beautiful lake really do create a stunning backdrop.

White Room Floral Design made the space look so elegant with the addition of eucalyptus and white florals too!

Kirsty made her entrance and Nick’s smile said it all.

There may’ve even been a tear!

Wedding Readings and Vows

Kirsty and Nick’s friend read 2 beautiful readings, including ‘Falling In Love Is Like Owning A Dog’ 

They were soon announced Husband and Wife before making their way out to the terrace for the most amazing canapes!

bride walks down aisle at Lakeside wing Capesthorne Hall
video still of couple smiling during capesthorne hall wedding
exchanging wedding rings during lakeside wing ceremony
groom gets ring stuck during wedding ceremony
couple kiss during lakeside wing wedding at Capesthorne Hall
dog in a tuxedo stands by groom

Wedding Photography and Videography at Capesthorne Hall

Yet another wedding where I got to work alongside the ever so talented wedding photographer, and all round awesome guy, Phil Salisbury.

I think the couple labeled us the ‘A Team’, which I’m totally embracing as we love working together.

I can’t stress how important it is to choose a photographer and videographer who get along.

I don’t mean personality wise (though that would help, obviously), but their style as well.

Phil and I have quite laid back styles and love looking for moments so we work with AND around each other really well.

No-one wants to have a natural wedding video where you’re filmed posing for hours and looking awkward…

Capturing The Fun Of Group Photos…

Filming people stood still for a photo doesn’t quite translate well in to your wedding video.

But, filming the bits before and after always lead to lots of great content for the video.

As you’ll see from all these moments below (all in their wedding highlights video!)

guests hug the bride on the terrace at Capesthorne Hall
groom poses for a phone photo with sister
guests pose for a selfie on Capesthorne Hall lawn
couple pose for Phil Salisbury with dogs at Capesthorne
couple walk by lake at Capesthorne Hall
video still of couple showered in confetti

Dogs in Matching Wedding Tuxedos

It’s cute enough having dogs at weddings.

It’s next level having them in matching tuxedos on the day too!

Although they weren’t too impressed and refused to move a few times, they happily posed when required.

Sneaking off for Couple Shots in the Gardens

 As the guests were being seated in the Lakeside Wing for the wedding breakfast myself and Phil snuck them off for some couple shots.

It’s a great chance to take a breather and hit pause together, as well as get some beautiful photos of just the two of you…

guests fuss over a baby flowergirl
Phil salisbury organises a group photo at Capesthorne
bridesmaids lift the bride for a fun photo
the groomsman lift the groom for a photo
video still of couple enjoying a kiss during reception at Capesthorne
couple kiss outside capesthorne hall for videographer
couple walk across bridge at Capesthorne Hall lake
stylish couple pose for photographer and videographer at Capesthorne
video still of bride and groom on lake bridge at Capesthorne

Wedding Speeches at Capesthorne Hall

After dancing in to the room to the loudest cheers we’ve heard all year, it was time to settle down for the wedding breakfast.

Once everyone was fed, it was then on to the wedding speeches!

With the lakeside backdrop it really did look fabulous as everyone took the mic to say a few words.

 It’s always great to film when everyone’s put some thought in to their speeches and shared some personal stories.

There were more emotional tears and hugs before everyone headed back out in to the gardens to enjoy the evening sun…

Oh, and the white wedding bouncy house! 

Perfect to show off your best wrestling moves…

mother of the bride speech at Capesthorne hall
groom makes bride laugh during speech
best man embarrasses groom during speech
maid of honour stands for her speech
guests pile on bride and groom on white bouncy house
bride laughs bouncing on white wedding bouncy castle

The First Dance and A Second Dress…

After all that bouncing everyone still found the energy to dance the night away after the couples first dance!

DFC Experience and Chesqua took over the evening entertainment (both her hair and her voice were sensational btw!).

And after a swift dress change in to a fabulous shimmery number, Kirsty and Nick snuck out for some golden hour shots before we headed home…


couple dance their first dance at capesthorne hall
guests join the couple on the dancefloor
DFC and Chesqua performing at capesthorne hall wedding
bride and groom walk around Capesthorne hall gardens
couple sit together in golden hour in Capesthorne hall gardens
groom picks bride up during filming at Capesthorne hall

Looking For A Wedding Videographer For Your Capesthorne Hall Wedding?

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Happen to looking for your perfect wedding videographer..?

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My documentary style is all about capturing natural and candid moments of your wedding day.

Showing off all those genuine and relaxed moments as well as some of the fun!

As a wedding videographer I love capturing fun weddings all over Cheshire and the North West.

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