A Laid Back Alma Lodge Wedding Video

Sarah is the third of the 3 Hodgkinson sisters to get married. And, the third to pick Love Gets Sweeter to be the videographer for their wedding day!

But in true Hodgkinson style, it was completely different and personal to them.

Instead of the grand Manchester Town Hall and pretty wedding pinks of Shelly’s wedding, or the ‘something blue’ designer shoes and autumnal styling of Stacey’s, Sarah opted for something a little more laid back and relaxed for her wedding day at Alma Lodge Hotel in Stockport.

No formal professional photographer, no huge lists of family shots or time away from guests…it was all about laid back, family vibes and for it all to be caught on video because they loved the last two wedding videos that much 🙂



the registrar gets the bride and groom and their wedding guests laughing out loud on the wedding video during a wedding ceremony at Alma Lodge in Stockport

Not only that but she also opted to get ready at her parent’s family home, keeping it really chilled with all the girls. Bacon butties on order, plenty of prosecco to top up everyone’s glasses and that fun and relaxed atmosphere you get when you’re in your own environment.

Her husband to be started his day with the groomsmen (and their cats) over at their flat in Stockport. They were so relaxed enjoying their brews it took a while for them to decide to get dressed in to their grey wedding suits!

Sarah and her girls (and Dad) were as chilled out at home, with the addition of the hair and make-up girls too! As the guys made their way to Alma Lodge it was soon time for Sarah to get in to her wedding dress. Lets not forget about those amazing (and comfy) gold glitter trainers too!

A bride stands in the conservatory of her parents house having the finishing touches added to her wedding day look with her veil being held up by the hairdresser

a bride with bright red hair stands holding a chair in her parents conservatory in Stockport as she has her wedding veil fitted before she gets married at Alma Lodge

the mother of the bride sits and waits for her daughter and laughs along with the groomsmen before the wedding ceremony at Alma Lodge

Even with the slight delay of forgetting socks for her trainers, Sarah still left on time and even arrived early to her wedding ceremony!

Guests soon got ushered out of the bar and in to Alma Lodge’s ceremony room as Sarah’s bridesmaids practised the speed of their walk down the aisle.

Martin waited nervously for his bride but thankfully not too long! She was ready bang on 12 and couldn’t wait to get down that aisle (a few guests even had to sneak past her!).

alex birtwell singing and playing acoustic guitar for a bride walking down the aisle at Alma Lodge in Stockport

the registrar gets the bride and groom and their wedding guests laughing out loud on the wedding video during a wedding ceremony at Alma Lodge in Stockport

Some fun readings were read out before they exchanged wedding rings and vows. The cheer filed the room as they were announced as husband and wife.

They basically skipped back down the aisle with huge grins on their faces as their singer (Alex Birtwell) sang Bruno Mars ‘Marry You’.

the bride places her grooms wedding ring on his finger during their Alma Lodge wedding ceremony

Guests enjoyed a long and chilled drinks reception after the ceremony where it looked like a lot of their wedding guests enjoyed the catch up before having a few formal family shots and a quick confetti shot too. Sarah hadn’t actually planned this but a thoughtful guest had bought some extra confetti as a surprise for her!

Alex soon had the guests ready to welcome the new Mr and Mrs Bardon in before they got to enjoy their wedding breakfast.

Sarah and Martin nearly opted for no speeches but as the day neared they decided to do them. There were a few nerves (even for Dad who had obviously had some practice with the other 2, he claims it was the lack of time haha) but they all got loads of belly laughs so I think they went down really well!

the father of the bride stands at the top table to do his wedding speech at Alma lodge and gets lots of reactions and laughter from the wedding guests and bride for their wedding video

Now, there’s usually a bit of a ‘lull’ at this time of the day. Everyone stuffed from their meal and a little tired from a long day. This was never going to happen on Alex’s watch…

He had the room interacting with him and his fun music quizzes as well as joining in singing at one point. Oh, and the love train as well!

It definitely lifted the whole room and set the tone for the evening party ahead.

an usher stands on a white wedding chair pretending to play the guitar for the wedding video

It was time for the cake cutting and then the first dance with Alex Birtwell singing a Brett Young song live for them. They even had a few very talented little dancers perform around them before inviting everyone to join them on the dancefloor…

the bride and groom cut their white rose wedding cake for their wedding guests and wedding videographer at Alma Lodge Hotel in Stockport

And that’s where I got to say my goodbyes and head home to start the edit of their wonderful Highlights film. They’ve even booked to have a longer ‘Feature Film’ too so they’ll get to see and hear even more from their day!

If you’re after a videographer to capture your laid back, relaxed wedding day and want someone who will capture it in a natural way like Sarah and Martin’s then I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me here and tell me all about your wedding plans so far. I can’t wait to hear all about them.

Wedding Ceremony and Reception – Alma Lodge Hotel, Stockport
Wedding Singer and Entertainment – Alex Birtwell