So, you’re considering booking a fun family photography shoot for yourself?

Maybe you’re on the look out for something that little bit different, an alternative to the usual ‘posed’ family photography?

At Love Gets Sweeter it’s all about the relaxed documentary approach and capturing what your real life looks like now.

I hope you’ll be pleased to hear I never pose or direct on a family session. The stuff you’ll love watching back is the moments that came naturally, I just happened to be there to document them!

Would you believe all of these families had the same typical worries that you and I have but they decided to embrace the daily chaos and allow me in to capture the fun…

I can totally relate to any worries or niggles you may have about having a your very own professional family photography session at home or somewhere special to you.

I have a daughter of my own and despite being camera shy myself I’m still drawn to capturing our own ‘real life’ on video and photo.

However she’s anything but shy and would happily pose away!

But for me, the moments I enjoy looking back on the most are the honest and natural ones, not the ‘say cheese’ ones.

I mean, how hard is it to get a NICE photo of your own kids?

It can be near impossible can’t it?What’s with their ‘photo smiles’ (or more like grimaces)?

You know what works well? Having someone simply hang out with you. Someone who just so happens to have a camera and a really good way of capturing those personalities without the need to pose.

It’s all about capturing your real life as it is right now…

“The kids didn’t co-operate perfectly but it didn’t matter because what you captured was a really accurate representation of life right now.

We didn’t pull awkward faces because there was no telling us to sit and smile at the camera! ”

What makes a Love Gets Sweeter family session extra special is the having the addition of film (or video if you’re old skool like me)!

During a family session, whether it’s the ‘Sweet’ home sessions or a full day in the life, I’ll be discreetly capturing natural moments for your very own family ‘home movie’ alongside your photographs.

It’s yet another way to bring things back to life. Something that will only grow in value as the years go on…

My name is Charlene (Charlie to my husband and ‘Mama’ to Paisley). I’m a wedding and family videographer and I LOVE capturing real family life all over the North West and beyond.

If you’d like to find out a little more about me click on my slightly embarrassed face. This was taken during family celebrations for Paisley’s 4th birthday. She wasn’t massively keen on the enthusiastic ‘happy birthday’ singing from the restaurant staff.

It also took 3 attempts to get the snot, tears and chocolate hand prints out of that white shirt….

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