In the blink of an eye they’re 4.


How did that happen?

a family photograph from above of a 4 year old little girl sat on the floor in her cinderella princess dress and silver crown with her hair tied in a bun in the fat italian near Burscough

This weekend we saw a good few days of celebrating as our daughter Paisley celebrated turning 4.

We do love a good party so it only felt right to make a big deal out of it all. You only turn 4 once, right?

We explored parks and sunny beaches, made princess carriages and castles as well as welcoming 4 fish in to our home (that was Nana’s ideas).

a little girl smiles with her nana at her new fish wearing a blue cinderella princess dress and silver crown ready for her birthday party at home in Burscough lancashire

I HAD to document some of it but I also wanted to be present too.

Despite being really confident with a camera and loving capturing natural moments it’s near enough impossible to do that with your own family. I think it’s because your attention is divided, you’re juggling a lot and you can’t really focus on looking/waiting for those moments when you’re trying to keep everyone happy at the same time!

That’s a hard balance as a Mum isn’t it?

You kinda want to capture those moments but also want to be in them (I’m in 2 and 1 of those is with Paisley sobbing after being surprised by the birthday cake-the singing was too loud apparently!).

Imagine if you could actually have someone take a decent photo with you in it too?

I know that’s pretty much impossible for most of us and it’s why I’d totally be up for documenting your little person’s milestone birthday if you wanted to take the pressure of capturing it yourself.

Professional Family Birthday Party and Event Photography and Videography

a group of young girls sit around a large dining table in a family home in Burscough eating their party food and waiting to cut the birthday cake. They're all wearing disney princess dresses for the party in Lancashire

a group of 4 year olds dressed as disney princesses line up to pose in front of a cardboard castle in a family garden alongside Elsa and Anna from enchanted encounters in the north west. A natural documentary style professional photograph by Love Gets Sweeter in Burscough


a photograph of a birthday party. elsa holds the birthday girl as they chat with Anna from Frozen during her 4th birthday party celebrations at home in Burscough

Being able to host the birthday party, enjoy those moments and actually chat to people (and sneak in some party food) is the stuff of dreams isn’t it?

Not having to rely on people taking photos on their smart phones and sending them to you or tagging you on Facebook…

I know I struggled even being a professional family photographer.

Knowing when to pick up the camera to capture those natural and honest family party moments but also keeping the party on track and fun AND being ‘in the moment’.

Sounds exhausting doesn’t it? It kinda was…I didn’t even get to eat any of the yummy food as I was too busy getting some great photos!

So how can you take that pressure off and capture events and birthdays in a fun yet relaxed way?

Maybe having someone to come and capture those moments for you would be an amazing way to remember the celebrations?

Maybe having some professional family birthday photographs and video are the perfect way to really capture this huge milestone for you all?

If this sounds perfect and you’d love to find out more then I’d love to hear all about your party plans so far! Get in touch here!

Ooh and as a side note I HAVE to recommend the amazing Elsa and Anna from Arrendale (speak to the talented Alexandria at Enchanted Encounters). Incredible voices, the kids loved them and they were really good at helping my little princess get over the overwhelm of having ‘Big Elsa and Anna’ come to visit her!